RJGM Power Team Review: is a Traditional Crypto MLM Company

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RJGM Power Team Review: is a Traditional Crypto MLM Company

RJGM Power Team is a conventional Bitcoin gifting scheme. claims to have many members that can help the users make a large number of profits. However, there are numerous suspicious things about this company that will be discussed in detail in this article. Keep reading to learn every important aspect of this crypto gifting platform and make your mind about whether to invest in it.

Overview of RJGM Power Team

According to, the company started like any other BTC matrix company in a controlled environment. With the passage of time, the company grew to become a large-scale crypto business. The motivation behind the establishment of the RJGM Power Team is to give complete financial freedom to its members. The site states that it is aiming to allow everyone to make money online through the crypto industry.

The company promotes itself as a modern Bitcoin gift scheme that allows members to generate 14 Bitcoins by investing only at least 0.002 BTC. It undoubtedly seems like a very attractive and profitable business. However, you should also remember that it is highly unlikely that you will be able to generate this kind of massive profits from this company.

RJGM Power Team also states that it different from any other bitcoin gifting company because the company is trying to benefit its every member and not just the owner of the company. However, this kind of marketing of the company as a platform for everyone is not necessarily true. The company’s business structure is clearly designed to benefit the owners in every way possible.

Moreover, this is not the first that this company emerged. In fact, it has been trying to enter the crypto industry for a long time now. The team behind this company is involved in several other crypto scams as well.

Working of RJGM Power Team

RJGM Power Team claims that all you have to do is join the company and promote this business through the team link to earn BTC. It claims that such a strong partnership will make you as well as the company unstoppable in terms of making profits and achieving financial freedom.

RJGM Power Team

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The website also states that you will be invited to an exclusive Facebook group once your register at and submit your fee of at least 0.002. You can conduct Skype chat with the team as well. Moreover, the website provides information about the company on its website news page. An investment of at least 0.002 is necessary to become a member of the company.

The entire business model of the company revolved around recruiting members and gifting Bitcoins to each other. Since it does not have an external revenue source, the company is likely to collapse when recruitment stops.

Owners and History

The founders and co-founders of are Shual Thomas, Lee Woodsum, Janice Lee, and Gary Phillips. The company owners’ work history shows that they have faced several failures in the crypto and MLM industry. Moreover, the history of the RJGM Power Team consists of a great number of failures as well. It has been running since 2017 and has relaunched several times during this period.

In July 2017, the company launched with the name of RJGM Power Build. However, within a few months, the website closed down. Shortly afterward, the company’s name was changed to RJGM Power Team, and the same domain was used for this platform. Minor changes are made within the company, but it is evident that the company is trying to innovate itself to attract more members and get maximum investment.

Furthermore, Janice Lee has been associated with a number of other crypto scam companies like BitComet, JetCoin, and Ethereum Project. Similarly, Gary Phillips was promoting JetCoin a few months back. It shows that the founders and co-founders of the company work together like a team and offer numerous crypto industry schemes. Most, if not all, of these companies are a scam.

It is quite evident that RJGM Power Team is a company that has failed in its mission and vision several times before. The only purpose of keep reviving it is to attract more people and get their investment. However, you should beware of investing in this gifting crypto company. If you do not want to lose your money, then avoid this company. Instead, you should consider using the crypto trading bots. These bots are easy-to-use for both the beginners and expert crypto traders. Hence, you can earn a good amount of profits from these crypto trading bots.

Income Structure promises bonuses to the members through a 2×5 matrix. An affiliate is at the top of the matrix, while there are two positions under the affiliate. As the levels of the matrix keep increasing, the number of positions also increases. The second level has a total of four positions. A similar pattern is followed from level three to level 4.

Whenever an affiliate fills a position, i.e., recruits a new member, the member has to pay at least 0.002 BTC to the affiliate at the top of the matrix. In this way, an affiliate can generate profits from all the positions he fills on different matrix levels.

The affiliates also have to gift bitcoins from levels two to five to generate BTC profits. The company encourages you to hire as many people as you can so you can make maximum profits. However, the following packages show that the company does not have any other source of revenue. The only way through which RJGM Power Team is generating income is by hiring members and making them gift BTC to each other. Such kind of business model is not sustainable. provides the following information about the compensation structure:

  • The level 1 affiliates have to gift 0.002 to the members who recruit them. Similarly, the affiliates will receive 0.002 BTC from the two members that they recruit.
  • The level 2 affiliates have to gift 0.003 to the members who recruit them. Similarly, the affiliates will receive 0.003 BTC from the four members that they recruit.
  • The level 3 affiliates have to gift 0.01 to the members who recruit them. Similarly, the affiliates will receive 0.01 BTC from the eight members that they recruit.
  • The level 4 affiliates have to gift 0.05 to the members who recruit them. Similarly, the affiliates will receive 0.05 BTC from the sixteen members that they recruit.
  • The level 5 affiliates have to gift 0.5 to the members who recruit them. Similarly, the affiliates will receive 0.5 BTC from the thirty-two members that they recruit.

Final Verdict About RJGM Power Team

The compensation structure of the RJGM Power Team makes it evident that it is not an ideal company for investment. It has very limited income opportunities. It does not have any external source of revenue in the crypto industry. Furthermore, the company does not all refunds once you have submitted the BTC as a joining fee. You will have no guarantee of earning the profits, and there is a high chance that you will lose your investment.

You should not invest in because it is like any other gifting company that will ultimately collapse due to a lack of recruitment. Instead, you should consider investing your money in crypto trading bots. Such bots are much more reliable, efficient, and trustworthy than gifting MLM companies like RJGM Power Team. You can trust these crypto bots to trade as per your own trading preferences and earn maximum profits via crypto trading.

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