Review: Digital Formula By Neil Carter Scam Warning

Review: Digital Formula By Neil Carter Scam Warning

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The Digital Formula ( is a website that is promising investors tons of money from Crypto trading. But is this a trustworthy system or yet another scam? The person behind it claims that his name is Neil Carter. That is quite debatable because even when you search his name on the internet for details like where he has traded, his experience in the Forex and Crypto marketplace etc, nothing comes up.

Besides, there are many people who are now claiming to possess great trading systems that make tons of money. However, the reality is that there is no one system that can make fast money. Even when they claim that they have identified a loophole which they are exploiting to make tons of cash in the Cryptocurrency marketplace, you shouldn’t believe them. We believe that this type of deceptive information is feeding into the minds of naive traders who believe in the existence of a secret magic trading system.

digital formula review

If you just landed on the Digital Formula website and are wondering whether this system can be trusted, you need to read this review because we are going to explain something important. We will also give you solutions where there is need to.

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Digital Formula review – what is it?

This is a trading system allegedly created by a guy called Neil Carter who discovered a loophole in the Crypto trading marketplace. He is allegedly exploiting that loophole to make thousands of dollars really fast. He then goes ahead to give us a couple of examples of how the price of Bitcoin and other Cryptos were rising in 2017 but does not talk about how the price has been behaving in 2018.

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The fact of the matter is that the price of Cryptocurrencies has been dropping this year and recently stabilizing. Those who invest in Cryptocurrencies can’t make thousands of dollars now because even in 2017 when price was rising, nobody was making thousands of dollars like this website claims. Moreover, if you are to trade them on any platform that allows buying and selling depending on the direction of the price, you’d still make profits or losses for that matter. Trading of Crypto currencies and making money in this way does not depend on what happens to the price of Cryptos. So the talk of how the price of Cryptos increased last year is quite irrelevant.

This guy goes ahead to give us examples of what we could earn had we bought Crypto currencies back then. The fact of the matter is that this information is based on hindsight, and if Neil was that good, he would have acted on that information back them. He would not be begging you to sign up today because there would be no need to.

Most of the time, these hindsight gurus are fake. They are just con artists who are looking to fool you by telling you that you could be a millionaire today if you invested in Bitcoin 5 years ago. Everyone knows that, and these fake trading gurus are also not telling you anything new. The question you should ask the owner of Digital Formula is why exactly they are not keeping this system to themselves if it’s that profitable. Why are they insisting on helping you?

Digital Formula testimonials

We know the tricks employed by these scammers. They love to use fake testimonials to try ”proving” that their products work. Digital Formula is a classic example of a scam that uses fake video testimonials to fool its audience.

We have done so many reviews before, and we can tell that a system is lying to us by just looking at it. On top of that, we have even began recognizing the people who participate in these fake testimonials. Their faces are so much obvious because they have appeared on several other sales videos which we have reviewed here before.

These fake testimonials are directly coming from actors who have been hired to talk about what they do not know since they have never used Digital Formula. It isn’t their fault. They are only doing their job. It is the fault of the scammer who hires them.

Digital Formula and such like systems never give much upfront information about themselves because there is usually no effective system behind the operation. Even when you sign up into the so called members area, you will find recycled videos or YouTube videos which can be freely found on the internet. So this systems is not to be trusted since it fails to convince us that it is a viable trading system.

Is Digital Formula a scam?

Of course it is. It’s a scam because they are selling traders what does not deliver according to the promises made on the pitch video.

Furthermore, the scam is selling for $17. Do you honestly think that a system that makes thousands of dollars every week can sell for $17 only? This is not a realistic thing. You cannot trust a system whose owner makes big claims and sells for peanuts.

Moreover, you can never trust such products because they usually have so many upsells along the way. So you will end up spending more and getting scammed anyway.

The system is promising 2K every day. This is a high and unrealistic return which no trader out there is making. You should know that such dreams are not real. This is the kind of message that appeals to traders who think that magic trading systems exist out there.

Our best advice for you

It is quite obvious that Digital Formula is a scam that intends to sell to many victims as quickly as possible. Beside the cost of the product, it will ruin your account as well because you will be losing your account balance. Keep that in mind. As it currently stands, we don’t believe anyone can make money with the Digital Formula. The promises are so unrealistic.If you want to make money, use these Crypto robots.

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