Revisão da moeda da vitória: fraude pretende roubar suas moedas

Revisão da moeda da vitória: fraude pretende roubar suas moedas

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Victory Coin at is one of the most popular sites out there claiming that they can make you more Bitcoins if you deposit a certain amount of Bitcoins with them. It is not clear whether this site is trading Criptomoedas or mining them for profits. The site does not even say what they do with people’s investments in order to multiply them.

Unfortunately, many people seem to have fallen for their trick. Victory Coin is in fact very popular as it has a Global ranking of 110,000 on Alexa. The site is popular in Nigeria.

Victory Coin claims that their site is equipped with bank grade security. However, if you look at the browser, you will not find the SSL security feature. This makes us curious. We decided to explore this site in a bid to find out whether it was legit or just another Bitcoin ponzi scheme.

Victory Coin review

All evidence suggest that Victory Coin is a lazy and cheap ponzi scheme with nothing to offer.

victory coin review

The site is very simple in design. Once you are on the homepage, you can only see navigation buttons for sign up or signing in if you are already a member. There is also a button labeled ”payment”. This link is supposed to lead you to a page where details of those who have allegedly been paid are published.

The homepage of the Victory Coin website has a clear message informing investors that they can get 5% a day from their deposits for a lifetime.

We have already agreed in our previous rever that 5% is a really really high return for a day. This is not even possible. Furthermore, since this website does not disclose their activities and how they generate money for their members, we can’t be convinced at all that they are generating profits for their members. This 5% daily return is a hoax. You should not expect any payout from Victory Coin as the aim is to collect digital coins from unsuspecting investors so they can fund a criminal lifestyle.

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In addition to the 5% daily return on investimento, the site also claims that you will get 10% affiliate commission and attractive bonuses in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and other Cryptocurrencies.

These promises have apparently attracted some naive investors who went ahead to make a deposit with this shady scam. Those investors have since complained and written their awful testimonials everywhere on the internet for people to see.

Victory Coin does not disclose ownership details at all. We have checked their details on and found nothing as the domain is privately registered. That means it is impossible to know who owns the site.

It is not clear whether Victory Coin is backed by any corporation yet. In simple terms, this website is operated anonymously. It is not backed by any corporation or entity which would at least guarantee the safety of investors’ funds.

The exact location of the owner is also not known. It seems the owner prefers to keep an anonymous profile because they know that disclosing their identity could possibly land them in hot soup. After all, they are conducting a shady operation on the internet whose ambition is to fleece investors of their Bitcoin.

The site is also accepting payments in Digital currency only. If we combine the above scamming variables with this one, we immediately deduce that Victory Cash is a ponzi scheme whose aim is to collect fat checks from the public.

Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed. Furthermore, we have no idea who is behind this website. Those two factors fit the puzzle well because they are evidence of the fact that Victory Coin is a scam.

Estatísticas falsas

Victory Coin has some stats on their site which they claim are very real. The first claim that we would like to mention here is that their withdrawals are instant. It allegedly takes 1 minute only to receive money in your digital wallet.

The second claim that we took note of is that Victory Coin has already signed up some 170k active members.

Of course these claims cannot be confirmed. The anonymous owner of this site is not willing to verify these claims either. Therefore, it’s only safe not to believe in whatever this site is publishing on their homepage since these numbers were probably made up to attract new victims.

Signs of a ponzi scheme

Victory Coin does not have a clear road map on how they plan to make money for their members. As we have already mentioned above, the site doesn’t disclose what they plan to do with members’ funds.

All they say is that they will make profits for their investors. We believe that investors have the right to know how their money will be multiplied.

Most of the time, legitimate businesses in this area will mine Cryptocurrencies or even trade them to make money for their members. The profits are then distributed according to the plan or contract that each member has with the company.

Apparently, Victory Coin does not say anything about their plan or activities. It is not even clear how much an investor is supposed to deposit in order to invest with this website.

There are no obvious plans or contracts here. One actually has to sign up in order to find out what this website is all about. We have no time for this as we believe that it’s the right of every investor to gain access to critical information which should be readily available on the site even without signing up.

The other thing is that the owners are anonymous. Their track record cannot be confirmed. We don’t know their professional qualifications or experience in this field.

These factors make Victory Coin an obvious ponzi scheme. It is here to collect as much money as possible. Perhaps they will close down some time in the future when it is no longer convenient for them to run this service.

A resposta do utilizador

Victory Coin has very ugly user feedback as everyone is complaining of the fact that they are scammers. They only accept deposits but never process payouts.

victory coin user feedback

We have monitored their reputation through various forums and social media and found that those who have lost money to this scam are consistent with their message.

This is just proof that Victory Coin is a scam. The signs on their website were already clear to us that we were dealing with a shady website. What we needed is user feedback to confirm our worst fears.

Another thing with this website is that they are utilizing fake customer reviews on their site.

If you scroll downwards, you will see some people allegedly rating this service with a 5 star and praising them with single words like thanks, nice, goood etc.

These comments are obviously fabricated. They don’t look real.

If it was true that this service was honest and profitable, these messages would have been reflected elsewhere on the internet.

Nosso melhor conselho para você

Avoid Victory Coin because it’s an illegal scheme operated by anonymous internet crooks. All they want is to collect your money and disappear.

We cannot take these tell tale signs fore granted because they have already been confirmed by negative user feedback. Invest your coins in essas empresas ao invés.

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  1. nos roba nuestras monedas, transferi U$S 50 en Bitcoin a la plataforma y nunca se me acredito, hice varios reclamos y no los contestan… los terminan borrando.

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