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Real Capital Options is a Ponzi scheme that has acquired a lot of negative reviews from their former clients. The company is operating illegally and anonymously. During our research, we could not establish who is the real owner of this pyramid scheme.

The owner is determined to leave no trace that can tie them to the fraudulent company. They are playing safe, and the only way you can protect yourself if by avoiding them at all costs. The review indicates that the firm is not transparent and they will only leave you high and dry

The first thing that you look for when you wish to invest online is to check for what other investors think about a company. You do not want to lose money to scammers. The company has been in the market for over two years, and they have no evidence that shows they are indeed an investment entity.

We should be able to see their performance report, the milestones that they have been able to achieve since the time they joined the market. Additionally, the data regarding the platform team of experts should also be accessible to create confidence and publicize the people handling the investors’ funds.

Real Capital Options Review

The company is dealing with various assets: this include; Forex, indices, commodities, currencies, and stock. The pyramid scheme is the guarantying user the best trading experience if the market. The Ponzi scheme is also claiming their clients will have an opportunity to trade Forex as well as Binary options simultaneously.

The fraudulent company is making absurd claims that are unattainable, and we can assure you they will not be in the industry for an extended period. Eventually, the platform will exit the market, and nobody will be able to trace them down.

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Real Capital Options is promising Forex traders high leverage as well as tight spread. The experienced traders who are more knowledgeable in the industry can contact the company directly for even better deals. Review, Real Capital Options platform

The platform is operating illegally, and your money is not secure in their hands. The company displays false information on their website. They are claiming that clients’ money is held at segregated accounts, which is not the case.

The entity that used to oversee their operation was recently blacklisted from performing any financial activity. It is a red flag that you should not take lightly. Moreover, the Ponzi scheme is also falsely stating they have been in the market since 2013. Unfortunately, the data on indicates otherwise. The made appearance in March 2018.

If they can lie about such minor details, ask yourself what else are they hiding from the public. Binary Options trading is illegal in the USA. Hence, the platform is lying about their real identity. The Ponzi scheme is providing unclear data, and with all the confusion, it would be best not to engage with the firm.

Their incorporation information shows they are from the UK. Instead of wasting your time and money on this platform, it would be best if you venture with trustworthy Binary Option trading companies in the industry that are legit and will not compromise your personal information.

How Does Real Capital Options Operates?

The method that the company uses to achieve it’s high earning is unknown. The platform is only promising users high making, yet their trading condition is unknown. The company is only the bragging of its numerous assets at the disposal of its clients.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence of them performing any investment services. The Ponzi scheme is also boasting of the educational opportunity that they are offering to traders. It is important to note that these are essential skills that anyone can easily google on the internet.

Hence, it should not be viewed as an advantage. Moreover, they also do not have the popular MT4 or MT5 trading interface, which is favorable to Forex traders. We cannot find anything unique about the Real Capital Options.

They are only after investors’ money, and it is evident they are not the ideal trading firm. Before trusting any entity, ensure you perform thorough research and also get some knowledge to avoid losing funds.

Contact Details and Regulation

Real Capital Options is allegedly located at 79928 TX, El Paso, Texas, USA. If you have any complaints or would to reach them for any inquiry, you can do so by contacting them via email; [email protected] or call them on +19093283392.

Unfortunately, a Ponzi scheme like this platform will display false info so that they appear to be trustworthy and not look suspicious. However, their actual location will remain an unresolved mystery. They will only call you when they need more cash. Afterward, the company will never respond to your email or phone calls.

To stay safe, ensure you only invest with the legit platforms that have no intention of scamming you. Real Capital Options proclaims it is based in the USA. The country is one of many others that have stringent measures that investment ventures need to follow.

The company is not regulated by the authority to perform its activities. It is clear that the platform is an offshore firm, and they do not care about making anyone rich. Real Capital Option claim they are associated with Tech Financials, which is a UK based company that was earlier operating legally. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case as the platform is no longer licensed

The NFA has not regulated the operations of this Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, the majority of countries do not allow binary options trading due to their risky nature. The platform is accepting money from investors across the globe, yet they lack proper documentation. Avoid them by all meaning for the sake of your sanity, as well as the safety of your money.

Clients Feedback

Real Capital Options is an investment company that has failed many people. They will promise you high returns, and instead of delivering the platform ends up stealing from their customers. The Ponzi scheme will decorate your account with attractive figures, but if you try to cash out, they will take you through a very long process.

They have very high hidden charges, which they have not mentioned anywhere on their website. That is not a good sign, and no legit company would subject their clients to such unfavorable conditions. As if that is not enough, the Ponzi scheme will also ask you to cater for the tax.

How can they ask for tax fees, yet they are not asking for any tax ID or investor’s photo? This is a sign that you are dealing with professional scammers whose sole interest is to defraud you all your earning.

Final Verdict

Real Capital Options is a messy pyramid scheme that has nothing useful on in their website. The company is an offshore platform that is operating illegally. Additionally, they have many negative reviews online. With all the red flags that we have discussed, it would be unwise to trust them.

The company is charging hefty hidden charges, which they had not disclosed earlier. Moreover, the founder’s information is hidden from the public. There are better legit binary option trading firms that have a good reputation.  The platforms are more transparent and secure than Real Capital Options.

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2 Replies to “ Review: is Real Capital Options Scam?”

  1. Yes yes is a scam they took me for about 9,000 from September 2018 until present. Been trying to communicate with support but no reply. Now I can’t login to website. Please inform others about this website to protect them from these scam artists

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