Redbridge Capital Consulting Review: A Horrible Scam?

Redbridge Capital Consulting Review: A Horrible Scam?

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Between the years 1995 all the way to 2008, a man called Kai Whitney appeared to work for a couple of reputable financial institutions.

Then somewhere along the way, this guy seemed to have morphed into a day trading mentor.

Since then, he has been bouncing left right and center in the day trading educational scenes. He has even set up a day trading educational center for those who want to master his secrets for trading the markets successfully.  The website can be accessed on this domain —

Speaking of that website, one realizes that there are all kinds of trading products and services which are peddled through that website.

In addition to that, Mr. Kai sells his mentoring program together with a magical indicator which he says is your direct ticket to financial freedom.

Apparently, this man does not have a track record — although he is the face behind Redbridge Capital Consulting.

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We contacted him before doing this review and to our surprise, he was not cooperative.

At first, he was extremely defensive and rude. Then when he realized that his rudeness was not going to stop a negative review of the Redbridge Capital Consulting from being written, he suddenly became whiny.

Don’t accuse me for witch-hunting. Our job is to write reviews and tell you which trading opportunities are good and which ones are outright scams.

Of course we would have loved to do a positive review of Redbridge Capital Consulting due to the fact that it is run by an individual who somewhat appears qualified.

However, since he lacks a track record for the job which he claims to do best, a positive review would be impossible to write.

What’s Redbridge Capital Consulting?

If you want to receive private ”elite training”, this company will be at your service because they do ”teach” students in an intensive 7-week mentoring course.

redbridgecapital scam

Mr. Kai started Redbridge Capital Consulting because he believes that the financial markets are a ‘complex organism’ and that the technique used in DNA sequencing could successfully be implemented in studying the markets.

According to his mumbo jumbo, DNA sequencing could be used to ”isolate price & location where large institutions are…...”

If you understand what he means by this statement, kindly send us a message or leave your comment below because we are clueless.

The trading industry is one of the weirdest industries around. Blame it on investment hustlers who keep introducing fancy-sounding phrases and techniques.

Fancy phrases like: sequential volume flow, order flow, volume delta balance flow, dark volume omega edge and so on are all inventions from greedy people who only care for their bellies.

Technical trading fad is now fading away to pave way for AI trading. Before we divert from the main issues, let’s get back to Kai Whitney and his website – Redbridge Capital Consulting.

Who is Kai Whitney?

He is a salesman who also happens to run a website called Redbridge Capital Consulting.

He has been selling all kinds of trading products on the internet. This has continued for a while now.

We also have records which show that he once promoted trading products for another suspicious trading room called

glaobl trade room

While at it, Kai was promoting a different product through a website/company named NOFT.

During his tenure at Global Trade Room, he appeared to have some affiliations with two carnival barkers by the names Ken Calhoun and Steve Nison.

Now, it worries me to learn about how their relationship with Ken Calhoun started.

Apparently, Mr. Kai bought a DVD stock trading success training from Ken. He was introduced to Ken through the DVD, and because the course was so ”good”, he made up his mind to quite his 12-year long career on Wall Street just to implement what he had learned for his own benefit.

This claim is pretty shocking because this guy says that after purchasing a training DVD, he quit his 12-year long career at Wall Street. Really?

You can take this to the bank when I say that Ken Calhoun is the ultimate trading circus clown.

And if Kai Whitney is endorsing this man, then it means that things are definitely going to be messy. It’s the reason we contacted Mr. Kai Whitney to verify if these claims were authentic.

Speaking to Kai Whitney of Redbridge Capital Consulting

In the month of July 2017, we started an email communication with this guy to find out what he was selling while also inquiring about his trading performance.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter what technique this guy is using to trade the markets. We don’t care whether or not he is among the many day trading educators who use fancy terms to lure investors into a trap.

What we wanted was proof that this man could make profit from a live stock market.

After all, it was only sensible to query his personal performance records, thanks to the fact that he has a very ”strong” career background with names like UBS, Bear Stearns, and Swiss Bank on his record.

We wanted him to produce his account statements so as to verify that indeed what he teaches at Redbridge Capital Consulting is authentic.

Now, it emerges that this man does not have a track record of ever making a nickel from the markets.

Furthermore, he refused to cooperate with us since he didn’t know how to verify claims made on Redbridge Capital Consulting website. To cut a long story short, this man is not a full-time trader, let alone a part time trader.

It is therefore quite incredulous that some people are being talked into joining Redbridge Capital Consulting, and it’s costing them thousands of dollars while Kai is enriching himself and hanging around with topless damsels.

It’s an expensive lifestyle that only gullible investors who rush to sign up through Redbridge Capital Consulting can afford to bankroll.

With no track record of ever trading successfully, you can’t surely say that this guy will mentor you. If you want good mentoring programs, find one in this list of Forex products. Avoid Redbridge Capital Consulting because they don’t have what it takes to mentor investors.

The website: Redbridge Capital Consulting

Redbridge Capital Consulting has a clause that says you should treat information on this website as educational and not advice to invest in stocks, Forex, commodities or futures.

But what exactly does Redbridge Capital Consulting do? It hustles thousands of dollars from gullible investors while pretending that it will mentor them on matters pertaining to trading and making lots of money from it.

Therefore, this clause is not supposed to appear anywhere on this site. We find it very contradicting.

Our Best Advice for you

If this guy cooperates with us in the future, he will surely earn a positive review from us. But as long as he is not willing to verify his trade performance, a positive review will not be published as it will be too risky to direct investors on his path.

If he wants to be authentic, he should probably stop posting lame training videos on YouTube because these clips offer zero financial nourishment.

And now that we have exposed Redbridge Capital Consulting, we expect you to stay away from it. You better use these products if you want to trade for a living.

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