Rich Lazy Trader Review: Scam or Profitable Indicator?

Rich Lazy Trader Review: Scam or Profitable Indicator?

Rich Lazy Trader ( review is complete after a lot of complaints were spotted on trading platforms. It is another indicator that trades with Dow, Gold, Oil, and Platinum. The vendor also alleges to trade Forex pairs, although they fail to give complete details. After receiving chatter from trading forums, we decided to investigate the platform. What we found out is shocking beyond words. John Campbell is the name posted as the proprietor of this indicator. Find out more in this detailed post.

Rich Lazy Trader Review

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About Rich Lazy Trader

The homepage is more of a sales page and is poorly designed. From first glance, one can spot the greed at which the developer is selling the platform. With such a sales page, it’s no wonder that there are more complaints that happy clients. John and his team did a shoddy job with the design of their platform. Even with their earlier version, the only thing that changed is the background images. With the new version, the developer has posted photos of different currencies.

Rich Lazy Trader is another indicator that has caused problems in the online trading world. The vendor is anonymous, and there is little information on him. And this poses an issue to users who want to get refunds. Some users bought the robot and planned to use it. For one reason or the other, they decided not to use the manual indicator. When they filed for a chargeback, the vendor ignored their plea. And this is the norm most users are facing with the vendor. Even after making a profit with the indicator, there is no way of withdrawing funds.

Assets covered by the indicator

As explained above, the indicator claims to work with Dow Jones, forex pairs, gold, oil, and platinum. It is the only information presented to visitors on their sales page. The vendor should do more in explaining the instruments used for trading. John claims that this is a manual trading system, which means it is for expert traders. He also states that there is no need for VPS services as the indicator uses a low-risk system. With a call to trade just five minutes per day, the indicator promises 80 percent ROI. The vendor makes a bold claim of a 95 percent success rate every month!

Business owner

John Campbell is the name posted as the owner of this indicator. We have tried to check with most traders and vendors about his background. With no information on him, we have to assume this is a fictional character. The name John Campbell is not associated with any social media handle with the product attachment. And this points to a vendor who wants to remain behind the curtain. These are scam artists who have sales page, but they just want to entice naïve investors to sign up.

Comments from users

There have been varying comments in regards to how the indicator works. For those who bought the platform, most are disappointed. Those who are affiliate members; they praise the platform’s capabilities. And this is where users have to sort out the truth from lies. One thing’s for sure with this robot, and there is no way newbies will be able to succeed with the indicator. Another problem facing users is the manual aspect of trading. Most traders, even experienced ones, prefer automated trading. Manual trading is now a thing of the past.

Domain tools checker revelation

A closer look at the domain checker reveals some damning information on the platform. What looks like a legit trading platform is nothing but a site with a long history of scamming users. The site went live on 16th September 2010, and they have their servers located in Utah. What is shocking with the website is the constant changes in their IP address. There have been over 12 changes on their IP for the last 15 years. Once you do the math, it means the site was used earlier to sell other products under a different name. And this shows that the vendor will likely close down shop once they have their fill.

Features of Rich Lazy Trader

Rich Lazy Trader Features

According to their homepage, the platform is now averaging 100 percent of profits per month. The vendor has listed the ROI for February to June. Being careful not to post the timestamp, we are sure that these are professional scam artists. There is no bot on earth or an experienced trader that can achieve such a high-profit margin. If the robot were making such crazy returns, only big corporates would be able to afford it. The vendor does a terrible job by trying to oversell the capabilities of the indicator.

License and Registration of Rich Lazy Trader

Regulators do not yet regulate rich Lazy Trader in the United States. We checked with the CFTC and NFA to confirm their compliance status. It turns out that none of the regulators have such a platform licensed under this name. And this means that the vendor fails to follow industry regulations when offering their services. Anyone who deposits funds with the platform faces a significant hurdle. There is no way the vendor can cover insurance for the deposits made.

And this is why investors need to use reputable trading products that comply with rules. Without any valid credentials, the risks involved with this indicator are way too high. He does not reveal his status to investors, which is a huge problem. The vendor must disclose his license. There is no mention of the platform being under any waiting list for a permit. The safety of funds is not guaranteed by such a vendor, which is a huge problem. Stay away from this robot or else face the risk of losing your entire deposit.

Pros and Cons of Rich Lazy Trader

Available packages

Rich Lazy Trader is furnishing users with other products apart from this indicator. The other products include Crypto Rocket, FX2 Fund, and PsyTrade. When it comes to trading with the indicator, the vendor claims $1,000 is the best starting price. For those who want to trade with Crypto, his other scam platform is Crypto Rocket. Account managed fund is FX2 Fund, which as a guaranteed ROI of 20 percent per month. He claims that all these systems are simple and easy to use. We highly doubt as there is no evidence to support the success of any of his other products.

Contact and support

When it comes to contacting the vendor, there are a lot of issues with it. John Campbell does not post any contact details. The sales page has an about us and contact tab, which doesn’t work. Once you click on it, the user is directed to an empty page that reads ‘Not Acceptable.’ Any serious vendor will ensure that their contact page is ever working. The reason why the vendor chooses not to update his contacts is easy. John does not want to be tracked down by authorities.

Results and trading performance Rich Lazy Trader

Rich Lazy Trader Trading Charts

The vendor has a table that he claims shows how well the platform works. Unless they are presenting their results on a third-party platform, we won’t accept his version. Platforms such as FX Blue and myfxbook are where vendors post their actual results. With these platforms, one can thoroughly verify the performance of each program. Without these robots, it is clear we are dealing with a rogue trading platform.

Scam or Legit Rich Lazy Trader

Rich Lazy Trader is a scam that is waiting to pounce on naïve investors. We hope that this review will open eyes when it comes to any of John Campbell’s products. Stay away from his indicator and other products as they are just a scam. The vendor is in the business of destroying the chances of traders succeeding with online trading.

Our recommendation

We won’t be recommending an indicator that is a straight scam.

Use expert-recommended robots for safe trading experience. These robots offer a comfortable trading experience as they protect your investments. It is what successful traders have been using to leap in the online trading world.

Our entire team wishes every trader a successful trading experience. Use the recommended products for a profitable trading session.

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  1. This review is many years out of date and also incorrect! There has always been a contact address on the website. The product has also made a profit every month for the past 10 years!

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