Vortex Profits Review: Scam, Beware!

Vortex Profits Review: Scam, Beware!

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Well, Vortex Profits, which is hosted on this domain, doesn’t seem to be a good site. We have analyzed and assessed it from all angles. No matter how we turn it, we still find something bad to talk about and nothing positive at all.

When you bump into sites that are full of spelling and grammars, i.e ” “We Do Thing in a Smart Way”, all you have to do is close the tab because the more you’re spending time on that site, the more they are capturing your attention and even tricking you to perform some action which may result in a loss of your funds.

While proper English never matters because all we want is dinheiro, a site that claims to have the backing of a global organization should definitely write in proper English and with no spelling errors at all.

If English isn’t their first language, we advice that they should seek the services of someone who knows how to write properly.

The entire site needs proof-reading. This is something that the operators should have noticed long time ago. But since they are sitting there and staring at the errors, we can only believe that this is one of the greatest red flags ever.

Vortex Profits has simply failed to prove that they are capable of generating profits, even pennies on behalf of their clients.

Vortex Profits review

So, what exactly is Vortex Profits, and why should you be aware of this site?

vortexprofit review

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To cut a long story short, this is the texbook definition of a ponzi scheme in disguise. It carries all the traits of a full blown Pyramid scheme in it.

For that reason, we are 100% sure that the activities of the Vortex Profits website are targeted at people who may not be aware of what a ponzi scheme looks like.

To make this clear, go to the website of Vortex Profits and you will clearly see that they are hawking 3 planos de investimento. The basic plan is the so-called ”Bitcoin ".

The question is, what exactly does the name Bitcoin have to do with this plan? This is unclear. But the general idea is that if you invest in this plan, you should be able to make more Bitcoin or multiply the existing ones.

This plan is supposed to run for 88 good days with a daily return on investment of 2.5%. If you do not know what this means, please Google what a too good to be true investment scheme looks like. You will see that a 2.5% daily return on investment is an equivalent of 75% monthly return on investment.

Now, the real colors of this ponzi scheme get to shine brighter where they promise that referrals can earn through various levels — something which is expressed in binary percentages.

These are nothing but incentives which members are supposed to receive if they successfully manage to contract the pyramid below them. The minimum that these scammers are asking for to join this plan is $22. The maximum is $1000.

Now, the second plan is called the Gold plan. It requires that you dump some $1000 into the plan so that you can make some Gold.

Vortex Profits claims that you can earn even higher profits with this plan than with the first plan.

Finally, the oil plan is what they have at the top of the range. Vortex Profits claims that you will make a fortune with this plan in no time.


These folks are simply too good at playing this game. The returns are mouth-watering but baffling enough to warrant the scrutiny of a serious investor. We though they were quite skilled in trading oil. Otherwise, how exactly are members of this plan supposed to generate so much wealth in a short period of time?

To be precise, Vortex Profits is saying that the basic plan (Bitcoin) will attract a monthly return on investment of 75%. Gold plan will make you 105% while the oil plan is supposed to make 133% per month. Indeed these are ridiculous numbers. You can be the judge. Use common sense to make the right decision as far as these income claims are concerned.

Vortex Profits and its background

You can expect full blown nonsense in their about us page. The story of how these guys are investing in Bitcoin, Gold and Diamond does not add up at all. But we were patient enough to read a few sentences.

What surprises us most is that this page has also provided a name of the person who is allegedly behind this scheme. The exact name is Griffin Wrights, and we think it’s just made up.

We have investigated this name and discovered that nobody with such a name is running this website.

All in all, this is just the true nature of a ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes are not meant to be genuine. They are not recognized anywhere in the world. So it makes a lot of sense to use fake names when promoting them.

Apparently, we also have a company behind this scheme. The name of that company is Vortex Profits Ltd and is based out of Dublin 4. When you consult the registry of Irish companies, you will find out that this business was set up in September last year.

That means this company is brand new. It fits very well into our definition of what a ponzi scheme is. So far, everything is in line with our expectations.

The company has apparently hired two people to play a corporate role. These people are allegedly called Shabbir Garana and Karen Corcoran.

We certainly know that these are fake names. If they are not willing to disclose ownership information, there is no point in them disclosing the people who work for this website.

Quais são as queixas?

Vortex Profits is so new. We are not surprised to discover that there are no complaints or user feedback yet. This is because they have not scammed anyone yet. But as soon as someone will get robbed, we are excepting them to grow bitter enough to expose this company on the internet.

Now, on the other hand, we have encountered a number of rever about a certain entity called Vortex Assets. We do not know whether this entity is related to Vortex Profits though. It’s hard to tell.

So in the meantime, we are hoping that the can of worms will manifest itself as more people fall into their sweet trap. This is not our wish though. But since you’re reading this, you must be one of those lucky ones. You won’t be scammed.

Nosso melhor conselho para você

You’re potentially going to lose your investment if you fool around with this site. The tale tell signs are already clear enough, plus no one can say that they were never warned.

Look, Vortex Profits is a company that has not proved its track record yet. Instead, it has given us many reasons to believe that it’s a ponzi scheme. So why would they preserve your capital and make more money for you in the process?

The point is, Vortex Profits is not a transparent and legitimate operation. Those who want to mine Cryptos should definitely stick to our usual recommendations here. Don’t send any money to Vortex Profits.

Se você gostaria de ser notificado quando este site for atualizado, inscreva-se abaixo ...

12 Replies to “Vortex Profits Review: Scam, Beware!”

  1. perhaps, u re saying truth, can u predict how long i t goig to oparate before they leave!! as u said they are great so far since the payment is ok

  2. H***o h***o
    you are right.I am an investor right in it. Guess what? i already earned my capital back and interests. However i decided not to reinvest my money when they produced a video claiming they have a very big office now. But all know too well that some of these videos can be sourced from fiver workers! They also claimed the fake site that is running all over the internet.And there! Boom! I knew they are about to take off!…Today they are saying that they are working to block the fake webiste (
    You are right they have scammed lots of people and especially Africans who were crazy about it!
    Highly unlikely they will come back, and if they do, they will take all the investors savings…
    Case closed!

  3. I can bet they are gone. The site has been under “Maintenance” the last couple of days and the sponsor who invited me to join has mysteriously disappeared from Facebook. I expected it.

  4. Does anybody knows how to sue and file charges against vortexprofits? There are many of us here who are willing to file against them. See, I haven’t even withdrawn any amount after I invested $1075. Please help us reach out to them. Thank you

  5. I have been scammed as well the company is operating on now and they are not paying dividends i sent about 5 emails without any response. We have been scammed

  6. now they are saying is good in dublin they will come back if the weather becomes normal is there such a thing or they are just playing us

  7. Hi, i have been scammed by Oil Profits Limited. Once they get your money, you will not access the site again. The problem is that the hyip’s have mushroomed. why do they prefer UK as their place of operation?

  8. Я меньше месяца торгую на рынке Форекс, но уже успела полюбить это дело, которое к тому же может принести не малую прибыль, если разбираться в этом. Я, конечно, советую всем, как и мне посоветовал мой менеджер, перед таким решением, почитать литературу, чтобы иметь представление.

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