BCC Cash Scam Review – Another Phony Bitcoin Operation

BCC Cash Scam Review – Another Phony Bitcoin Operation

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BCC Cash is a phony Bitcoin investment operation where investors can allegedly buy BCC Cash, sell it for profit, stake or lend it. Oh, and there is also the option to use BCC Cash robot to make abnormal profits.

We are even thinking of warning you not to fall for this crap because the intention is crystal clear by now.

The site claims that they’ve built an accessible merchant base криптовалюта ecosystem which is giving enabling investors to make more money consistently and for the rest of their lives.

BCC Cash is supposed to operate in the long term, yet we know very well that this site won’t probably last a year.

When you see an ICO sale of a Cryptocurrency token with no value, you should never waste your time trying to investigate whether or not it’s genuine. Nearly all ICOs are мошенничество. BCC Cash is included in the mix.

Therefore, in this BCC Cash review, we will be analyzing the website and also giving facts and reasons as to why you should stay away from the trap.

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BCC Cash review

According to this site, BCC Cash was created to perform the same functions as Bitcoin. It is allegedly a digital currency that allows safe and secure transactions where value can be transferred from one individual to another just like in Bitcoin payments.

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bcc cash review

The problem with BCC Cash is that they don’t have enough funds, so they have decided to raise money through crowd funding which is dubbed an ICO.

The other problem is that there are so many Icos nowadays. Every Cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme out launching an ICO where they essentially collect as many digital coins up to a certain amount. When target is reached, they may just decide to issue a small percentage of the total deposit and keep the rest of simply keep 100% of the collected deposit.

The fact of the matter is that there is no sure way to tell whether or not an ICO is legitimate, and that it will be here for the long term.

Fortunately, there are certain показатели that we can look for to know in advance whether or not an ICO is worth an investment.

In the case of BCC Cash, there are too many problems/red flags which we can’t just ignore because these will ultimately come to haunt us if we turned a blind eye on them.

This website announces that their ICO crowd sale started in December and is supposed to end on January 10. 28 million BCCH is the alleged number of coins that are in supply.

The question then becomes: who exactly has the guts to invest in a coin whose value is not known?

We’d like to talk to these investors and verify whether they actually bought the so-called BCC Cash.

The problem with these figures is that they are impossible to verify. One might launch an ICO and claim that they have already sold a number of coins (giving a specific value just to attract investors) which might not be true at all.

Our first problem here is that one cannot verify the authenticity of these numbers.

Also, we see that this website has the intention to launch several rounds of ICOs. When this one ends, another one will start as soon as the previous one ends.

What the hell do you think BCC Cash is doing? Well, from our in-depth analysis, we have deduced that this is a ploy to collect a huge deposit in different phases.

It’s like a sophisticated ponzi scheme where the operator is collecting money but not operating like a typical Ponzi scheme though.

The problem with BCC Cash is that it has no value. Banking on it would be like trusting a coin which is not backed by anything. You are essentially wasting your Bitcoin on something that has no value. It’s like throwing away your precious Bitcoin since you’re not getting value for the money paid. That aspect of BCC Cash makes it a ponzi scheme, automatically.

Какой план?

As usual, the plan involves depositing your Bitcoins to the specified address, then buying BCC Cash on their integrated exchange, and then selling when price increases in the exchange.

Before we can go far, we need to remind you that the chances of running into volume problems is very high. You see, no one is using this exchange to invest any amount of money. This website has not earned the trust of any investor, and that means that the coins that could be possibly in circulation are very few (if at all they are running a legitimate business).

bcc cash promises

Secondly, any digital coin that has not been accepted and listed by major Обмен криптовалютами on the internet will always have problems with demand and supply.

Essentially, when you buy BCC Cash, you will be using Bitcoin (which is far more valuable) to acquire something that no one wants.

If you use your Bitcoin in that manner, you will be end up with BCC Cash that you cannot spend anywhere.

If you cannot spend BCC anywhere yet there are no refunds, then it means that the owner of this site just played games with your intelligence.

We are sure that these folks are running a clever ponzi scheme, and it’s so apparent when you take time to go through the entire website.

You cannot say that this is not a ponzi scheme especially when the tale tell signs are manifesting which each page that you visit on the site.

Also, there is the lending program where you buy BCC Cash and then multiply it using a BCC Cash volatility software.

You allegedly must choose your investment pack and then commit your money to a non-existent software. You are supposed to receive your capital back in addition to your interest after a predetermined period of time.

To be specific, you are supposed to receive BCC Cash at the end of every 24 hour.

The question is, what good does it serve if this coin is valueless and can’t be used to purchase anything? It has no backing. It isn’t recognized anywhere. Even if you generated millions in this coin, it would go to waste.

The other option which proves that BCC Cash is just a HYIP is the staking program where they promise crazy amounts of interest rates.

These crazy folks want you to download their so called digital wallet into your computer, then store your BCC Cash for interest. The maximum that you’re supposed to earn is 11% per month.

Наш лучший совет для вас

We have already finalized this conclusion. We hinted above that this is a ponzi scheme. Any ponzi scheme is not equal to an investment. Any ponzi scheme will result in 100% losses.

By the way, the owner of this site is an anonymous person. The people who work for them are also anonymous. Isn’t this a typical characteristic of a ponzi scheme?

You don’t need further explanations as the writings have already been published on the wall for everyone to see. So if you ignore this warning, do it at your own peril.

Если вы хотите получать уведомления, когда этот сайт обновляется, подпишитесь ниже ...

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