Roboforex Online Review: It’s a Scam

Roboforex Online Review: It’s a Scam

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RoboForex Online is a company that is being operated anonymously. The platform fails to disclose its founder, but they expect us to believe it has the best trading system in the market.

Over the years, we have seen various developers designing a top-notch system that help investors to trade with ease. However, multiple scammers promise enticing deals to traders only to end up stealing from them.

RoboForex Online is one of that fraudulent software that you should keep off. The platform cannot hire professional copywriters to present their information most professionally. During our research, we identified grammatical errors on their website.

It shows a lack of seriousness, and the person who develops this company was in haste to get money from investors. The platform is also using the marketing strategy of claiming they are only four copies of the software that are available. They only want you to deposit funds without having any second thoughts.

RoboForex Online additional claims that it can generate profits around the clock without any interference. They promise that you will earn a profit ranging from 4% up to 10% daily. These results that they project are too high and unattainable.

It sells them off as a Ponzi scheme that will not be in the market for long. The first question that should come in your mind is whether these entities are operating legitimately. Even the competitors of this entity are not offering anything close to these profits.

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RoboForex Online Review. Platform

The company is imitating a legit Forex company with a similar name to confused investors. It is clear that RoboForex Online means no good, and they want to milk every penny from naive traders.

RoboForex Online Review

The platform is only making bold claims that they cannot verify. If you decide to invest with this entity, you will be testing the waters. The only thing that you are going to get is vast losses.

The information provided on their website is insufficient and of no use. The company is only bragging about how they are going to make you rich. However, there are multiple questions that they leave not answered. Whoever is responsible for running this entity lack adequate knowledge in the Forex trading niche.

They fail to disclose the strategy their trading software is using to generate these high returns. It is only logical for every trading system in the market to admit to their clients the currency pair they are trading, as well as the strategy the bot is incorporating.

Until this entity clarifies this matter, we would recommend that you use legit Forex trading software that is the best in the market. These platforms will generate a reasonable amount of funds without exposing you to multiple risks.

We can only find red flags with this system, and it is not a very appealing feature. We also wonder why the developer is operating anonymously. It is always good to know the people you are entrusting with your funds. Otherwise, you will only lose your money to scammers in the industry.

RoboForex Online requires traders to invest a minimal amount of 200000 dollars for them to enjoy their excellent software. It is much money, especially when you consider that they have not verified their trading results. There are better Forex trading entities in the market that charge less than this amount. Avoid investing blindly into this Ponzi scheme.

How Does RoboForex Online Works

A question that we cannot answer is how these trading bots operate. The fraudster behind this entity avail limited data on their website. The company does not have the popular mt4 trading platform, which is loved by multiples traders in the market.

The shady entity allegedly stated that expert traders handle investors’ money. However, we cannot find enough proof of this claim. They fail to show us the expert team they are talking about. We can therefore conclude that an individual scammer is running this Ponzi scheme.

You only need to follow simple steps for you to start earning colossal profits using this software. First, you need to select a plan that suits your need. Once you create the Investor account, which only takes a few seconds, you will choose an acceptable method of payment. From there, you will start receiving trading signals daily.

You can keep track of your account by checking on the dashboard as the record every transaction. RoboForex Online is accepting funds via Perfect Money, Payeer, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Light Coin.

The shady software is also allowing investors to promote them, and they will receive a commission of 5% for every new person they recruit. Therefore, you should not be amazed when you encounter promotional content from marketers that endorse the services of this Ponzi scheme.

Customer Support and Regulation

One of the characters that show you are dealing with scammers is a lack of office address. RoboForex Online is an entity that is determined to stay hidden from the public eye. The company does not disclose the country they are operating from.

Additionally, you cannot contact the support because they are no communication channel that has been established. A company that does not care about its customers is a scam entity. You will find legit platform availing multiple methods that you can contact the support team.

Furthermore, you will find several clients endorsing their services. They will leave feedback regarding the support. However, with the Ponzi scheme like RoboForex Online, you can expect the worst services. The company will steal your funds and act as if everything is all right.

The platform is also operating illegally. The company is not regulated by any financial watchdog in the market to carry out its investment venture. RoboForex Online will go against the law knowingly. They will not care about your fund safety, and the firm will unprofessionally behave if you try to raise questions.

RoboForex Online Legit or Scam?

RoboForex Online is a Ponzi scheme that is using a similar name with a reputable forex software in the market. They want to create confusion and destroy the PR of a legit entity. If you are not keen, you might end up losing funds to this shady venture.

There are multiple complaints online in regards to how this company is operating. They have managed to steal funds from several clients. The firm changes the password of investors without their permission. Additionally, customers are not able to cash out your funds once you deposit money in their system.

The company is doomed to fail, and eventually, they will be out of the market. To protect yourself, you need to be very cautious with any platform that guarantees ridiculous profits. RoboForex Online assure trader they will earn a daily gain of 10%.

It means that you will have 300% returns within a month. In the market, there is no existing software that can generate such an amount. Therefore, this is a clear red flag that you are dealing with professional scammers who know the right words to use.

Final Verdict

The company is lying about their location to steal from innocent investors. It claims to be based in the UK while they are not in the database of the regulatory body. Do not test the waters with these scammers because they will steal all your money without having any second thoughts.

You can invest with legit Forex trading software that can verify their trading results. RoboForex Online is a platform that lacks transparency, and you should not waste time with them.

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