Purple Forex Copier Review: is this a Scam?

Purple Forex Copier Review: is this a Scam?

Purple Forex Copier is a signal provider that supports automated trade copying services. The platform aims at relieving any efforts from the investors, and you have to let the software do all the work and make profits for you.

The platform promises investors weekly and daily signals of 125 tips and 25 pip daily. However, do not be so quick to fall for their catch because the figures they project are way overestimated within the time they claim.

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  • Executes trades without human emotion

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  • Accuracy of trades

Unlike humans who don’t always have the best accuracy, these robots try to furnish traders with the best accuracy.

High profit returns is what these robots are after and tests indicate most of these recommended forex robots hit over 80 percent successful ROI.

  • Great customer support

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Conventional crypto methods of trading such as brokers may not be there to help you with any issues faced.

  • Great for newbies

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These robots offer traders a memorable user-interface.

  • Fast execution of trades

The right robot ensures you enjoy fast execution of trades with ease. These robots offer a much-needed speed when executing trades.

You get a trading platform that ensures you have what it takes when engaging with the markets and isn’t slow to make decisions.

  • Efficient trading

Based on the parameters used by the trader, the robots will act and trade efficiently using set strategies and styles.

And this ensures every trader can take advantage of the market by infusing their preferred settings such as leverage and spreads.

  • Trading using best several styles

You also get to trade with other styles provided by experienced traders who are also using the same robot.

From how they portray their returns, the company resembles a get-rich-quick scheme, which usually turns out to be a scam platform, and no one benefits rather than the platform owners. The owners of the platform are not mentioned anywhere, and the information is hidden hence raising doubts

Furthermore, transparency is vital in every legit Forex signal provider that aims to profit you, and without transparency, you risk falling for scammers. The company expects you to trust them with your money while they do not reveal how the software operates, and this is a major red flag.

The software supports any broker and is also compatible with MT4, which is a well-established platform, and you may be lured into depositing money in the firm. Investors are allowed a 14 days trial period to test the credibility of the robot.

Moreover, even 30 days is not enough time for you to set up a winning strategy with any trading robot, and you need enough time. Legit investment firms will provide you with a demo account that you can easily rely on. Review raises doubt because, for you to access even the trial period, you have to pay €1 to obtain a trial feature. Nothing makes sense in this software, and you will only end up making losses.

Once investors have paid the signup fee, they can access the trial on their computer or telephone as long as it’s connected to the internet. After the trial period is over, you have to pay €49 monthly and continue benefiting profitably.

Customers are promised precise entries and exits through the software, and each trade comes with an entry number. The company relies on two methods to generate the signals: Jack the Ripper and Penny Wise.

They allegedly have trading strategies that are profitable to investors and that Jack claims to monitor positions of trade and the ability to generate 50 pips. He claims that the 50 pips he can make for investors would have been, and he applies long-term and short-term strategy in minimizing losses.

Purple Forex Copier Review, Purple Forex Copier Platform

Meanwhile, Penny Wise applies to stop loss of 20 30 or 40 pips hence proving doubt in Jack’s strategy. Investors are expected to receive two trading signals with a rollover each day.

The platform supports all timeframes, and they trade five pairs; GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPJPY. The company fails to showcase any trading strategy the software uses to generate profits, and this is a major red flag.

There are complaints all over social media, and it would be wise not to trust the platform with your fund or risk facing the same. No investors are seen to benefit from the platform, and they do not provide any trade evidence to prove any profits made by the copier.


The company features scam traits by using fake testimonies of happy investors who claim to have benefited from the firm. However, please do not be so quick to fall for their allegations because the platform has a lousy reputation, and angry investors have lost money from the firm.

Scammers will take advantage of the vast competition in the market and use any false marketing strategy to lure you into depositing money on the platform. They use paid actors, and you will even be shocked to find out that they do not know of the company’s existence.

Funds Safety

The safety of your money is not guaranteed with this investment firm, and you’ll only end up making losses once you fall for their catchy phrase. They do not mention any banking information do they use to protect your funds or associate with them, and this is a major red flag.

The people behind the company are unknown, and you risk giving your money to anonymous people who might turn out to be criminals. You should be able also to see past trade evidence that the software has been able to complete for you to trust them with the money.

The company has a bad reputation all over social media, and customers are complaining to have lost money, and the result is not likely to change when you invest in the platform. Furthermore, there is no evidence of any past trade to prove there is any trade taking place.

Regulation and Customer Support

Purple Forex Copier does not provide any regulatory data on the website that you can rely on; this is a major red flag that you should avoid at all costs. Unregulated platforms smoothly go out of existence at any given time, and they easily break the law.

However, there are legit automated signal providers that you can count on to make a profit for you, and they showcase legitimacy by providing regulatory data. Unregulated platforms will swindle all your investment funds and block you from accessing their services.

No telephone contact has been provided that can use to reach the platform in case you require assistance. Legit Investment firms will always provide you with working contact support that you can rely on, and reply regarding your query is still instant.

The owners of this investment firm risk facing criminal prosecution and is the main reason they do not reveal any information that you can use to reach them. Regulated platforms will show a high level of transparency, and you can easily verify the details they provide on the website.

Different countries have come up with various laws that should be adhered to prevent citizens from falling for scammers. Unregulated platforms will always try and lure you into depositing money into their account, including providing fake regulatory data.

Purple Forex Copier has fake incorporation certificates without even a company number that you can verify this information. No regulatory body does not recognize them, and you risk trusting criminals with your money.

Final Verdict

Purple Forex Copier does not reveal any regulatory data to customers, and you will only end up falling for an unregulated platform, and the results are not pleasing. The platform operates in a very shady manner, and you do not know the algorithm the software uses in coming up with the profits claim.

They also do not provide any contracted support to investors, and if you have a query, respond is not guaranteed. Legit Forex signal providers will always seem transparent in the method of operation, and you can easily verify the testimonies provided, unlike

No information of the owners has been revealed to any investor, and you risk trusting anonymous people to make money for you. You should be able to see past trade evidence for at least three months or more before depositing a single coin and expecting returns.

The platform only gives investors a 14 days trial period, and this is not enough time to trust the credibility of the robot or discover a winning strategy. They claim to have a top-notch experienced team without providing any evidence of the same.

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