RMS Real Mining Solutions Scam: Review With Proof!

RMS Real Mining Solutions Scam: Review With Proof!

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This review focuses on a company known as RMS Business Services Limited. This company has different variations of its name as it is sometimes called Real Mining Solutions or Reminsol ( As you can see, it does not even have a specific name yet.

So far, we have discovered some disturbing facts about this Bitcoin mining program. Yes, this is yet another Bitcoin mining scam which we don’t think you should be part of.

Real Mining Solutions is a cryptocurrency mining company with crazy income potential. Once you buy hash power, you are supposed to get paid every day because the company mines on your behalf and hands over the profits to you. Your part is to sit down and wait for money to roll into your bank account.

Real Mining Solutions or Reminsol review

Like Aurora Mine or Bitconnect, this company claims to have the newest and most advanced technology to facilitate their mining operations in the international Bitcoin investment market.

On top of this, they claim that Real Mining Solutions is a company as opposed to just a website owned by one individual.

They claim that RMS Real Mining Solutions or Reminsol is owned by a team of professionals, entrepreneurs, network marketers and programmers who have come together to launch a simple business model around a very complex business idea.

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They also claim that their doors are now open to the public and that anyone can join Real Mining Solutions to take advantage of their Bitcoin mining solutions and other related services. With this opportunity, you are supposed to earn passive income.

You just sign up for a Real Mining Solutions account, then buy hash power and begin collecting your profits automatically.

Where does this profit come from? Apparently, Real Mining Solutions is just like any other mining pool except that they allow members to purchase shares in the hardware and get paid for sharing it.

This way, members are supposed to earn shares out the Bitcoin that get mined in the pool on a daily basis.

This is facilitated by ‘nice incentives’ which the company offers miners who are willing to join their pool.

In layman’s language, this is to say that Real Mining Solutions or Reminsol is offering a referral-based system where members purchase ”shares” of the mining hardware so that they can earn commissions out of their efforts.

Finally, RMS Real Mining Solutions claims that they are located in Iceland, and that they are using a mining pool known as BitClubMiningPool. 

If you want to contribute to the mining pool, you can visit this facility so long as you have met certain minimum qualifications.

reminsol bit club mining pool facility

We are already doubting this claim because most legitimate Bitcoin mining companies don’t allow members of the public to conduct such a visit to their facilities. This is due to security reasons. It is always in their best interest to keep these locations secret to avoid potential losses which could arise from vandalism and other causes.

That aside, we have always shunned the idea of a business model that tries to include a referral-based system into the equation.

When we look at the description of what Real Mining Solutions is offering, we see an attempt to coin the phrase ‘referral-based system’ with the words crowd funding.

There is no way this company can built a successful Bitcoin mining operation if it is making money through an affiliate payment structure.

However, to circumvent this issue, Reminsol claims that they actually offer two types of services. One, you have to purchase hash power so that they can mine Bitcoin on your behalf. Profits can be delivered into your wallet in the first 24 hours.

Two, the company claims that they are offering an affiliate payment structure where members can leverage their income by involving others too. This is what we hate most about this program because funding generally depends on new members joining through the so-called hash power purchases.

RMS Limited is basically selling a nonsensical business idea. A lot of things will go wrong the moment you hand over your money to them.

About the owners of RMS Real Mining Solutions

First of all, let us say that this company is full of excuses. We do not know who owns it. And as you can see, this company claims that it is not owned by one person, and that a real team of professionals is behind its operation.

But these professionals have not been introduced. Instead, when you visit their ”about us” page, you will only find writings that don’t do much in explaining who these guys are. In short, their identities are secret, and that’s a red flag.

office of the RMS Real Mining Solutions

On the ”about us” page of this website, we have a picture of their supposed location. Apparently, that picture is a stock photo and does not represent the actual location of this business. It is possible that this business doesn’t have a physical location to start with. RMS Real Mining Solutions is possibly an internet business being operated by a one-man army.

Unrealistic earning claims

First of all, let us use some common sense here. RMS Real Mining Solutions claims that they are giving a daily return on investment of 1.57%. This means that they will be giving you a monthly ROI of 47.1% and a yearly ROI of over 500%.

The truth is that these numbers are impossible to achieve in any legal or legitimate business out there. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking of crypto-currencies or any other business. It is impossible to achieve that kind of return on investment.

The hash rate is fictitious too

RMS Real Mining Solutions claims that they have a hash rate of 7877 PH/s. This is equal 7.877 EH/s, which would make it the most powerful mining pool in the world — if these numbers are anything to go by.

unrealistic hash power of RMS Real Mining Solutions

In the above picture, we have records of the most powerful mining pools on the internet. The numbers that RMS Real Mining Solutions are giving us are far from coming close in comparison to the realistic figures published by

Therefore, the hash rate that RMS Real Mining Solutions are giving us are fictitious.

Unrealistic prices

RMS Real Mining Solutions is not done with this nonsense yet. See, they claim that they are offering mining power of 25k GH/s for the price of $2,000.

The truth is that such mining power could cost a lot in the real world. But if anyone could afford it, then the profits that are promised by RMS Real Mining Solutions would be realistic.

In fact, if we compare these figures with those of Genesis mining (which is one of the few genuine companies doing this business on the web), we will see that Genesis is promising 100 MH/s for $2,799.

Now, RMS’ 25,000 GH/s is equal to 25,000,000 MH/s. When you divide 25,000,000 by 100, you get 250,000. This would mean that RMS Real Mining Solutions is selling Mining Power that is 250,000 times cheaper than Genesis Mining. Of course this is too good to be true.

Our best advice for you

Do not believe this nonsense that is being peddled around by scams like Reminsol/RMS Real Mining Solutions. Yes, Bitcoin mining/trading is profitable. But you have to be realistic in the approach you use. For now, please use these trading products to make money. Forget this scam.

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3 Replies to “RMS Real Mining Solutions Scam: Review With Proof!”

  1. they are claiming bitclub? oh common, you can join bitclub directly not to them, they are the real mining, you will have your own equipment,$500 worth of equipment that will possible mined 1 btc a year or 3500$ for about 3 btc a year, check out from blockchain and even in iceland

  2. Any information on bitclub advantage 3 and bitworld center. Hope to count on your cooperation. Wanna know if they are legit or scam

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