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Quantum Forex trade is an online-based company that claims to provide top-notch services in securities and commodities trading. The platform claims to be specialized in forex and brokerage trading services.

Quantum Forex Trade claims involvement in CFDs that include share indices and futures of the trade. The platform also boasts that it works with more than 10000 different investors across the globe.

However, do not be so quick to believe this company and expect returns of profitability because their method of operation is murky. The company claims that it’s suitable for Independent traders and also institutional traders.

Quantum Forex Trade promise you security when trading in the platform. Furthermore, they do not clarify the kind of security measures they have undertaken to protect personal details and also your money.

You are only told of the services that the company offers, yet the method they use to generate this kind of offer of profits for you is not well explained. Scammers always claim to be featured with rich entrepreneurs or news endorsement.

Quantum Forex Trade Platform, Scam Review

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The company claims it is featured in  Times Media to try and earn your trust in believing they are legit. This allegation is not valid, and even the magazines do not recognize this Scam platform.

The trait is similar in Quantum Forex Trade, and they claim that they have been endorsed by other platforms like Financial Times, among others. You’re also promised subscription to Various institutions.

Scammers will always brag of recognition by influential persons to try and convince you into thinking they’re a legit business. How they generate working for analysis and team behind the investment procedure are also not mentioned to the investors. Review uses lucrative terms to lure you into thinking they’re a legit platform. The platform exposes multiple red flags on their website and should prevent you from wasting a single coin in the Investment.

Investors who have experience in the trade will immediately realize the murkiness that is behind the platform. The platform is a waste of cyberspace because they do not provide a piece of single evidence to support the allegations and prove they meet their targets.

It would help if you only ventured with legit trading platforms that provide evidence of at least three months of their trade history to assert genuineness. Ponzi schemes will always find ways of attracting you into depositing money, and they still charge no transaction fee for you to join them.

The platform portrays itself as a money manager that will generate profits within short periods. Quantum Forex Trade claims that they use your investment fund in oil and gas, forex trading, and also real estate.

Furthermore, they claim that most of the money they collect from you go into forex trading up to 79%. The company mostly focuses on forex trading as their main source of income for you.

The company only claims to be involved in forex trading but without any evidence of forex trading. Legit trading companies will always provide you with a detailed trading history to prove legitimacy, and you can easily trust them with your money.

Funds Safety

This investment firm does not guarantee the security of your money because they do not provide you with any information on their bank. You’ll be trading with anonymous peoples on the platform because they do not mention any info of the people behind the company.

There is no evidence of any successful withdrawal that has been made by an investor. Quantumforextrade is banned in several countries in the world, and you will be risking your money with criminals.

Investment Plan

Quantum Forex Trade exposes scam characteristics by offering you massive trade returns in the Investment plans to lure you into depositing money in their accounts. This platform also has three various investment plans you can choose to venture in, which include  Gold, VIP, and Silver.

The company charges a minimum of $500 as the lowest amount you can invest. The silver plan guarantees investors 5X more gain on their investment fund that they deposit.

The gold investment plan requires you to start with a minimum deposit of $1100. This investment plan entitles you to 7X of the amount you deposit in the company.

VIP investment plan is not accessible to every investor as their main targets are corporations and institutions. This investment plan it’s not suitable for regular investors as it requires you to deposit massive amounts.

VIP claims to generate profits for you in 18 days, estimating the returns to 10X. The minimum investment amount is $10000. Scammers use massive investment plans and claim it takes a short time to make profits; this is just a common marketing trait among scammers.

Regulation and Customer Support

Quantumforextrade is not a regulated company, and they try to hide this by providing fake registration and regulatory data to investors. However, investors need to know the difference between regulation and certification, and scammers will take advantage of you if you did not see the difference between the two.

The platform claims it is registered in the UK, yet during our research, we discovered that under the FCA, they are recognized. The firm features a company number that is made up because, under the regulatory body, they’re not highlighted.

The platform also has a fake physical address of there whereabouts, and this trait is common among  Pyramid Schemes. Quantumforextrade owners risk facing criminal prosecution when they get caught by the legal regulators in various countries.

Contact support in every legit company is essential, and you should trust a company you can reach easily in case you have a query or want assistance. Unregulated companies risk facing closure

The company is not authorized in the UK, and also globally, it is generating funds from investors illegally. For any legit company to be allowed to generate funds from the public, they require regulatory certificates

Once you lose your money to scammers, you cannot get it back because they do not provide any address they always try to stay anonymous. Scammers will always result in opening new websites and try to rob you and other investors.

Legit trading platforms will always provide you with genuine regulatory data. Quantumforextrade is not regulated and tries to hide this information by giving fake company numbers in the Investment firm to try and steal your money.

Domain Insights

According to, the platform was registered in 2019 November. The registration expires in 2020, November. The domain name for the platform is

Final verdict

Quantum Forex Trade method of operation is shady, and they do not provide any evidence to support they are involved in Forex Trade. This platform is not sensible in the mode of service and you only risk losing money to anonymous people. Invest with a legit Forex trading company.

Not only do you risk losing money to scammers but also personal information, which is very delicate, and it may end up falling into the wrong hands. Ponzi schemes will always use lucrative investment plans to target you into depositing money.

The Investment plans, however, for you to access more returns, you have to deposit a lot of money, and this is the main aim of this platform. Once you deposit money in the company getting a refund is never possible.

Unregulated companies will always go out of existence at any time, and you should not trust them with your money. The only beneficiaries of this investment firm are the company owners, and you will not earn a single coin.


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4 Replies to “ Review: Is Quantum Forex Trade Scam?”

  1. I wanted to know more about this company because i have invested about $250 and now they say I must pay $500 for signals. Am I being scammed with my eyes wide open?

  2. I have invested $530 like two weeks before todays date,22nd of April 2020,now they say i must pay like $200 for me to be able to withdraw the funds,like wtf is that,I’m starting to realise i made a mistake,is there no way that this people can be exposed?

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