Royal Investment Review: Hogwash Scam

Royal Investment Review: Hogwash Scam

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Royal Investment Ltd is a registered company in the UK claiming to offer investment solutions in Forex, Binary Options and Stocks. Royal Investment also claims that they can tailor investments according to the needs of their clients so that their investors can meet their financial goals.

This website also tells us that they have diversified their investments in order to achieve consistency while reducing risks. Although the company claims that they have professionals who have worked for them in years, there is no evidence that this company existed a few years ago. To us, this looks like another ponzi scam. You just have to look at the ROIs in order to establish that Royal Investment Ltd is a ponzi scam with nothing to offer in return for your money.

So the question is, should investors keep wasting time trying to figure out whether this website is worth their investments? The answer is no and here’s why.

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Royal Investment Ltd Scam Review

We’ve realized that all ponzi scams somehow promise the same things. Returns are usually high and unrealistic. There is always the mention of professionals who are also anonymous. They always claim that they are risk managers who work towards the preservation of their customers capital regardless of the size of their portfolio.

Royal Investment Ltd is not an exception because it promises such things. In fact, the website states that investors should expect guaranteed stable income with minimum risk.

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royal investment scam

As always, their alleged professionals in the field of finance, technical, management and analytics are ghost workers who cannot be verified to be working for this entity. It’s difficult to trust a stranger with your money. They are definitely here to take you for a ride.

Royal Investment Ltd doesn’t inspire confidence when they say that they are professional wealth managers who will manage your portfolio responsibly and with transparency. Unfortunately, they have failed the test of transparency since the owner of this website and the people he claims to work with are all anonymous. Are you supposed to trust an anonymous ”wealth manager” on the internet? That would be a huge gamble. But that is also the same exact reason why we are saying that Royal Investment Ltd is a scam.

More reasons why Royal Investment is a scam

We’ll have to look at the numbers to conclude that this website is a scam. If you look at the investment plans, you will see that this website is promising to double your investment in 9 days. But in reality, this is not possible. Any genuine and stable business will not double your investment in a short time. So 220% in 9 days is a pipe dream, something that you can only expect from a pathetic scam website like Royal Investment.

The way we see it is that this website is operating an illegal pyramid scheme project where revenue is generated from collecting new deposits. Rest assured that whoever is behind this website is not participating in any form of trading. If they still insist that they trade these instruments, it would be best for them to produce their trade history for at least 3 months. Anyone who actively trades the Forex or stock market has these records lying somewhere in their broker’s website. This should not be difficult to produce.

But as you can see, Royal Investment Ltd scam is not ready to produce any kind of proof of trading because they are a scam. They are only interested in your money after all.

Since this project is a pyramid scheme, they might pay for some time before going under. They rarely last 6 months. However, the most likely thing to happen is that they won’t pay at all.

Features of an internet ponzi scam

One of the features listed here is that they have a team of highly experienced professionals who will take care of your portfolio. Well, we have already seen that this ponzi scheme does not have any professional working for them. It is a one-man army since it doesn’t take a lot of effort to scam people on the internet. Why would they need help?

Other features include protected accounts (where they mention protection against DDOS attacks and hacking as well). Honestly these features are not of any importance especially now that we have full knowledge of the fact that whoever owns this website is the scammer.

You can also see the mode of payments accepted here. Cryptocurrencies, E-currencies and PerfectMoney are all accepted here. Some of these payment methods are associated with fraud on the internet. It is therefore easy to see why Royal Investment Ltd has implemented them.

User feedback: Is there any?

Royal Investment Ltd is a weird website and entity because in as much as they are claiming that they are committed to managing your wealth, not a single customer feedback can be found about them on the internet. Also, this website follows the pattern of many similar internet ponzi schemes. We are not surprised to realize that this website is so new and that people do not have trust in it.

A fake company?

Oh yes. Royal Investment could be a fake company, why? Because their registration number does not confirm whether a company with the name Royal Investment Ltd does exist in Britain.

So, if these scammers can lie that they have a company that backs their operations even when they have nothing other than a plan to scam you, you should definitely conclude that they do not have your best interest at heart. That’s quite obvious.

Our best advice for you

It is very risky trusting a non existent company that deceives investors in broad day light just to rob them off. This website would have definitely convinced us if they had sufficient proof of their alleged trading activities. They would have convinced us if they were legitimately registered in Great Britain and were licensed to manage the portfolio of investors. But so far, the scam isn’t licensed and is not about to get transparent about it. Avoid.

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