Renegade Trader Review: Is it a Scam?

Renegade Trader Review: Is it a Scam?

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A platform claiming to generate $1,000 weekly from $50 trades is our basis for Renegade Trader ( review. Mark Deaton is the brains behind this audacious claim and is well-known for such hullaballoo. The vendor has other similar products that claim to offer a powerful options strategy. Other products under his wing include the infamous Bollinger ban jackpot and PAFX. Investors should keep away from all his creations. And this is the reason why we have to expose his new work.

Renegade Trader Review

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About Renegade Trader

With the vendor already a household name with false claims and promises, there is not much to say. Renegade Trader is another stock investment platform with over the moon claims. What is clear is that Mark is targeting newbies who don’t have a clue about online trading. And this is the reason why everyone needs to be careful with his magic tricks. He will come with claims of helping you make more money than you can ever imagine. And this is what the vendor fails to inform users, that all his products are classified as scams.

With Mark behind the wheels, we are sure that no one will come out smiling. The platform claims that $500 worth of investment can make millions overnight. How the platform can do so remains a mystery. We have not seen any trader come out with proof of ever making money with this platform. And this is the reason why we have to be extra careful with the product. The vendor is on a roller-coaster and is taking advantage of naïve investors. Thanks to this review, we will expose all his traps.

Assets covered by this stock investment platform

The developer claims that his trading formula has an expected ROI of 80 percent to 100 percent. With such a high expected ROI, hundreds of users signed up, not knowing the reason for this margin. A vendor with years of scam experience, Mark uses high-profit margin to prey on naïve investors. We all want to become rich, and this vendor takes advantage of it. One should note that the vendor fails to explain which assets he bets on. And this proves that the vendor is hiding valuable information to traders.

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Business owner’s past scam records

His first role in a scam was after he acquired candlestick Genius, which was a well-covered scam. After clicking on the link, it is clear that the site is no longer working. The candlestick brand was established in 2006 and was selling secrets to interested parties. After making some headway, the scam artists soon purchased another scam website. His next scam was under Commodity Tycoon. He claims that this commodity had a guaranteed ROI of 45 percent every week. Soon, people started noticing his products, and one went viral, Blue-collar millionaire. The last scam promises users a profitable trade every 20 seconds.

Claims and promises

Mark will hire actors who claim to be members of his products. These actors claim to make over $5,000 and $10,000 each week. Bollinger Band jackpot was another viral scam that was led by the very same man. The vendor claims that the platform had an accuracy level of 90 percent. He has also been selling magical pills, which reduce weight in a matter of days. Mark targets the weak and those looking for a quick fix. Try not to fall into any of the above scams operated by Mark.

Comments from users

With each scam, there were hundreds of complaints from investors all around the world. Mark is good at marketing and promoting his products. He will go to the extent of hiring a full email marketing team and social media managers. With the products being plastered everywhere, he is bound to attract some investors. And once he gets your funds, it is the last you will hear from the man.

Domain information

According to trusted sources,, went live on 16th August 2018. After the platform went viral, the vendor decided to shut down all access. Once you click on the site, you will notice that it is disabled. The website has also been used to peddle other notable online scams. It is the reason why no one has been able to get a hold of this vendor. With each fraud, he closes the previous product. We expect Mark to come up with another scam later during the year.

Features of Renegade Trader

There is no accurate way to describe the features surrounding Mark’s products. The vendor is keen on keeping the features to himself. He only suggests the expected ROI without giving any features of the platform. And this is another way to spot a good scam artist. The scammer will give over the moon claims and fail to provide accurate feature details. We can note that all his other products don’t come with product features. It is worth checking out the features and knowing what to expect with online trading platforms.

Is Renegade Trader licensed or registered

We believe this is a straightforward question with a definite answer. Renegade Trader is not licensed or registered to offer any valid trading signals. Both the CFTC and NFA have no broker listed under this name. And this goes to show that we are dealing with a platform that offers no security of funds. The vendor is not making insurance cover for the deposits made.

As far as we are concerned, any platform without a valid permit is not worth the risk. The vendor has been around for a while and offers no indication of getting a working permit. Anyone who signs up with the platform is exposing themselves to scam artists. Once you sign up, the vendor might send a download request of the platform. These vendors are also in bed with hackers who might try and steal your credit card information. Unregulated entities are a no go zone.

Pros and cons of Renegade Trader

Available accounts

Renegade Trader is silent on available packages or subscriptions. The vendor seems to allow all number of depository amounts. And this means that the vendor is taking advantage of all classes of investors. He could ask for $1,000 from one trader to $100,000, depending on the client. And this is the reason why investors should be careful when investing with such platforms. Make sure to look for actual results of the platform’s capabilities. The vendor has a history of running away with deposits, which is a problem. Stay away from all his related online products.

Results and trading strategy of Renegade Trader

The vendor has not listed any actual results on a third party website. These are just simulations of expected ROI with no one proving them. No user has come out with proof of making money with the platform. We only see paid actors in other scam operations by Mark claim to make a profit with the platform.

Scam or Legit Renegade Trader

Renegade Trader is a scam that must be exposed by all parties. The platform is a blatant scam operated by a well-known online villain.

Our conclusion

We won’t place our readers in the hands of scam artists. There is no way we will be recommending a platform with no valid trading results. The developer is a guy with other proven scam products. Stay away from this product.

There are safe ways to trade thanks to reliable trading bots. Make sure to check out expert-recommended trading robots. These robots are the best when it comes to online trading. Stay ahead of the game and use reputable bots with years of trading experience.

Our team wishes all traders a lucrative trading experience.

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