RefFeed Review – Shameless Copycat Scam is Back!

RefFeed Review – Shameless Copycat Scam is Back!

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Look at what these internet crooks have done this time round: they’ve simply replaced RewFeed with RefFeed to create confusion, although the former still exists.

These two websites are spammy to start with. This anonymous individual is selling a clone robot which he says will make you $1492 daily profits for doing absolutely nothing.

Remember that these guys promised the same exact figures in their RewFeed promotion campaign. Did that software make anyone rich in the process? You can bet that those who fell for it lost all their hard-earned monies.

Therefore, RefFeed is not any different from its copy-cat version. It is an undeniable fact that this website is using the same theme as RewFeed website.

They also share the same methodology, same actors and sales pitch too. This website is considered the laziest of scams on the internet.

You can now see the reason why we concluded that these two sites are owned by the same internet fraudster.

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We also realized that the two websites had copy-pasted each others’ content, not only in terms of graphics and colors, but also in text as well. This is blatant plagiarism which only serves to disqualify the scam instead of pushing it up the SERPs (search engine pages).

RewFeed RefFeed scam

Overview of RefFeed and why we don’t like it

Of course it’s an automated trading system like its former version. It works with social media data from Facebook, Twitter and many more to make you rich in a few days.

As if that is not enough, the scam website announces that RefFeed has a win rate of 87% and it guarantees a daily profit of $1497.

To make it stupidly enticing, the owner says that they will reward each subscriber with a free $250, which must be refunded when the trader makes his first profit of $10,000.

If you do the math, it should take you less than 10 days to make $10k. So even if you refund their $250, you still have got nothing to lose, right?

In fact, the site even has a convenient calculator to help you figure out how much you could make with this software in a week.

refFeed calculator

You basically input the amount of money you’d like to invest and the calculator will return some crazy figures.

Okay, wait for a minute? Are these folks psychologically disturbed? Probably. If not, then it’s more than likely that this trap was laid for a greater fool to get involved. Fortunately, that will not happen because we have blasted them in this exposing review.

Reality check

Please understand that RefFeed is not giving away any money. If you sign up to use the fake auto-trading robot, you will be redirected to a broker’s website where you will be required to make an initial deposit of $250.

Also, do not be misled by the digital calculator on RefFeed’s website. Truth is, this is aimed at encouraging you to invest more than you are willing to lose because they know that humanity is greedy, and if people can be promised quick wealth, some will pour in all their lifetime savings. Please don’t!

Does RefFeed app use ground-breaking technology?

Holy crap, a faceless con artist on the internet can never sell a genuine product. This thing which they call ground-breaking technology is such a bogus robot. was not able to give us sufficient information concerning this product.

reffeed homepae

We find it both humorous and annoying. For example, when the narrator said that this app had the capacity to process 15,000 Gigabytes per hour, we almost collapsed with laughter. How on earth could this thing have such massive power when the owner seems to be a broke dude looking to earn an extra buck by conning people on the internet?

Besides this, we wonder how this website has survived all this while and is accepting users each day. It’s been around for the last 1 and a half months. Websites that claim to be legit often put a deadline by saying that when the opportunity is gone in a few days, it won’t be there. This one does not appear to be in a hurry. Sounds funny.

Who is Jason Clark?

We doubt if a man named ‘Jason Clark’ who also owns a successful robot called RefFeed exists anywhere in the world.

Moreover, we find his claims quite ridiculous. No one can believe him when he says that he will be giving users of RefFeed a free $250 token to trade with. If this were the case, you wouldn’t be asked to fund your account.

Apparently, this sounds like a broker bonus. RefFeed does not say that by entering into this bogus deal, you will be accepting a useless broker bonus which will end up locking your account after RefFeed system eats up all your balance.

Rules do apply when you accept broker bonuses. But since RefFeed is a scam, you can never see the other side of the coin.

Speaking of actors who fake it, ‘Jason Clark’ does not appear to be a bona fide owner of this website. He is also an actor, and for that reason, he was paid some peanuts to lie and convince the world that RefFeed system is the real deal.

Jason says that he is the brainchild behind this system. He also alleges that during the designing phase of this software, he enlisted the help of a chief technical engineer called ”Dan Marconi”. But that is also where the story ends.

Both are imaginary characters. Your research should confirm this to you.

Just in case you don’t know, this man called Jason has featured in a couple of other binary options rip-off systems on the internet. In each instance, he used a pseudo name to conceal his tracks. He is a very clever actor and a fraud because he liaises with the owner of RefFeed to con traders.

Who is the scam broker here?

At first, we thought that this system had nothing to do with trading. But we later realized that these folks have a contract with BinaryTilt — an offshore broker.

Also, while signing up to this skewed deal, RefFeed in conjunction with BinaryTilt will require you to input your phone number. If you go ahead and give them your phone number, they will start bombarding you with numerous calls which coerce you into making a deposit.

Most people fall prey here because scams like RefFeed system only work with skilled telemarketers. You won’t beat them in their own game since they only work with people whose voice drip of honey.

They will make up all kinds of crazy stories just to make you deposit some money. As soon as you give in than you will be treated like toilet paper.

Our best advice for you

RefFeed is a blatant scam and a shame in the binary options industry. They use fake trading results, uncorroborated claims and many other things to promote the vice.

We needed to warn investors immediately we came across it. This is the joke of a century and a work that only charlatans specialize in.

If you got the message, it means that you are an open-minded person. We collected a few binary options software, then tested them before recommending them to people like you. Go ahead and use them.

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