Resonance Capital Scam -Review With Shocking Details

Resonance Capital Scam -Review With Shocking Details

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Resonance Capital is a ponzi scheme asset management company where investors are supposed to deposit money so that they can make a monthly profit of up to 24.8%.

And by the way, the least return on investment is 13% per month. Apparently, Resonance Capital does not have a clause on whether or not profits are guaranteed.

As an investor, this company only makes you believe that the 13% return on investment is a guarantee, and that sometimes it can go up to 24%.

So, how does this website invest this money? Apparently, the website says that funds are pooled together and then invested in the Forex market.

Is there any form of documentation or evidence that your money will be invested in the Forex market? Well, we haven’t found any evidence yet.

On a side note, the alleged return on investment is extremely high. We are not satisfied with the projected return on investment since Resonance Capital does not provide evidence of ever making a nickel from the Forex market.

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Thanks for reading this review because it shows your concern with this company. We will give you facts in black and white:

Resonance Capital scam: things to note

On the website of Resonance Capital, you will find claims that this company is owned by the parent company, Resonance Capital Group LP.

resonance capital forex scam

Of course we had to investigate these claims to ascertain whether or not there was truth in them.

The first thing we discovered was that Resonance Capital Group LP is a suspicious entity. There is a lot of mystery as well as red flags that surround this company.

As much as this company (whose status cannot be verified as a company or just a website) offers investment services to the masses, it is not regulated anywhere.

Do not believe the Vanuatu Financial License. I just discovered that this was outright forgery. The documentation is questionable since this website is not very transparent when it comes to the legal side of things.

So, how exactly did we find out that Resonance Capital was using a forged license?

We run a background check on the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission register and found that Resonance Capital was not anywhere in the list or regulated companies which offer financial or investment services within the region.

resonance capital fake certificate

It also appears that Resonance Capital has operations in the UK.

Most, if not all jurisdictions in the UK have some sort of regulation which guide how investment companies in the region conduct business.

I just discovered that Resonance Capital is not registered here as well.

So, do we believe the allegations that this company is incorporated in Scotland when registration details are lacking?

The Financial Services Register does not recognize any company in the name of Resonance Capital.

The same applies to their authorization to deal in investment services. This company is not authorized to pool funds from investors with the intention of investing it in Forex.

This kind of thing is commonly practiced by Ponzi schemes which masquerade as legit portfolio management services when in fact they are just a ponzi scheme.

Strong evidence suggests that this company is a fly-by-night entity that will collapse sooner than later.

Your funds are not secure with this company because they don’t use segregated or PAMM accounts either.

Secondly, members don’t sign any documentation that guarantees that their funds will be safe with this company.

Essentially, nothing assures or prevents this scheme from stealing your money.

What this website really is

Resonance Capital is nothing more than a website that engages in illegal portfolio management activities.

There is no saying that your funds will be invested in the Forex market when you don’t have any form of documentation or evidence that indeed these funds are being invested in the FX market.

At least you’d be wise to ask for broker statements which show how your money is being traded. The problem here is that a rogue entity like Resonance Capital will cheat you with broker statements that don’t represent their trading activities. These can be forged as well.

Also, when you come across a portfolio management service that promises to double or triple your investments in less than a year, you should question their motive because quick riches are only a pipe dream.

We’ve never seen an investment service that returns 13-24% per month on investments. This is too high and unrealistic. Moreover, these statements come from a company whose registration details are not known.

It is therefore safe to keep your money or take matters in your own hands by investing it in one of these Forex trading solutions.

You should know that this is a typical ponzi scheme (going by what we have discovered). No investment activities are going on behind the scenes.

The website is accepting deposits in form of investment packages that customers are required to purchase on the website.

On the other hand, payouts are made from the same deposits which the owner of this ponzi scheme receives.

That is the reason why their projected return on investment is so high. That money is not traded in the Forex market.

Moreover, the owner gets to keep the lion’s share after splitting that money among investors, but not in the amount of their initial investments.

For example, if you put in $5,000, Resonance Capital will pay you 13-24% of that amount in the first month. They keep the rest.

This can go on for a few months to allow you time to recruit friends and family members since more emphasis is put on recruiting people than trading the Forex market.

So the rest of the funds remain with the owner of Resonance Capital. He can put them under his mattress and only deduct a small amount of that money for payout purposes.

Of course this will not continue for long. They might decide to take down that site any time they wish to. But this is probably not a plausible way of running a ponzi scheme because it denies them the opportunity to get more people joining them, oblivious of the fact that 80% of their principle capital will sink in the ponzi scheme. At the end of the day, the owner gets to keep the funds altogether.

Also, the promised return on investment is just an encouragement to get more people knocking their doors. Owners of such companies are known to speed up the collapse process so that they can take all funds with them.

And since an entity like Resonance Capital is not registered or regulated, they do have the freedom to do whatever they like with your funds.

Our best advice for you

They lie about their licensing to create an impression that Resonance Capital is a legitimate portfolio management company.

Who gives them the mandate or authority to do this business on the internet? Of course the fake licensing details are supposed to serve this purpose.

You see, if you want to trade Forex successfully, you should avoid websites that claim that they will trade your money for you.

Unless there is some kind of documentation in addition to a solid track record which shows the capability of that fund manager in making profits for its customers, chances are that you will lose your money in the process.

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  1. Hi, Warren
    can you please do some research on Gainmax Capital Limited and make a review? It’s a company from UK. I’d realy like to know what do you think about the company. Thanks in advance.

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