Rewfeed Review: Does Make $1,492 Per Day Or is It Scam?

Rewfeed Review: Does Make $1,492 Per Day Or is It Scam?

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In the upcoming days, we may start to see a lot of reviews promoting a system called RewFeed or Revvfeed.

The question has always been short and precise: if it’s good, why are they giving it out for free and even offering to give away $250 from their own pockets?

The main selling point here is that Rewfeed will offer you an investment capital of $250 free of charge. However, this money must be returned as soon as you make your first 10K in profits.

As absurd as this may sound, it is the real nonsense that Rewfeed website is propagating — as if the owner of this website is so rich that all he needs to do is help traders find success by paying them first in order to trade binary options with his system.

The owner of Rewfeed is creating false confidence with his sales tactics.

And we promise you that it’s just a matter of time before that product will be re-branded into something else due to the damaging reputation it has built for itself over time.

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The owner claims that Rewfeed is a “social media analyzer” that scans social media to determine which stocks will go up and which ones will plummet.

This idea is simple in theory. However, making money with binary options is not easy in the real sense.

It takes more than scanning social media pages to analyze the market and to come up with a more concrete perception as to where the next signal might come from.

Overview of Rewfeed

The things which disqualified this software from the word go

These guys are bold in a primitive way. Remember that the presenter of Rewfeed claimed that Danish billionaire Christian Stadil invested on this software.

But when asked if this was true, the billionaire flat-out denied the claim.

If this is not evidence that we are dealing with a scam, then we don’t know how else to put it because proof is already out there.

It appears that someone asked these guys to use their hands when explaining things. Apparently, it makes them appear more ”genuine” as they continue peddling one lie after the other.

Claims of Stadil’s investments into this program is not the only lie that these crooks have told on the Rewfeed website to get your attention.

Realize that they’ve mentioned Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

They support these claims with fabricated screenshots of CNN Money website.

However, a careful scrutiny of those screenshots only reveal that those details were not published on the CNN money website but a copy-cat website that is built to mimic the actual news website.

If you consider checking the domain very carefully, ugly things will start to unveil themselves.

The pictures of these 2 billionaires sound very convincing on the ”CNN” website.

rewfeed revvfeed reviews

The domain even looks like that of CNN when it’s not. You will realize this on close inspection of the website.

revvfeed scam

With all these lies, one may think that they’ve finally hit a jackpot by simply finding Rewfeed.

They may be fooled into thinking that Rewfeed will make them $1,492.

After all, the website is designed for this very purpose which is to try convincing gullible investors with things that are untrue.

This prompted us to sign up (with a fake email address because we don’t want spamming) just to see what would happen next.

What came next was jaw-dropping. All of a sudden, we didn’t have $250 for free.

In order to get this $250, we were informed of the fact that we were to invite 10 more people into the system using a special Rewfeed link.

The number of people who have actually tried marketing that ”referral link” on social media is big — because, apparently, the number of people who want ”free” $250 is also big.

It only makes sense for them to follow those instructions for purposes of getting free money.

Nevertheless, you realize at this point that the website is trying to push hard for your deposit of $250.

However, before they put more focus on this work, the website will show you a ”demo link” which you’re supposed to click just to see how much money you’d have made if you invested $250 on Rewfeed software.

This will obviously sound like a passing opportunity, thus it will create the urge to explore deeper and even consider funding your account with the said amount.

But as soon as you click on the deposit link (remember the story has now changed to ”pay the $250, no free money”), you will be redirected to another website with a different domain name.

This website will demand that you key in your credit card details so that you can fund your account with $250.

rewfeed, revvfeed scam

Now, stop before you waste your money. This is not a good idea.

So, is Rewfeed a scam or not?

We obviously ended our testing phase here and decided to write a review warning people not to fall for this game.

Also, a look at the domain on a website like Scam Adviser will tell you what you need to hear about this app.

It actually confirmed our fears with regards to this software.

First of all, the domain is very new and the server claims to be based in California while finer details of the exact location are hidden.

We also figured that there were several other websites that were being hosted from the same server.

Guess what, all those websites didn’t look serious either. Here is a full report on Rewfeed.

False testimonials

We’d like to know whether the people appearing on this video are the real scammers or paid actors who were bribed to tell lies.

Our bet is on the second assumption. These guys were hired from some website which claims to offer voice over acting for anyone who wants a sales pitch to be done for them.

rewfeed, revvfeed review

We even tried making use of Google Reverse image to see how things would turn out. Those images were nowhere to be seen.

Technical details of the scam website

If you are technical in nature, you may want to look into these details instead.

We have an image showing the exact certification that this website is operating from.

rewfeed, revvfeed

The image above shows that this site was issued with a security certificate to depict that it is a secure website.

Comodo and Cloud Flare is free to terminate this certification in order to prevent this scam from spreading further like wildfire.

Our best advice for you

This website cannot be trusted. Unless you want to lose money, there is generally no need to pay attention to them.

Before you fall for the tricks which are propagated by such kinds of websites, you need to conduct a thorough research on the domain to validate it first.

This is the best thing you can do for yourself because these sites are also prone to stealing user information which isn’t limited to your banking information.

Currently, this scam has two names Rewfeed and Rewfeed. We don’t understand why they are misspelling the name of the site or program.

But we highly suspect that this was intentional to confuse traders.

On the same note, those who want to trade binary options can use this list of trading robots and signal services instead.

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  1. Please listen to this article! Don’t throw away your hard earned money to this scam. I learned the hard way that Rewfeed is nothing but a lie. All of their claims are completely false! I’m thankful this article calls them out on faking these screenshots because it’s true!!!

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