Rapid Trend Gainer Review – A Colorful Scam Indeed!

Rapid Trend Gainer Review – A Colorful Scam Indeed!

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Rapid Trend Gainer Forex indicator is just one of the many products that Karl Dittman has produced. On the other hand, we’ve always expressed our displeasure on his products because they don’t really give us enough reasons why we should invest or ask our readers to invest in them.

The reason why we’ve decided to write about  Rapid Trend Gainer Forex indicator is because it’s hosted on a fancy landing page, and this is attracting many users to the website. Maybe Karl has just figured a means to drive crazy traffic to his websites since all his sites are quite popular. uses one of those generic templates for promoting Forex indicators and get-rich-quick scams in general.

This is something that Karl loves very much. But those landing pages honestly don’t look professional. They look too playful to win our trust.

The site creates the illusion that Rapid Trend Gainer is the only Forex indicator you’ll need when you’re looking to make between 200-300 pips profit per day. Is this even possible? And can Rapid Trend Gainer promise that we’ll make these pips on a daily and consistent basis?

Apparently, Rapid Trend Gainer website claims that this is possible with their secret yet advanced trading algorithm. The exact trading algorithm is not revealed. In fact, there is no explanation on how this Forex indicator works to acquire those pips. Yes, the site has some screenshots here and there. But these screenshots don’t reveal the exact trading methodology. Karl claims that when the indicator says ”Buy or Sell, just follow the instructions and you will magically make up to 300 pips on a daily basis.

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According to him, this is a guarantee. No doubt about it.

Is Karl Dittman being realistic with his promises? Can we actually make money from this Forex indicator? Those are some of the questions we will be seeking to answer in this review. Stay put.

rapidtrendgainer review

Rapid Trend Gainer by Karl Dittman review

Karl Dittman is known for channeling out too many Forex indicators. We have never heard any customer praising his products. The only thing we have seen and heard are complaints from folks who lost money while using his indicators.

Rapid Trend Gainer is not going to be an exception since it uses the very same concept and presentation that other scam indicators by Karl have used.

Truth be told. When someone claims that they have a Forex indicator that produces between 200-300 pips per day, the best question you could ask them is why they are not using that product to make money for themselves. This is the question we’ve asked in our minds. This is a question we’d like to direct to Karl Dittman because he seems to be very optimistic with this product, just the same way he has been optimistic with his other scam products.

His reputation has been ruined mainly because his trading indicators don’t make money. They do the contrary. Many users have expressed their disappointments about his products. Clearly there must be some truth to these complaints.

So the best way to ascertain the truth is to combine facts with customer feedback. That way, we can easily get a true picture of what happens the moment you click the ”Buy Now” button and money leaves your PayPal account. Does he ever get a charge back when a customer complains to PayPal? Of course he does. How does he handle this problem?

There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the site which says that users of Karl’s products must be prepared to face any eventuality with his products.

For a charge back to take place, you must convince PayPal that this guy actually ripped you off. If there is a disclaimer somewhere on the site and you knowingly went ahead to purchase the product thinking you’ll be rich, sorry for you. You’ll never get your money back.

So, why are we saying that Rapid Trend Gainer is yet another fake Forex indicator?

Rapid Trend Gainer: The proclaimed profit potential

You should ask yourself: Is there any Forex trading product that can guarantee up to 300 daily pips on a consistent basis?

Is there any Forex indicator that can guarantee a minimum of 200 pips on a daily basis? This is not likely. Unless you’re dealing with a scam product where the scammer doesn’t care much about getting his facts right, chances are that any genuine product out there will experience some fluctuations in the number of pips that could be gained in any particular day.

It is impossible to confess with 100% certainty that a Forex trading indicator will make a minimum of 200 pips on a daily basis. That is not a fact. It has never happened anywhere.

In fact, the markets don’t behave in a similar way every day. If you managed some 200 pips today, you’d make more or less depending on signal availability and price movements. Sometimes the market behave as if they are not making any significant movements. In that case, you will never make 200 pips.

So the statement that Karl gives concerning the number of daily pips that investors will make with this system is obviously misleading.

Limited chances available: another marketing gimmick?

The moment we saw that Rapid Trend Gainer Forex indicator was scarce in supply, and that there were only 2 copies left, we began wondering whether this was true.

Usually, scammers follow this promotional method very much. And with Rapid Trend Gainer website, it’s no exception. We are told that 2 copies are left. When we come back to check 24 hours later, we find that the number of copies allegedly left have miraculously increased, and now we can get as many copies as possible. This is called bogus marketing tactics which cannot convince anyone.

Fake testimonials

These website templates are specifically designed to convert as many leads as possible. So they will come with special widgets for showing supposed email conversation with a customer as well as other features that are geared towards convincing naive traders.

Let us consider the example below. This is a screenshot of supposed email communication between Karl and a customer known Jayson. Notice that their email address was blurred out, and that means we can’t contact them to find out if a transaction ever took place between them.

rapidtrendgainer fake testimonials

The question is, why did Karl Dittman hide their contact details? Was it for privacy purposes? Of course not. There was a more sinister motive behind it.

You can trust us of the fact that this was not a real conversation. And even if it was real, it would have easily been edited where appropriate and screenshots taken for purposes of deceiving those who want to buy Rapid Trend Gainer Forex indicator.

Our best advice for you

We checked their FAQ and what we discovered was that this was a generic website template used by thousands of other get-rich quick scams on the web.

Yes, the questions look very familiar because they’ve been copy-pasted into this section of the site.

Furthermore, Karl has never presented any evidence to suggest that Rapid Trend Gainer Forex indicator has a track record of netting 200-300 pips per day.

Moreover, Rapid Trend Gainer Forex indicator does not have any reputation. If it was that good, traders would be screaming all over the internet praising it. Go back to this link and sign up instead of chasing the wind.

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