PTBanc Review: Is Scam or Safe?

PTBanc Review: Is Scam or Safe?

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PT Banc is a jargon of many trades.  The broker deals in Cryptocurrency and CFDs. CFDs traded are Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin. In PT Banc’s site, they have stated that they are established in Luxembourg, provided their address, telephone numbers, and email addresses. 

Trading Accounts and Condition offers three account types. The types of accounts are classic that charges $1000, silver $2500, and gold $5000. The other account types are much more expensive, which is platinum and VIP that charge amounts above $20000. On putting this high deposit, we would expect special treatment like better trading conditions but nothing.

This crypto mining company charges very high amounts for initial deposits. Legit crypto mining companies charge between $100 and $250 as deposits to start trading. Their amounts are ten times higher than normal! This is why dealing with scammers is not beneficial. With the legit brokers, you get real value for money. Your investment is sure to get a return and one that can be withdrawn.

This broker also claims to give their clients bonuses of as high as 70% of initial deposits. This is not a real broker. Scams always present themselves as over attractive. When the deal is too good, think twice.

There has not been any evidence of a successful withdrawal of funds from this crypto mining company.  This is why dealing with scam products is risky.

High leverage.

This broker has a leverage of 1:100, which is offered on all types of accounts regardless of the initial deposit. This is a very high leverage rate since the rate of 1:50 also offers great returns. Leverage of 1:100 means that there is a very high risk of trading. There’s a very high chance of a great loss in this deal. The broker doesn’t mind about using all your investments to trade even when the returns seem impossible as long as they benefit.

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Legit trading platforms offer more realistic leverage values. For example, a leverage of 1:50, with an initial investment of $100, means that you can either get a profit of 50,000 or a loss of the whole amount. When trusting brokers who are not legit, the potential for loss is way higher than that of gain. Only trust a legit Forex trading company.


The PTBanc platform uses fixed spreads of 3 pips when trading no matter the account you are trading with. A 3 pip spread when trading in the market is very high. This is because the wider the spread, the longer it takes to become profitable. This is so because the profit is earned once the currency price has crossed the spread.

PTBanc Review, Platform

This way, the broker will rarely get profit, thus end up losing your money.

The legit forex companies use fixed spreads of 1 pip. This is a profitable one, as the spread isn’t too wide. Kindly compare the spreads of legit top-level brokers.

Are they registered and regulated?

PTBanc company is neither registered nor regulated. The broker’s existence in Luxembourg means that it should be regulated by its local regulator (CSSF) Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier. This is not the case, though. They are a scam that needs to be shut down.

Investors should trade with profitable cryptocurrency companies and not scams like PTBanc. A legit company ensures that your funds are protected. It will have their modes of communication, i.e., the real email addresses and telephone numbers, a legit established address, registration numbers for their companies, and the names of the company directors.

Regulated brokers can’t engage in scrupulous activities as they risk having their trading license withdrawn. This is why you should trade with regulated brokers.

MT4 not available

The Meta Trader that is used by PTBanc brokers is weirdly oversimplified. When other regulated brokers are using Meta Trader 4, they use a web-based platform. There are no advanced or next stage features in this web platform that they use.

Meta Trader 4 is used by many regulated brokers. This is because it has advanced features and tools including Expert Advisors for automated trading, extensive back testing environment, great charting, and other built-in technical indicators

PT Banc has been blacklisted

This broker is so known that a warning to his presence has been issued. The CSSF issued a warning in 2018. The warning gave all the information concerning the site. The name PT Banc, its website,, whose claimed establishment is at 2 A rue Albert Borschette, 1246 Luxembourg. The CSSF declares to the public that the broker is not authorized to provide financial or investment services in Luxembourg.

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) also issued a warning against the same broker when they realized PT Banc had been targeting the UK people. In their warning, they were afraid the broker was operating unregulated activities that need authorization. Only trade with legit companies.

Warning by regulators.

All the regulators starting with CSSF to FCA, have warned against PTBanc. The main reason for them being warned against is because they are a very big scam.

They have set up shop online specifically to trade in the cryptocurrency market. This is fine, and the problem is they do not have a valid license to trade in this financial market, they have no existing office to where they can be traced the one they have provided is fake, they have not provided any telephone numbers for communication purposes with their clients. There is practically no way for their investors to reach them.

They have not provided a way in which their investors can withdraw their funds, and the limit has not been set yet. To withdraw funds, the registration number of the platform has to be used for approval. In the case of this platform, a withdrawal would be impossible.

It’s for these reasons that the regulators have warned against them.

Safety of funds.

The safety of funds means that your investment is being used for the right purposes by your broker. It means you can claim your investment money if you think the broker stole from you. There are regulators like CSSF and FCA, who ensure that investors in the cryptocurrency market are not scammed. This helps in case a claim is made. They can be easily contacted to answer the claims, thus helping in the swift running of the Forex trade.

Legit trading platforms are regulated and have the right techniques for trading purposes. PTBanc only has a web-based trading platform that’s not effective for trading purposes.

Only engage in companies that assure you of safety for your investment. These are companies that have provided enough information involving their finances, the number of times investors can withdraw funds, up to date regulation and registration details, and good history with other traders.

Final Verdict 

Unregulated platforms exist to scam. It is your responsibility to choose your brokers wisely. Do your due diligence and ensure you do not land on a fake site to make your investment. Look for all the warning signs and ensure the broker you decide to trade with is regulated.

Do not use offshore brokers. Their rules are too bent to be effective. This is where many scammers are located. Take your time. Always trade with FCA regulated brokers only.

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3 Replies to “PTBanc Review: Is Scam or Safe?”

  1. Non vi fidate, ho aperto un conto con ptbanc depositando dapprima (il 27/11/2018) $.250, stessa situazione citata dal precedente commento, tutti gentilissimi a partire dalla fantomatica Diana Rotschild ed il suo presunto capo Adam. Successivamente ho versato altri $.2500 ed ai primi guadagni mi hanno accreditato sul mio conto italiano e sulla carta di credito con cui avevo in precedenza depositato una somma comunque inferiore a quella versata (ma che chiaramente mi ha invogliato a continuare con il trade). Sull’account ptbanc iniziavo a vedere i guadagni (raggiunti mediante operazioni velocissime di circa una trentina di secondi), a quel punto ho iniziato a fare trading da solo raggiungendo anche discreti risultati. Nel gennaio di quest’anno, anche un mio amico decideva di investire con cifre nettamente superiori (chiaramente i guadagni erano ben altra cosa) a quel punto mi convincevano ad investire altre somme per un importo globale di circa €.9000 (tra bonifico da c.c. italiano e transazioni tramite coinbase)oltre ad altri €.5000 che solo grazie ad un colpo di fortuna sono riuscito a salvare in quanto a seguito del pa**aggio da coinbase mi veniva bloccato quest’ultimo account con il relativo blocco dell’operazione verso ptbanc.
    Nel mentre avendo aderito ad un fantomatico contratto che mi legava ad investimenti della durata di 4-6 settimane per acquisto/vendita oro, all’inizio della terza settimana la citata Diana mi comunicava di aver anticipato circa $.5200 sul mio conto (relativi al pa**aggio da coinbase ancora non andato a buon fine e più volte sollecitato anche da quest’ultima tramite mail e chiamate dirette ai centralini ed al supporto della piattaforma in questione), tale anticipo mi diceva sarebbe servito ad aumentare il capitale disponibile all’investimento ORO in modo da raggiungere l’obiettivo prefissato (70% di guadagni) il prima possibile, in effetti attraverso un controllo giornaliero notavo dalla piattaforma il raggiungimento degli obiettivi di guadagno promessi e pertanto attendevo il termine temporale per richiedere una parte dei profitti. In data 26/03 (dal 28/02) veniva sbloccato il conto coinbase sul quale trovavo ancora i €.5000 versati a suo tempo per il pa**aggio a coinbase. Trovandomi ormai a soli 3 giorni dalla chiusura del citato fantomatico contratto ORO, comunicavo l’intenzione di non voler eseguire il trasferimento di questi fondi per evitare il pagamento di commissioni e che avrebbero potuto detrarre il credito di $.5200 dal mio conto che a quel momento era pari a $.22000. A questa mia richiesta la fantomatica Diana reagiva in maniera furiosa dicendomi che non potevo dettare le regole del gioco (pazzesco a pensare che con i miei soldi non avevo il diritto di gestione). Richiedevo a quel punto (tramite apposita funzionalità in piattaforma) un prelievo pari a $.15000, immediatamente venivo contattato da altra fantomatica figura amministrativa che mi diceva, che dai conti in loro possesso, poteva inviarmi solo $.7000 sul c.c. italiano e che contestualmente avrei dovuto inviare i €.5000 tramite coinbase. Dichiaravo di essere disposto a ricevere tale somma ed al suo accredito avrei inviato i €.5000 stesso mezzo e non da coinbase (vista l’esperienza negativa e la sfiducia in questi tizi, chiaramente i trasferimenti in criptovaluta sono difficilmente rintracciabili). Da venerdì 29/02 sia io che il mio amico non abbiamo avuto più alcuna notizia. Ieri ci accorgevamo che nei rispettivi account erano state inviate (alle ore 11:30 circa) cospicue transazioni in acquisto di ORO al momento ancora in atto (evento rarissimo, come scrivevo all’inizio avevano effettuato solo operazioni di pochi secondi). Credo a questo punto che, non potendo chiudere l’operazione, l’intenzione di questi truffatori sia quella di far andare in negativo i conti fino all’estinzione totale degli stessi. Tra ieri ed oggi abbiamo inviato mail e messaggi che chiaramente non hanno avuto risposta.
    Chiunque si trova**e nella stessa condizione mi contatti tramite mail per concertare azioni comuni nei confronti di tali soggetti.
    P.S. credo di poter suggerire una soluzione che può congelare, in parte, le perdite relative all’operazione che non si riesce a chiudere.

    1. Sono stato truffato anch’io in questo modo con una cifra inferiore euro 1750, ero arrivato con i trad a circa 3200 euro, mi chiedevano di aumentare il capitale, quando ho detto che nn potevo anzi mi volevo ritirare, hanno fatto delle operazioni a perdere che non riesco a chiudere, più volte invio email ma niente risposta contatto anche con le varie applicazione nessuno risponde

  2. Son unos estafadores, no devuelven el dinero invertido y por supuesto los beneficios obtenidos. Te envían documentos para la retirada de fondos y luego no los realizan.

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