Push Button Salary Scam: It’s Equivalent to Pushing the Button towards losing your Salary

Push Button Salary Scam: It’s Equivalent to Pushing the Button towards losing your Salary

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Nowadays all of us are in search of a shortcut to earn money and honestly speaking we are not really wrong because meeting the expenses has become a big challenge nowadays. However, when we are looking for these shortcuts we often get caught up in different scam and one such scam is the Push Button salary. The CEO of Push Button Salary is Robert Smith. Read the complete Push Button salary product review to get the relevant details.

The deal worth being termed crazy

The sales video starts off with a sensation creating sentence and that is you will make 1 million dollars in just 27 days. To tell you the truth this sentence killed my spirit because I got the feeling that the software is a scam. The owner of the software wants to confuse you and defuse your intelligence by saying that if you do not make this much money then the owner of the video will give you $10,000 from his own pocket. Well I do not really believe this.

Push Button Salary

Doesn’t the voice sound familiar

Well when I was listening to the video of push button salary I felt a strange thing and that is the voice of the speaker of the video is very familiar to many sales videos I have heard earlier. I heard this voice when I earlier listened to the sales video of Free Profits. Thus this shows that there is a deceptive element about the software.

Absence of transparency

You are falsely made to believe that Push Button salary software will help you make money through its automated system. Sounds like an idealistic scenario to me. I wonder how anyone can believe that an automated system can help you earn money. Are automated systems that smart? The answer is no. They are also designed by humans so the margin for error is very much there. The fact remains that earning through binary options is possible only when you know how to trade. If not then you can end up losing all that you have earned in your life.

The unstoppable counter

There is a counter on the website of push button salary. It shows the number of the current push button salary members. The weird part is that the counter keeps increasing with every second. Now that sounds strange and practically impossible. It is not possible that a new member joins Push Button Salary every second. Thus this equivalent to misguiding people.

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Push Button Salary Review

The software owner expects marketing

Now the owner of the software expects you to make a strange deal. He expects the trader to make a testimonial video after 27 days of software use. Don’t you think it is just like forcing your decision upon a person. Well it should be a personal choice and a person should not be compelled to talk good about a software. I do not find this a professional approach. Another strange thing is that the creator of the system does not respect the privacy of the user. Yes, he wants to show the money flow in your account. Now if I were you I would not be willing to go with this deal because your account is something private and no matter how much money is there you would not want people to know that.

Push Button Salary Scam Review

The broker issue

Push Button salary uses the Glen Ridge Capital broker. Now there is a big question mark if you are using this broker. I will just give you the reason. This broker is UK based. Thus if you are based in any other country then you ought to know that the regulations are different in US and Canada in comparison to UK.

Unclear information facilitated by the customer support

The customer support is the backbone of any trading platform, but a lot can go wrong if you do not have the  adequate help that you are looking in for. Just read the chat with customer support of Push Button salary and you get to feel that the answers are not satisfactory and are unclear.

Scam Push Button Salary Review

Deposit amount is it justified?

Well the platform asks you to deposit about $250. As per my judgment that is a big amount to ask and is not justified. It is natural that you are only inclined to make a deposit when you are sure that the platform is going to be a profitable venture for you and if you have any doubts you just do not want to make your move at all.

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No experience required is again a factor to negate

You can excel in trading without knowing how to trade and if someone is trying to convince you of this then let me tell you that you are being bluffed. Life does not run on autopilots and you just cannot have money roll.

Push Button Salary stunts

Now when you visit the website you see the names of some famous news sites too, but if you try to click them let me tell you that those links won’t be clickable. This creates another red flag alert and doubt that the software is not reliable and is just trying to fool you so you should not fall prey to these stunts at all. Always research and then believe in the authenticity of any claims that are mentioned on the website. You will end up in a lot of trouble if you fall for the claims.

Push Button Salary Scam Review

How to ensure that you do not get caught up in a product scam?

The solution is simple. Now it is already mentioned that Push Button Salary has a customer support live chat service. You should list down your questions and see if you can get proper answers. This will clarify the picture for you.

Trading using a software is a very significant decision that can have a vital impact on your trading career so you cannot let things go wrong. Think and then make your decision. When you are making wise choices then there is little possibility of losses coming your way. Remember no software out there is free and you have to get to know the reason behind the software incentives. This way you can protect yourself from getting caught up in a product scam so make the smart decision and save your money.

When you really need some credible help then you need to figure out the right set of tools and signal services, there’s a variety of top rated binary options signal services that can help you with your trading. You get to find a number of good signal services on that page. Thus if you have any doubts with respect to trading then you can make use of the signal services and things will get easy for you. Make the smart choice now.

I hope this product review will help you make the right decision. Save your money as what you earn is important and you just cannot end up losing your money just like that. You have to value your money as it is hard earned. One more tip that I would like to give you is that you should compare the software pros, cons and benefits. This way you will get the understanding about the reality of the software. Just say no to Push Button Salary for sure.

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