Rockwall Investments Review: Radiant Scam with MLM Operations

Rockwall Investments Review: Radiant Scam with MLM Operations

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Rockwall Investments claims to have gone into pre launch last year. We have analyzed the traffic of this site and found that according to Alexa, traffic to this site picked up around May where it was estimated that most of the visitors were coming from Poland and Australia. Rockwall Investments does not provide us with details of the person behind this shady operation. They only site two individuals who claim to be the owners of the entity. These are Wiktor Zajączkowski and Rafał Krakowiak who are company founder and co-founder respectively. No other info is revealed about them.

Wiktor and Rafal appear to be real people (according to our investigations). We analyzed their Facebook page and found pictures that look authentic. So we believe that these two are indeed real persons. They claim in that photo that they took it last year at Crypto Future Expo in Warsaw. We are not aware of such an Expo that took place in Warsaw.

We are also trying to believe that Rockwall Investments is operated from Poland. Before they ever launched this operation, the two used to run Trade Coin Club and Future Net. Both are ponzi schemes. Based on this reputation and background, we are able to see where this Rockwall Investments review is going to.

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Rockwall Investments Review

Ponzi schemes share common characteristics, and we are able to see these traits in Rockwall Investments as well. For instance, the business does not offer any product or service that can be sold to generate external revenue. However, they claim that members can make money out of their Crypto currency mining and trading plans. The minimum investment needed to venture into trading with this company is $50, which we find quite weird because with $50, we can do nothing in trading. Even the best hedge funds cannot allow you to contribute $50 only. So this is too good to be true.

We are also promised a daily ROI of 1.5% over a period of 150 days. On the other hand, Crypto currency mining with this operation requires a minimum of $25. Again, you can never earn any significant amount of coins with just $25 only. It is not possible. If you want to mine and earn real money, you must use the services of a reliable Crypto currency cloud mining operation and invest a big amount as opposed to just $25.

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You also have to take note that Rockwall Investments is forcing investors to preserve 55% of ROI back into re-investments. In addition to this, the company claims to pay 8% commission on referral deposits. Recruitment commission is paid on a unilevel compensation structure. So this is just a pyramid scheme based on the way in which they operate. There is no secret here and they cannot claim that they are a genuine Crypto currency cloud mining operation.

Rockwall Investments

The company has various investment plans and each plan offers a ROI percentage. If you analyze these plans well, you will see that Rockwall Investments is actually recycling funds from new depositors to pay previous investors. This is the way the business model is supposed to work.

You should take note of the fact that if one wants to promote membership of this operation, it is free. However, full participation into the operation requires a membership fee of $25. We do not know about you. But if this is what people call investments, so be it. We do not encourage people to join these kinds of investment operations because they are simply not genuine.

If you want to know that Rockwall Investments is a scam, keep reading because we are about to reveal the juicy details of the operation and why we think this is one of those dubious operations that must be avoided at all cost.

Why Rockwall Investments is a scam

Upon analyzing the about us page of this website, we see the two owners claiming that the reason they launched Rockwall Investments is because they were tired of high yield investment programs and revenue sharing scams. You have to know that high yield investments and revenue sharing programs are all MLMs in one way or the other. There is no significant difference.

We presume that after losing money in the previous scams which they got involved in, they realized that running a scam was more profitable than getting involved in a scam where the scam operation had an owner and they were at the mercy of that owner.

It seems this is how Rockwall Investments came into existence. This operation claims that they are generating a ROI from their trading and mining operations. The website has also listed real estate as their third source of income. When we investigated further, we discovered that this third source of income was not yet active. We therefore do not know why it was listed anyway. They should have probably kept it to themselves rather than list what is not active on their site.

Other than photos of mining equipment sitting on the website, this site does not provide any evidence of trading or mining. In addition to this, Rockwall Investments fails to disclose whether what they are offering is registered with the financial or securities regulators of the countries where they are targeting members from. It is not clear why this is so.

But we can confirm that neither the operators of this scam nor their company Rockwall Investments is registered by the SEC. But you see, they are targeting people from all across the world, including the US. That also means that in the US, Rockwall Investments is not allowed to solicit funds in the same manner in which it is doing now.

Our best advice for you

As you should know by now, the math that governs how a ponzi scheme operates dictates that at some point, the ponzi has to collapse. You should only invest with reliable products.

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One Reply to “Rockwall Investments Review: Radiant Scam with MLM Operations”

  1. Rockwall Investments to struktura przypominające MLM ale produkt udaje kryptowaluta. Rodzima wersja piramidy

    finansowej, w której wciągnięci uczestnicy usiłują zarabiać werbując nowych łatwowiernych.
    Aktualnie Rockwall Investments mieści się jakoby na Wyspach Marshalla.
    Co ciekawe, w angielskiej wersji regulaminu “firma” podaje siedzibę na wyspie Nevis (Saint Kitts i Nevis znane bardziej jako San Escobar Waszczykowskiego). Zapewne podanie tej nazwy Polakom byłoby afera szytą zbyt grubymi nićmi.
    Tak więc RI ma dwie siedziby (sic!) i dwóch różnych prezesów (Krakowiak, Zajączkowski) – cyrk po prostu i piramida finansowa.

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