Royal Binary, ( Reviews- Avoid These Scam Artists!

Royal Binary, ( Reviews- Avoid These Scam Artists!

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Royal Binary, (Royal de Bank) Reviews - Scam


There’s an old saying out there that you have to spend money to make money. But what if you spent money (some spent as much as $40,000) and NEVER even saw a cent?

This is the case with Royal Binary (aka Royal de Bank) – taking thousands of investor’s money and never paying anyone a single penny. Here are some of the MANY reviews you can find about this Royal Binary Scam:

“Royal de Bank ignores my every attempt to contact them. I’ve sent countless message through their email, even tried to contact them via “24/7″ chat services to absolutely no avail. They’ve STOLEN my money. Do not deposit anything at Royal de Bank, unless you never want to see it again. Their unpredictable spread is designed so that you never know what your entry price will be, and they never pay a single cent. Since switching brokers, I’m up over three hundred percent! Imagine that. Wish I could get my money back.”

-Evan B

“I can’t get any of my money back! An account manager named “Camille” sent me an email to tell me to stop trading when I was up several hundred dollars. She told me she needed me to put another $1,000 into my account to “gain access” to my trades, because she “wanted me to succeed”. What a joke! I made money, now she’s asking me for more? They’re thieves! I made money, and they want me to invest MORE? Additionally, no one answers the phone, and surprisingly enough, none of their phones work.”


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“One of the worst companies out there for binary brokers. 100% guaranteed scam artists. I can’t withdraw anything, not even my $200 deposits, or my “profits”. I tried to call multiple times, and they never answer the phone. “Camille” responded to my email saying that she couldn’t get me my withdraws, but she’s asking for more deposits! She’s calling me from private or unknown numbers too- so I can’t track them. I’m posting the calls on YouTube later.”


“They’ve lined their pockets with my 500 Euros. Not a single phone call was answered, and none of the numbers on their website are active. They refuse to give me my deposit, have given me the cold shoulder, and now I’m out over $1,000. This company is a scam.”


Recently, the “Royal de Bank” site went offline, because it was being investigated for inflating pips nearly double their value (.00070 to .00140) on offers that expired in less than 15 minutes. Anyone into binary options trading as a means to make money understands that this situation doesn’t allow enough volatility to make a trade.

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This means that they deliberately raised the trading values on trades that only benefited them to steal their clients money, after baiting them with winning trades on their initial deposits. This unfavorable, inflated value sucks away at investors money, until it’s impossible to make a dime off of your initial investments. Plus, they refuse to return calls, or work with investors after they’ve stolen their money.

Immediately, Royal Binary Throws Up Red Flags Regarding Their Legitimacy:

There are a lot of negative reports out there by companies looking for an edge against other perfectly refutable binary brokers. The only real way to undermine a scam is by fact checking many different reviews to get the absolute clearest picture about what’s going on. Typically speaking, the only truly legitimate way to establish whether or not a trade is valid is by checking the reviews and looking into these 5 typical signs of fraud.

  1. Dodging Phone Calls or Emails is the First Sign of a Scam

Royal Binary has established a record of having unreliable phone services. Additionally, they refuse to contact anyone outside of restricted or private numbers. If you can’t contact your broker, how are you supposed to get your money? They know this approach, and have therefore provided a list of faulty contact numbers in case of emergency that are falsified. This Royal Binary Scam comes to fruition because a vast majority of reviews on the subject practically all say the same thing- they just don’t answer the phone.

This is an awful sign for investors- especially when you’ve invested thousands into the company. If they won’t return your calls when you need help the most then they simply aren’t refutable. A company like Royal Binary seems to be going out of its way to avoid calls and to avoid actually talking to their clients- unless they’re asking for money with unreasonable payment restrictions (reviews above commented on $1,000 limits for “success”) on their withdraws- even refusing to return deposits.

  1. Expiry Times are Unreliable and Doctored

Having expiration times that are related to “technical problems” or other malfunctions, like higher, inflated pips is immediately a sign of a scam. These companies use approaches like this to justify trades made for a profit on their end- because they show a loss on yours. The way that Royal Binary accomplishes this is by creating reasonable pip amounts (.00070 as stated earlier) at a very specific and reasonable time (several hours). Investors spend money, assuming they’ve found a good, reasonable and profitable way to make money. Royal Binary then scams users by changing the pips at the very last second when investors aren’t looking- inflating the values far further than profitable margins. As the clock “winds down” it continues through a reasonable period of time, and when it finally does stop, all of your money is gone.

Royal Binary then has investors look to a doctored terms and conditions page that releases them from liability on their investors trades, making them huge sums of stolen money. These situations are impossible in a legitimate scenario- especially when you understand the processes that binary companies go through to invest money. A legitimate company would always go through a third party option to invest money, and these types of companies don’t have clocks that don’t expire, or pips that change at the last minute, because you’d lose money, and they know that.

When you know that a third party company is reliable and that other binary trading companies aren’t experiencing the same problems, you KNOW that you’ve encountered a scam. If the clock was simply lagging, it wouldn’t continue counting, it would glitch, and simply tell you at the end whether you won or lost late. It wouldn’t run overtime, and it wouldn’t keep counting down. These aren’t technical errors- these are attempts at FRAUD. If a company steals your money once, they’ll do it again- never give them another chance- like this Royal Binary Scam tries to get from other traders in their calls for more money from restricted or private numbers that you can’t return calls to.

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  1. Extensive History of Scammed Traders

If you’re having the problems mentioned above, and do a quick search of your binary company, and if you come across a plethora of bad reviews, you’ve found a scam. In a quick search of “Royal Binary Scam” on Google, there’s approximately 345,000 results; a huge number for a “legitimate company”.

We offer an amazing list of refutable binary option brokers here on our site – feel free to Google them and see how many reviews from scammed investors there are. As we mentioned above, we understand that some companies out there try to ruin a companies reputation, but in today’s completely transparent technological times, it’s virtually impossible for one company to run down another company’s reputation as fast as they run it down themselves. The four reviews above are just a drop in the wide river of complaints that Royal Binary has established for their clientele.

  1. Royal Binary Refuses to Let Anyone Withdraw Their Invested Money

No matter the situation, Royal Binary NEVER lets anyone withdraw their money. Why? Because they would lose the money that they gained from scamming you. Understand, all binary companies make money on a trade, because there is a variation of people who believe a trade is going to win, and a trade is going to lose. Winners are paid from the losers funds, and the company makes a small portion on the trade.

At the same time, there are popular terms that brokerage firms use to prevent your withdrawal of money, like being below minimum withdrawal thresholds, or if you don’t meet minimum requirements, but in general, Royal Binary refuses ALL withdrawals- even if you’re above the deposit amount, forcing you to “put more money in” before they release your deposit, and then you can’t contact or get a hold of them.

  1. Royal Binary Switched Their Website Because of Investigation into “Royal de Bank”

The most obvious reason that Royal Binary is a scam is because they recently changed their website to avoid accusations from unhappy traders. Obviously, you’re going to lose money sometimes when you invest, but in general, NO ONE makes money with Royal Binary or “Royal de Bank”. Additionally, when faced with investigation, the official site was no where to be found- point 5 against Royal Binary, they are a SCAM binary trader- stealing your money “legally”.

Legitimate Binary Brokers:

  1. Have Great Word of Mouth Reviews About Their Binary Trades.
  1. While There are Some Bad Reviews About Every Site, a Refutable Binary Broker Will Allow You To Contact Them And Withdraw Your Money.


How do Fraudulent Companies Get Away With These Scams?

  • There’s little to no regulation over these types of sites, as well as lax regulatory practices. While other types of financial institutions have to follow specific rules, terms and conditions allow binary trading websites to do practically whatever they want with your money. This is why its’ more and more important to use our refutable brokers.

  • There’s also little to nothing a trader can do about fraudulent sites, except complain via reviews. People who are new to trading or who are inexperienced with how these companies work send in their money without completely regarding the terms and conditions that companies like Royal Binary present their constituents. Obviously, this is a serious mistake, and allows scam companies to get away with their crimes. This is why it’s so important to do your research, get the facts, and verify it with people who know binary trading inside and out, like we do.

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12 Replies to “Royal Binary, ( Reviews- Avoid These Scam Artists!”

  1. The people who work for Binary must think people are i****s. I honestly believe they do not have a conscience. I initially put up a $350 deposit which they matched with $200 when I first started. They only told me that by taking the bonus I would have a better chance of not loosing my money since I was a new trader. That part made sense as I have never traded before. What they didn’t tell me was that I would not be able to make any withdrawals until I traded at least 6,000 dollars. Then, what they didn’t expect happened! In a couple of days I got my account up to $894 just from using mostly bonus money and barely dipping into my initial deposit. Not knowing about the $6,000 worth of trades, I requested a $300 withdrawal. after a day or so, no movement from Royal Binary’s end on processing my withdrawal. I make calls no answer and none of my messages returned. I open up a chat, they tell me that the finance department can read some of my documents and to resend. What’s interesting is that I never received an email from the finance department on this issue. I had to come through a chat session in which I started. I began to see they are not interested in their customers. Anyway, I resent the documents and began trading more but an interesting thing happened when I was trading Bitcoin/USD over the weekend. Every beginning of the trade cycle, my screen would change to DAX Future, and I could not get Bitcoin/USD back on till well into the trade cycle. This was happening every 30 minutes at the top and bottom of the hour, greatly affecting my trade strategy.
    This is where I did up and down trades not knowing at first I needed to get to $6,000 in trades (I had found out about it when I was about $1,600 away from the 6 grand) but as a result of this frustration, I ended getting down to a $56.76 balance (I still was expecting my $300 withdrawal to process at the time), but I had traded enough to go over the $6,000 that was required for me to be eligible to receive my first withdrawal. Right as I was qualifying with the $6 grand, they had posted a denial of my withdrawal and put the $300 back into my trading account, which showed a trade balance of $356.76. When I opened up another chat session to find out why I was denied, they told me to do another request because they had made a mistake and that they promised they would process it immediately. This time I decided to withdraw $350 and not do any more trades until I had money back in my pocket. By this time, I had started reading and finding negative reports on Royal Binary, plus on top of the “glitch” that was consistently happening with Bitcoin/USD that costed me my winnings. I decided to see if they would follow through or not.
    As of now my withdrawal is being held for no legal reason. They have decided to shelve my request.
    As of this morning, see below:

    0:53:12 (05:53 UTC)
    6.76 $ Deposit Log out
    en English
    Trade now! A**et List My Trades Cashier Past Expiries FAQ My Profile

    Withdrawal Information
    2015-03-09 03:52:45 $350.00 InProcess
    2015-03-05 07:39:07 $300.00 Rejected

    1. Alright, as a former worker of the royal binary i am no konger bound by non-disclosure agreement. First thing first, the company headquarter was located in Poland in Szczecin. This is where the lot of u guys received the phone calls, not the UK. That cammiliee c*** was a thirty year old blonde WHO would say absolutely anything to get monet out of ya. As soon as the payment was received – It was basically gone. People tried to do chargeback and thought theey’d get the money back, but no! They instructed us to get ur id’s photocopy, signed agreement so you cant get ur a**(money) out of it unless u make at least 500 trades – good luck making profit, 99% of money was gone in 1 hour of using “automatic trading software for 250 bucks”. Ye, u know what I am talking about. They even made fake-a** FB accounts to troll people who posted negative reviews on the royal binary. Honestly, they lied through their teeth, if they go caught red handed, just carry on l****, nothing to lose. They scammed people for hundreds of thousands of dollars, went out of business and set up another one that must go by another name. Beware.

        1. hi anon i had dealings with royal binary bank my supposed account manager was sean cornell smooth talking canadian and his mate johnathan stewart smooth talking american and his secretary(sure)victoria nothing was any trouble said i could withdraw anytime any amount all was good until i attempted to withdraw,they told me they set up berkeley trade as it was much more user freindly and was linked to apps and could be used anywhere.bottom line is i,m still registered with them and still appl**** to withdraw,each time i apply someone trades my account but no one can tell me who,phone number +442080682131 for berkeleyanother guy from compliance was robin patel,berkeley owned by sterling act management based in bulgaria the director is john ranjit.i,m looking for other unfortuneate people to communicate with to hopefully find out more info.thanks and best regards.bill (australia)

  2. Here are a couple of emails between me and Royal, the documents they want are; copies of drivers license, utility bill, bank statement and more. Can’t you just imagine how these thieves would use this information?

    Brokers Royal
    To me
    Apr 7 at 6:01 PM
    Well, I asked you to send the documents so that we could send you the money, but I guess you just don’t want it back.

    2015-04-07 22:52 GMT+01:00 Jerry Dowdy :

    Reply, Reply All or Forward | More
    To Brokers Royal
    Today at 11:54 AM
    I do want it back and what you ask is BS, you can simply credit the card that opened the account and there cannot be any FRAUD. Also, in reading the Royal Binary Reviews one blog states they DID send the information and you still did not comply.

    I refuse to send you information that potentially could be used to steal my identity. But, I will be sure to post your email to show others that you keep their money!

    1. Thanks a lot Jerry. Your comment is a solid and enough proof to show that the administration behind Royal Binary do really keep traders’ money even when they’ve asked for withdrawals after suppl**** the necessary documents.

  3. Might be of some interest to others that have been scammed by these thieves. I have contacted my bank and my account is insured so, I fill out a Dispute form against Royal Binary and I most likely will get my money back, after an investigation.!

    1. I made a deposit and want to get out of this scam. I want to dispute it with my bank like you. How did you do it? what w***ing did you use when making the request? Do I just tell them that I made a investment and found out it was a fraud? Your help is greatly appriciated.

  4. i sincerely hope the ceo of royal binaries who’s a thieving b****** realises the danger he’s put his wife and family in and his employees by stealing all my funds especially when i done no wrong i hope you have advised the employees in your care the risk you have put them in by being a rotten thieving toe rag

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