Roosevelt Assets Review: 5 Shocking Facts Regarding

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Roosevelt Assets Review: 5 Shocking Facts Regarding

Roosevelt Assets is a real estate Ponzi Scheme operated by Shuler Hensley, a serial MLM scammer. Our review will expose the platform’s risky outcome.

The Company claims to be a Blockchain-based platform transferring cryptocurrency into real estate shares. Roosevelt Assets claims to have a solid hold of the crypto and real estate market in Asia.

Who is behind Roosevelt Assets?

You would easily believe the tales highlighted on the homepage of The platform claims to have started operations in 2016. London is the place we are told holds the headquarters of the platform.

Regarding business registration of the platform as a Blockchain-based or real estate business remains sketchy. Roosevelt Assets is not even registered under the UK Company house as one would expect.

Shuler Hensley claims to have been in the real estate for over 20 years. And yet, there’s no solid portfolio one can use to verify these claims. Accountability and transparency are some of the many red flags we found with this project.

To top it all off, there’s no solid lead on where exactly the platform operates from. London is just a place they mention to attract investors from Europe and North America. And sadly, this has for some time worked in their favor.

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About Roosevelt Assets

Most of the profile pictures of the Company’s address and indeed the founder are AI-generated. And this goes to show the extent to which this platform will go to fool investors. The platform does its best to hide the details of who actually funds the entire project.

We did our digging and found the platform to have ties in Russia. This was after we searched the website’s code to find the Russian default language and IP address. It remains clear we are dealing with a sophisticated Eastern European Crypto MLM syndicate.

Shuler Hensley is new to this game and hasn’t been mentioned in any past Crypto MLM scams before. With this being his first project, we suspect he has already fleeced more than £5 million from naïve investors.

The entire project is barely a few months old as the website was created in September 2023. There have been no positive comments or details from actual members with proof of winning any shares of actual real estate.

And what is this real estate the platform keeps on talking about? The platform fails to indicate the actual real estate projects investors will be putting their cryptos in for. And this should in essence be a red flag for anyone looking to invest.

When it comes to real estate, investors need to be better at doing due diligence. You need to have physical proof of the project and ongoing notifications. That’s not the case with Roosevelt Assets as investors are kept in the dark.

There’s a need to enlighten some of the newbie crypto investors of the dangers and risks associated with the crypto world. Scammers are everywhere looking to pounce on your hard-earned funds.

How Roosevelt Assets Deceives investors

Roosevelt Assets is claiming to have developed a profitable Blockchain Ecosystem that offers direct profit. Investors jump into Roosevelt Assets and help fund a crypto pool investing in real estate.

At the end of the vesting period, investors get profit after incurring investment fees. Please note that the platform has failed to give investors any information on fees or vesting period. And this is a sure way of keeping you guessing on maturity.

Shuler Hensley has for years been claiming to operate a successful real estate project. As a matter of fact, no one has heard of any project in Europe or any part of the globe relating to him. And this is a pointer of lack of experience or recognition from past projects.

It’s only ideal to invest in a proven project that does have verified results. Roosevelt Assets is certainly not one of them and it shows investors are not getting their funds’ worth. Let’s take another look at the crypto fund.

In all crypto pool funds, transparency is key to success. Investors need to know the total amount of crypto invested since its Blockchain infused. That’s not the case here as there’s no information of the pool’s details.

We don’t even know the number of BTC or ETH invested into the project. Is there even a crypto pool to begin with? These are some of the issues we have to raise with the platform as it fails to offer transparency.

Support is another issue as Shuler Hensley and his team have made it near possible to talk to a live agent. You can only get email correspondences which are mainly details of the project without the meaningful information.

Scammed by Roosevelt Assets?

Hundreds of investors are on the verge of losing their entire investment. The platform fails to offer any real estate information. And the current crop of investors are about to get kicked out from the project.

Shuler is using the same old Real estate MLM scam to scout for investors using the current crop of investors. It all starts with the platform claiming to offer real estate shares of an unknown real estate project.

Once you buy in, the platform claims to offer shares once the real estate project ends. Members don’t get any notification of the real estate progress, if it’s construction. And the same is the case for already built real estate.

There’s also the issue of an affiliate program promising huge bonuses and commissions to investors. With this program, Shuler plans to get members to enlist their network of family and friends.

Those who you invite to the project eventually end up losing a large chunk of their deposit, just like you do. And to make the platform appear legit, Shuler does allow partial withdrawals from time to time.

These withdrawals are from other new members who just deposited. Which means once the membership sign up numbers dwindle, so does the project’s viability. And this is when Shuler will move to finish the project.

We suspect Shuler will shut down the project within two months from now, mark our words!

Ratings, Reviews and Customer Testimony

Customer Complaints, Feedback, Ratings, and Reviews Roosevelt Assets

Surprisingly, there have been no positive comments or feedback regarding the project. If Shuler’s project was a success, there would be a buzz around it. Sadly, that’s not the case as the project is a high-risk no-reward crypto MLM avocation.

Before investing in any project, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out some of the details you’ll need to ensure the project is viable and enjoys the backing of the real estate community.

You can also reach out and request a review of the platform from our end.

Is a High-risk (scam) or legit crypto real estate project?

From the cracks we’ve seen with this project, its clear Roosevelt Assets is a no brainer, stay away. The details don’t match up and the project is shrouded in anonymity and controversy. Please stay away from this project.

No investor has made any ROI so far no receive shares from the project as stipulated. It’s going to be a long withdrawal request for members.

Our Verdict Roosevelt Assets

There’s no doubt in our minds that Roosevelt Assets is a high-risk no-reward crypto real estate project.

The best way to invest and earn passive income is by going for proven projects with verifiable performance results.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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