Retailed Profits Scam: Spot-on Review on This Extremely Deceptive App

Retailed Profits Scam: Spot-on Review on This Extremely Deceptive App

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We need to set the record straight before some traders fall for the sweet lies propagated by the Retailed Profits website. These are white lies, hence they are unbelievable.

The first manipulation tactic that Retailed Profits uses on their website is the promise that their system generates 5,000USD or more in profits.

However, the landing page seems to be promising even more. The writer actually starts you off by questioning you whether you’d like to have financial freedom, get rich or at least be a well-off person.

He then proceeds to make a number of ridiculous statements such as being able to buy your next expensive car even without looking at the price tag, thanks to the riches that Retailed Profits binary options software is giving you round the clock.

These misconceptions have to come to an end. If you really want to trade binary options like professionals do, you have to say no to systems which depend on hype to market their products.

You have to use systems that have been found to be extremely reliable, and are not using hype and manipulation tactics to promise you wealth overnight.

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Are we together? Good, we can proceed with this expose of what Retailed Profits system really is.

The Ultimate Retailed Profits Review: Why we don’t like this system

Notice their aggressive nature when promoting this system. As soon as you land on the website, a pop up box appears, trying to entice you to sign up so that you can make your first profits 10 minutes from then.

Try scrolling or moving the mouse in any direction and the box will coarse you to sign up.

They also claim that time is running out (because the page is, in itself a time-sensitive offer), which is why you need to sign up immediately.

When we read the fine print on the footer of the website, we realize that we were supposed to arrive on that page through an invitation as no one gets to that secret page without being directed by someone else.

So, if this is the case, why did we find it easily even without any reference or directions? Why were they begging us to sign up immediately? One wonders.

Besides, we are also wondering why on earth all the hurry? Can’t they give us some space to breath and reason out before making our next move?

First of all, we don’t love subscribing to systems that market themselves with unrealistic possibilities. Telling us that Retailed Profits has a win rate of 92% and that it will make up to $5k a week is like trying to brainwash us with empty dreams. has failed it its presentation. Their statements are based on allegations more than facts.

By no means should you be fooled into thinking that Retailed Profits is a complex algorithm with cutting-edge technology that studies and delivers profits straight from the markets.

No need to use the words ”sophisticated algorithms” because this phrase is often used by those who sound vague when they don’t know how else to explain their products.

See, no facts or evidence was presented to convince us that Retailed Profits was good at predicting market changes and trends.

Those are merely allegations, and words are like hot air. If someone is selling a financial or investment product/service, they have to come up with real evidence that their product works.

Otherwise, if they beat around the bush with vague terms, they risk being labeled a scam.

Who’s behind Retailed Profits software?

Too bad, we have no idea who is the owner of this software. They only claim that they discovered a secret to trading binary options profitably.

They are actually intending to give us their secret strategy because they want us to lead the lifestyle which they are living.

On the other hand, important details like actual names, physical locations and contact information is left out.

This is a pattern that is often followed by fraudsters who fear revealing their information because they risk being arrested.

In the video, we are introduced to a cartoon named Simon Moore. This narrative claims that Simon started his trading career and is very successful nowadays.

We are only supposed to trust him that he will make us rich by letting us obtain his software for free?

However, while we watched all this, we scratched our heads when thinking how difficult it was to trust a presentation like this.

A cartoon involved? That’s taking the joke a little bit far.

The presentation can only be described as pathetic and unprofessional. How else are we supposed to take an animated video with descriptive texts, rhetoric questions and cartoon images for promotional purposes?

Mr. Moore, according to these jokers, is a cartoon investor. So traders like us are supposed to trust him with real money.

The joke is taken too far because in that website, another photo is used which we already disqualified as fake long ago.

The photos which you’re seeing on this site are not real. The person called Simon is actually a stock photo from a website called DreamsTime.

Scammers stole or purchased his photos for purposes of pushing their agenda. But in the real sense, the owner of Retailed Profits is just a faceless coward.

Reviews are fake as well

When 95% of a website is made up of fake content, you instinctively expect testimonials to be fake as well.

Because Retailed Profits have been lying to us all this while, phony reviews had to suit their purpose really well.

It was therefore expedient that they source these reviews from equally phony actors who have no qualms receiving money in exchange for lies.

We’ve recognized a few faces on the video. These faces are nearly a menace because we’ve seen them promoting other scams before.

actor retailed profits
Very famous actor who has promoted multiple failing robots

While using actors and models doesn’t necessarily mean that a product is flawed, the problem is with the reputation of those individuals.

Suppose you keep seeing the same faces promoting fraudulent apps on the internet, will you still trust them when they tell you how Retailed Profits is profitable? No way.

Our Best Advice for You

This website has compiled false statements, promises and advice to intentionally deceive.

Thankfully, we basted them in the act, and no one can say that this website is not manipulating its visitors to sign up to something that is obviously a fraud.

Mr. Moore advises that you should in fact deposit a minimum of $1,000 into your trading account because $250 won’t make you fast profits.

But the reality is that if this thing has a win rate of 92%, you should be able to make a substantial amount of profit no matter how much you start with.

Think of this fact: if we are trading with a system that has 92% win rate, then it means we are winning at least 9 out of 10 trades.

If we place 10 trades in any given day, we should be able to make good profits even if we started trading with as little as $100.

The bottom line is that Retailed Profits software is being peddled by investment hustlers who know nothing about trading binary options.

Trusting such people is a dangerous game as it could see you losing your entire life savings. Just stick to the systems which we recommend here instead.

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