Qiviut Review: a Notorious Scam to Avoid

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Qiviut Review: a Notorious Scam to Avoid

Qiviut is an offshore forex broker that is allegedly based in the United States. However, in this review, we highlight their credibility to traders and the services they provide.

They mainly specialize in forex trading, assets, fund managers, and market analysis both for private and institutional trading. Investors receive top-notch customer support and professional service.

Nevertheless, in this unbiased review on we highlight some factors why we do not recommend investing with them. There are legit forex brokers that will generate reasonable returns for you and lower the risks you may encounter while trading.

The risk measures that are put in place by any investment firm should always be made known to you. Trading just like any other business you may encounter massive risks and profiting days. Review showcases murkiness in their mode of operation and a lot of relevant data is not known by traders. The platform promises adjustments towards the ever-changing market and team building.

Moreover, they focus on providing efficiency in their quality services and beating the market. How they plan to do this is not revealed to traders despite the volatility in forex trading.

Qiviut Review, Qiviut Company

Once you successfully complete the process of opening an account you expect to receive the best trade experience. Ponzi Scheme will continuously urge you to deposit funds in their accounts through various methods.

Once you fall for their catch and deposit funds in their accounts then your business with them is done. The most possible outcome is your details may be blocked from accessing any of their services.

Therefore to prevent the hustle of finding anonymous company owners once you lose your funds. Its only advisable that you should invest with regulated forex brokers that are transparent to customers.

Qiviut is accessible for download on PC and mobile platforms provided you have an internet connection. They do not feature any demo account that you can use and set up a winning strategy.

How Qiviut Operates

To familiarize yourself with most investment firms a demo account is highly recommended. Previous trade data for at least three months should be part of the sales page to earn more trust with the firm.

Qiviut has a trading tool advantage that allegedly helps in beating the competition in the market. The software works with a well-established trading platform, MT4 with high speeds and unbeatable stability.

The software also supports automated trading which is highly preferred over humans. However, the use of wrong trade software may result in massive investment losses. software is able to conduct thorough research and come up with profiting trade results.

You can easily set up a trading portfolio via integrated accounts. Qiviut offers various trade advantages: Low prices, low service charge, and controllable risks. High leverage and low transaction costs are part of the advantage traders receive.

Trading Conditions of Qiviut

Therefore there is no such thing as constant profits but risk measures may be put in place to curb losses. Qiviut boasts of having a team of top-notch qualified personnel yet there is no verifiable data to support the same.

Besides the relevant evidence towards their claims, they can easily attract a large number of customers. The founder’s location whereabouts and personal details are also not known.

Founders’ details play a major role in helping traders realize and understand the level of qualification they hold. Therefore transparency with such information will earn you confidence with the company and any service they claim to provide. trades with EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY besides this a lot of data is left out. The time frame for trading is not known or the software in place.

They even brag about being the world’s leading forex broker and the services it provides is world-class. However, news spreads fast in the new era and if at all they were top in the market they would be recognized all over the globe.

Funds Safety

Qiviut withdrawals application submission and processing are automatic and this speeds up payments. However, there is no evidence of any trader seen to successfully benefit from the platform. 

The founder’s details are also hidden lack of transparency is shown. Hence you would not trust people without any qualification to have access to your hard-earned funds. 

There is also no banking information to assure the safety of your funds. Meanwhile, companies with similar traits as will end up swindling all your funds.

Multiple red flags are shown by the company and any investor with experience within the forex niche will avoid any dealings with Qiviut. They do not have any refund policy and to get your funds back you have to undergo a strict financial audit.

The platform may easily face bankruptcy and once they are unable to pay clients. They may easily disappear with all your money and tracking them is an almost impossible task.

Qiviut Regulation and Customer Support 

Most offshore brokers are rarely regulated and end up breaking most trade laws. Therefore most countries have set various measures to try and protect their citizens from scammers.

Regulation is among the top requirement for most countries if not all that support trading. Hence for investment firms to generate funds from the public regulatory measures should be adhered to.

Regulated forex brokers showcase a high level of transparency and you can easily verify the data for the same. The founders of Qiviut are anonymous and this is probably because they risk facing criminal prosecution.

The company even claims to be licensed by NFA and you should not fall for any of these allegations. Scammers will claim recognition by top regulatory bodies or sometimes try to provide registration data as regulation.

Qiviut Review, Qiviut Features

Similar traits are observed in Qiviut and the NFA does not recognize or have anything to do with Scammers can barely afford to meet the minimum requirement by regulatory bodies hence they try their best to convince you into thinking they are transparent.

Meanwhile, investors can reach the company for any issue that is related to the platform. Via email; [email protected]. Working contact support is very crucial in earning customers’ trust.

There is no guarantee you will receive any response to your query. However, for legit platforms response is always instant. There is no information on their location whereabouts and this only means no one is held accountable after losses.

Final Verdict 

Qiviut may easily swindle funds from inexperienced newbie investors. Experts within the niche will easily realize the red flags exposed and keep off any of the services they claim to render.

Regulated forex brokers are transparent in their method of operation and all the relevant data is available and easy to access. The founders and team qualification data should be readily available and well explained. may easily go against the set trade guidelines or even disappear with customers’ funds. Pyramid Schemes founders are always keen and leave no trace behind once your money is lost getting a refund is very impossible.

The kind of risk measures that are put in place to curb massive losses is not clearly explained to traders. There is no trade history available and they would have at least used fake data to try and seem legit like other scam platforms.


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