Real Forex Signals Review: Scam or 3,000 Pips Per Month?

Real Forex Signals Review: Scam or 3,000 Pips Per Month?

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Every Tom, Dick and Harry claims to offer winning Forex signals these days. Luckily, the not-so-serious ones can be easily sniffed out.

They are no longer able to scam traders in stealth mode, thanks to the age of information where proof in form of user reviews can easily be gathered on the web.

This review focuses on one suspicious signal provider called Real Forex Signals

By no means are we going to recommend this signal provider. Anyone who proceeds to use their signals should do so at their own risk.

Real Forex Signals: An Overview of this Service

There is nothing special about this signal provider. They make marketing declarations just like any other typical signal provider on the internet.

Nothing distinguishes this signal provider from the competition. And in an age where competition is fierce, we can’t imagine someone offering signals and is less bothered by what his competitors are doing out there.

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Finally, we went through the site, subscribed with our details because they claimed it was free to register on their site.

Other claims which they make, hoping that they will catch your attention is that their signals make up to 3,000 pips a month.

It is also not clear why Real Forex signals is stating that they make 10.000 signals per week.

We do not know whether we are supposed to take that figure to mean 10,000 or 10 pips/week.

Whichever the case, those figures are still contradicting what they initially said about the number of pips netted each month.

In addition to these marketing declarations which are now contradicting each other with numbers that cannot be proved, Real Forex Signals also announces that they have an EA for anyone who wants auto-trading in their MT4 account.

The rest of the information given on the site is generic. It comes across as spam because the website does not describe very well what it offers.

Furthermore, it doesn’t describe how their signals are generated or even the benefits that users stand to gain if they subscribe to this service.

Website Overview

The website of Real Forex Signals has very thin content for anyone who may want to learn more about their products.

A big part of this website is made up of generic information.
Instead of concentrating on important matters pertaining to the product which they offer, 90% of the website has stuff that is dedicated towards teaching users what Forex signals are, how they are delivered etc.

We don’t need this information anyway. It does not serve any purpose.

We also felt like they were beating around the bush rather than going straight to the point.

They ought to have invested that energy in giving us a comprehensive product description rather than generic stuff.

Furthermore, the overall look of Real Forex Signals website feels very cheap and unprofessional.

There is no ”about us” page or company background. If you want to send them a message, forget it because they don’t support live chat feature on their website.

The ”contact us” link is located far down on the footer of the website and is written with very tiny letters. You could easily miss it.

Now, this shows that whoever owns Real Forex Signals is not interested in communicating with their clients, thus such links have to remain hidden if they exist on that website.

Generally, we don’t feel comfortable transacting any business with this website. Real Forex Signals is a suspicious signal provider.

Who owns Real Forex Signals?

After doing some investigations here and there, we were lucky to discover that Real Forex Signals was associated with a certain guy named Peter Goldfarb.

real forex signals
Google+ profile of mysterious owner

We were able to trace him on Google+ which is linked to the Real Forex Signals website.

We were not surprised when we discovered that his profile was very empty, except that he claimed to be from the United States.

Further investigations revealed that this mysterious man had 50 followers only (none of these followers look interested in what he offers), yet he claims to generate 3,000 pips each month. Who doesn’t want money?

Apart from this, he doesn’t seem to have a Facebook fan page with the name Peter Goldfarb.

As far as this is concerned, this man is a mysterious character which should send a warning to anyone contemplating to use Real Forex Signals service.

User Reviews: There is None!

They claim to have attracted hundreds of clients ever since Real Forex Signals set up shop in 2007.

There is no evidence that this signal provider has been around for over a decade. We looked at the purported performance history.

These are dated January 2017 as opposed to 2007.
If it was indeed true that Real Forex Signals website was setup in 2007, they would have showed us performance for the entire period.

Once again, we cannot trust a signal service that claims hundreds of clients when they can’t even produce one evidence.

This product does not appear in any forum discussing matters related to Forex trading. However, if it had been around for that long, it would have created a buzz.

Unfortunately, it appears that no one has ever come across this signal provider. This could be an indication that they are very new in this business.

And if that is the case, we can fault them for having lied to us. Nothing is genuine about this site. You should just stay away from them.

Details of their Auto Trading EA

Details of what they are offering are very scarce on this website. They only mentioned that they own an EA which subscribed users could get access to.

But that’s all about their expert advisor. They never gave us any further description which would compel users to buy their product.

Basically, this is a very empty site. It appears that their purpose is to collect client details so they may use it to spam them in their marketing campaigns.

Fake Results

Hoping to lure traders into this dishonest deal, the owner of this website posted their ”past performance” results.

real forex signals
Results cannot be verified

And we can tell you for sure that nothing can stop them from posting results that were manipulated to look genuine.

This signal provider has failed to meet the standard requirements that every signal provider should meet in order to get a recommendation from us.

It is therefore safe to exercise caution when considering doing business with Real Forex signals.

Our Best Advice For You

Everything on this site seems to be ”Free”. Or at least they use the word free to lure victims into this.

And when you spot such things on a site that claims to offer Forex signals, you should question their legitimacy.

Right now, we don’t know who owns this site yet. But we certainly know that it’s a strange offer with no user reviews or proof of performance at all.

There is nothing positive to be talked about concerning Real Forex Signals. But don’t give up yet. We are recommending our top-rated Forex signals and mentoring programs to anyone who is tired of scams.

If you want to make money straight away, you should sign up to anyone of those products. They are the most profitable and even affordable solutions for any retail trader looking to earn a living from Forex trading.

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  1. I subscribed to this so called real-forex-signals 2weeks back but guess what I havent received any signal when i go to thier helpdesk the reply after a day and this so called ADAM.K guy is been telling me the having technical problems with their signal services which the is not clarity in it like i feel so stupit to really think the would help me with signals im soo flipen angry its been 2weeks now nothing please if any of you come accross them dont use them the are scammers and if possible can someone pls recommend me good forex signal provider? Help

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