Quantatex Review: Blockchain Scam You Must Stay Away From!

Quantatex Review: Blockchain Scam You Must Stay Away From!

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Quantatex Review

Quantatex Review

What these scammers are claiming is that they have over 50 years experience in capitalizing in Blockchain space. Dear readers, all this is nothing but a ploy to make you invest in them.

They add in the fact that you can make 12% ROI monthly by using this platform. We delved deeper to find out more about Quantatex and our findings will scare you. We wanted to know how they did it and who is behind Quantatex. You can only find out the truth here and reading this full and detailed review.

Fake Profit Margins


Without a doubt, a 12% ROI in crypto currency is impossible. Let alone the fact that they claim that it’s guaranteed. Yes, they claim that ROI is constant and never going to change. Rest assured that even the best hedge funds in the world don’t make such huge profit margins. This is one red flag that we noticed straight from the block.

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We immediately knew that a 12% ROI was a number that only scammers would use. This was a big scam and we had to find out exactly who was behind it.

Unlicensed and unregulated


Quantatex claims to be a UK based crypto mining company established in November 2018. If this is the case, we found no history of accounts, that you could verify. Simply put, it has a ghost history with a ghost track record. How can we entrust our money with such a company? They also claim Quantatex has been registered with FCA as an investment entity. What is even enchanting is the fact that they have and hold CFA qualifications.

Truth is that we don’t know who they are and have no way of accessing their certifications. This is a red flag since legitimate companies always give access to their certification credentials. Why doesn’t Quantatex want us to verify them? High chances are that this company is not registered at all. We can prove this.

We reached out to FCA UK and they were adamant no company is listed or registered under such a name. This also means that as a company, it should not be providing investment advice or services. This is what the law dictates since Quantatex does not have any certification.

Why is Quantatex an Attractive Scam?


It means you give them your money and they mine cryptocurrency for you. Some of the coins they claim to earn for you include Altcoins and Bitcoin. This all sounds simple and clear. Truth is, it’s not as simple as Quantatex would lead you to believe. These people are not as honest as they claim on their homepage.

Quantatex scam

Claims of making 12% ROI in a month is simply unheard of. This is simply unethical and not going to happen anytime soon. Why? One of the main reason is that they offer consistent and guaranteed profit margins. Crypto currency market just like any other market is volatile and susceptible  to change.

This rate is far beyond what legit and reputable companies offer. Reason they make this offer is to attract potential investors and newbies. Of all scams we’ve blacklisted, this one takes the pie due to its high ROI. It’s impossible to provide these earnings consistently and guaranteed as they offer. They are simply offering easy quick wealth making ventures.

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Can Quantatex Real Generate Profits?


Answer to this question is a resounding No. Why are they not considering that this is a risk making venture? With all risk making ventures, both profits and losses can be made in equal measure. These are some of the lies Quantatex is spreading all over the web. If you think we’re just speculating, here are a few more reasons it is a scam.

Use of Fake Aliases


Quantatex Fake

We have noticed that every scam that pops up has an alias behind it. They do this to simply maintain anonymity. They are thieves who are profiting from your losses. This is another scam that is hiding behind the shadows. We don’t even have a single name of any developer involved with this platform. Don’t you think this is a legitimate reason to doubt this crypto currency mining platform?

Fake Reviews

You must have seen the immense fake positive reviews on the web. This is also a plot by scammers to try and legitimize the product. Never trust these reviews as webmasters are paid to write anything. Yes, these scammers have hired online writers to write positive reviews. Once you read the reviews, you will easily believe that Quantatex is legit.

These writers are hired from sites such as Fiverr where they are paid a certain commission. Never underestimate the power these scammers have. We are tired of these scammers and request all of you to stop trading with Quantatex. If you were thinking about joining them, stop right now. All your investments will be swallowed right in-front of your eyes.

Fake Testimonials


You are bombarded with people who claim to have won big with Quantatex. Truth is, these testimonials are all fake. These scam artists are good enough to hire webmasters to put up fake reviews. Brokers do this as part of trying to make this bot look legit. This is another proof that we are dealing with scammers who know their game.

This product has also used stock photos to try and dope you. Some of these photos have been used in other scams. Photos such as these are used to try and legitimize their trade. When potential traders see these people claiming to win, you’re immediately enticed to join.

Is Quantatex a Ponzi Scheme?


This is one hell of a Ponzi Scheme. This is simply a one of a kind scam straight from the scammers manual book. Being an unregistered company, its main aim is to make as many registrations as possible. Once people have registered, they take your money and go under. Traders are left with no money and authorities cannot help you in anyway.

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Quantatex is simply a Fraud.

Still want to join Quantatex?


Simply put,  we had to blacklist this Blockchain platform was trader feedback. Due to numerous complaints we have received, it makes this sense to blacklist it. You should also be aware of evidence we have shed to light. This concrete evidence is what makes us formerly disown this product.

Quantatex Final Verdict


Quantatex Scam Review

A lot of red flags are involved here. It plays to logic to let investors know how this scam works and best to avoid it. If you want to trade with crypto currencies, use tools and bots that make real profits. These profits are reasonable and you end up having a piece of the pie.

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Avoid scams such as Quantatex and stay safe.

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