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Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds Review: QoinPro Crypto Broker With A Catch claims to be a multi-currency wallet that offers free sign up and claims to give coins daily. This way, they can attract clients into registering with them once they see the offers in place.

Once registration is completed, they claim one can start earning free virtual coins like; Bitcoin, I feather coin, Fedora coin, Lite coin, Digital coin, Earth coin, Deer coin, Doge, and World coin. claim that all generated coins can be withdrawn, sent, received at any given time.

The platform claim their website is easy to use for investors and that withdrawals process takes within an hour to be completed successfully. However, there have been complaints of investors not successfully withdrawing funds.

Nothing they have done or projected proves their legitimacy. In the earlier years, the platform projection seemed promising to the public members. However, this has not been the case as the company is not generating its promising returns.

The investment platform lucks a purpose or rather a waste of cyber platform. The Firm is by far a faucet wallet. As no investor is said to have gain returns ever since the platform started.

QoinPro Review, QoinPro website

QoinPro is a pyramid scheme that investors need to be on the lookout. Seeking quick returns you will only end up wasting time or get conned.

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Nothing on the platform adds up or seems reasonable. QoinPro claims to have new coin generating prospects. The platform claims to come up with new strategies frequently.

QoinPro claims to have an easy to use market for new investors. There is no history about their trading activities existance. They claim to offer some amounts of altcoins in exchange for a free sign up through a personalized link.

QoinPro review

In February 2014, a forum for bitcoin talks was launched, Some members doubtfully questioned the running of operations in the field.

The platform was asked how they are going to manage to pay customers revenue. QoinPro enticement regrettably did not pay off their clients.

Members of the public started having unclear reasons concerning the investment company. QoinPro claimed that the daily agreed returns come from a private investor.

The method of gaining cryptocurrencies through this method was super slow for most investors. No investor successfully withdraw funds from the platform even though a balance did reflect in the platform.

Clients can withdraw funds from QoinPro by using the address given to them. However, the address does not work, and it is considered void or expired.

It is for this factor that the platform has posed doubts to keen investors. The majority of complaints have raised due to a lack of transparency in their transactions.

The sole reason why the platform exists is to steal emails and personal information. Those in or willing to enter the cryptocurrency market need to be keen on this kind of scheme. There are legit cryptocurrency platform that you can utilize.

Affiliate Program

QoinPro, just like other pyramid schemes, they utilize the referral program to drive traffic in their platform. The platform recommends their existing clients to invite a friend, relative or colleague to invest with them

QoinPro promises its users a certain percentage of commission for every new investor they bring.

They also claim that if your referrals recruit new investors, they will also get a sum, and vice versa, affiliates are not limited in the referral plan.

They have a seven levels affiliate plan that clients attain once you get to the seventh you unlock the World coin. To open this feature, one needs to invite up to 2500 new clients, and this is somehow unrealistic and almost impossible.

QoinPro Scam Review, QoinPro Plan Airdrop

QoinPro claims to offer permanent cyclic bonuses and multipliers of 5% to 10% up to 1250%, which seems attractive. Do not be deceived by their fraudulent activities. If the deal looks too good to be true, you should consider other legal platforms.

Registration of new members is also a way their clients generate income. Every member, after sign up, gets a personalized link they can use to invites new members.

Whenever a member uses the personalized invite link, they receive an agreed percentage of coins the new member gains.

The seven levels plan is not well calculated; the number of returns projected is irrelevant.

There is no doubt the platform is a Ponzi scheme in the sense that newly referred customers benefit initial customers. Once a member you refer joins and then brings in another member, you earn a profit from both referrals.

QoinPro Actions

QoinPro is a faucet wallet platform in description which claims to offer virtual coins to its clients. They claim to provide coins daily to their clients without even putting any effort.

It is unheard of for any investment company to offer such returns. Time and patience are essential in every investment.

Sign up in the platform is free, and they claim once the client is registered successfully immediately will start earning coins.

Every referral message sent initial marketers to get ten credits on their account. They claim that there is no message limit to their marketers.

You can send as many messages and earn as much credit as possible. For the message costs, investors pay a onetime phone bill.

Customer Support

QoinPro claims they can grasp knowledge to those interested in joining the cryptocurrency trade. Their method of business and returns projected are unrealistic, and they don’t seem close to fulfilling their plans.

The platform claims to respond to queries and feedback of clients instantly. Complains might have to wait till eternity for them to get feedback from the platform.

Complains have been raised regarding withdrawal issues and also their mode of operating. Despite all these complaints, the platform responds to almost none of the claims tabled.

QoinPro customer support can contacted via email. The platform does not have a listed telephone number. They are determined in staying anonymous.

Customers who have tried reaching them via [email protected] claim they get no attention regarding their queries.

Any client seeking assistance or wanting to raise a complain might have to sort themselves as they barely respond.

Is QoinPro Scam or Legit?

QoinPro may seem legit on first view, but from the investigations, it’s not the case. QoinPro claims its is located in Hong Kong Eastern Commercial center 1206, S.A.R. 397 Hennessy Road-Wan Chai QoinPro ltd.

The platform claims it registered under company number 62774936-000-02-14-0. They claim to be registered, which there is no proof to ascertain the allegations.

The platform is not regulated. The company founder is, Wouter S. Van Der Schagt. He allegedly owns several web hosting companies under his name.

QoinPro is ranked at 94,556 under the Alexa global ranking and claims popularity in the U.S.A., Nigeria, Brazil, Russia, and India, among other countries. However, no spam score is stated, and they have an authority rating of 35/100.

QoinPro Final Verdict

There are some legit platforms that offer passive bitcoins, but unlike QoinPro, they do not give the coins freely. You have to pay an agreed amount to start gaining returns.

The fact that they claim to depend upon the Private investor funds to carry out their obligated duties is a red flag. Anyone seeking association in their dealings should be very cautious. Invest only with trustworthy cryptocurrency companies.

The platform may not last long. The only way schemes like this work are if there is enough traffic coming in their website. The pyramid scheme should be avoided as they are the sole beneficiary of their operations.

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