RedMapleFX Review: Forex Scam

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RedMapleFX Review: Forex Scam

RedMapleFX ( is another fake platform claiming to offer CFDs, Cryptocurrency and Forex assets. Red Maple FX is professing to be an offshore commodities and Forex firm. They go ahead and claim to have an award winning client services team and a trading record second to none. With such kind of fuss, we had to investigate this illicit trading platform. Read this genuine and honest REDMAPLEFX Review for more details.

RedMapleFX Review

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RedMapleFX Review

Complaints have been sent to our help desk by members of this bane online investment platform. Members of RedMaple FX are complaining of not having access to their funds which points to one thing. Red Maple FX is planning to steal from their clients by refusing to grant withdrawal privileges. And this is where we draw the line and expose the scam artists for who they really are. The platform is nothing but a pyramid scheme which is meant to fill the pockets of owners of the website.

Thanks to our years of investing and trading, we know how a scam platform operated. Sadly, scam websites all over the web and we feel it is our duty to expose them and educate newbies. Traders are to trade cautiously with online investment platforms especially those without a proven track record. Make sure to read this entire review as we expose some of the tricks used by these scam artists. The platform must be exposed to protect the good Forex trading name. Continue reading the expose.

About RedMapleFX

Red Maple FX is claiming to be located in Hong Kong and have posted their location on the contact page. Scam artists will do or say anything to make sure their platforms appear legit to the untrained eye. With scam artists hoping to target unsuspecting investors, the say anything to entice newbies. From what we have gathered, this is another offshore brokerage site which is stealing from users. Make sure to stay away from the platform as it is nothing but a rotten online scam.

Anonymity is another problem we faced with this platform. No one knows who the actual founding members of this platform are. With no known address and clear ownership details, users should stay away from this platform. No one knows the people who are running the website which is a bit sketchy. Investors are actually depositing funds to an unknown third party. For all we know, investors are taking part in an online money laundering or pyramid scheme.

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Is RedMapleFX licensed or registered?

What looks like a real trading platform is nothing but a website for crooks to steal from investors. We noticed that the entire website fails to mention any form of license or registration on their homepage. What kind of a broker does not reveal such vital information to investors? Scam artists who don’t want to be exposed will leave out such details from their websites. Lack of a clear license and registration number is proof we are dealing with a quack. You better watch out.

A real broker will post details of their license and registration for all to see. Why has the platform failed to show their copies of licensing documents? Without a valid copy, we can never trust what the website sells. Scam artists will use charming words to lure investors, without a license, stay away. A license and registration number is proof the platform has been recognized by regulatory bodies. Failure to produce such documents is proof we are dealing with a quack planning to steal from investors.

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Advantages of RedMapleFX

We could not come up with any advantage of trading with an unknown platform.  From the number of complaints we have seen, the platform has clearly scammed a lot of investors. Most of these investors are from the Asia-Pacific region. And this is why they have claimed to have offices in Hong Kong. To target unsuspecting investors from this region. Make sure to stay away and ignore all their calls to sign up.

Disadvantages of RedMapleFX

Account types

RedMapleFX Account Types

RedMapleFX is furnishing users with two types of accounts. Although they fail to clearly show the details, the accounts are listed as fully managed and non-discretionary accounts. Why would they fail to give users more information regarding the account types? Crucial information such as the minimum acceptable deposit is missing from the account’s page. And this is where we nub the con artists for selling a blank cheque. Stay away from this platform or risk becoming their next victim.

Demo Account

Another issue we have with this platform is lack of a working demo account. A demo account plays a vital role in ensuring users get the best out of a platform. With a demo account, users get to know how fast the platform executes trades as well as features included. Notice that the platform does not have this vital component? Clearly, we are dealing with a calculating scam artists who want to steal from investors. Without a demo account, RedMapleFX is stealing from unsuspecting investors.

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Deposit and withdrawal

Another important feature missing with this platform is how users deposit and withdraw funds. Make sure you are careful with such vital information when signing up with online trading entities. Why did they fail to post details regarding the process of withdrawing funds? The bank account given is clearly a personal bank account. Recovering funds from such as account is next to impossible.

Unknown platform

What type of platform is being used by RedMapleFX? The problem with this website is lack of proper information. Without a recognized trading platform, we can safely assume funds are never safe. The website lacks proper security features which make their platform unstable. Unstable platform are a target to hackers looking to steal credit card information. Stay away from this platform since it lacks DDoS Protection and SSL encryption.

Are funds safe with RedMapleFX?

How can funds be safe with a platform which is stealing from the very investors who sign up? Segregation of accounts is another huge problem as RedMapleFX is pooling funds in one account. What this means is users are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account. They simply want your personal information.

Is RedMapleFX a scam?

RedMapleFX Trading Platform

Evidence is clear; we are dealing with a platform which is stealing from investors. Without a doubt, RedMapleFX is a scam which must be exposed to protect investors. Mark all their emails as spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. Ensure you stay away from any of their affiliate programs. Warn your family and friends from signing up with this illicit trading platform.


We will be adding RedMapleFX to our scam blacklist to ensure our readers know the impact of signing up.

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Wishing you a safe trading experience.

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