Обзор BitBubble Tech: мошенничество и без исключений

Обзор BitBubble Tech: мошенничество и без исключений

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BitBubble Tech believes that Bitcoin is a bubble that will soon burst. But before that can happen, they are giving you an opportunity to profit with their so-called revolutionary криптовалюта software by making $700 daily profits.

Is Bitcoin really a bubble that is waiting to burst. Maybe yes or maybe no. The fact that Bitcoin has been around for close to a decade now may suggest that it’s not going anywhere.

The only bubble here is the BitBubble Tech software because it will rip you off by bursting the fat bubble in your wallet. No pun intended.

Before we can go any far than this отзыв, we want to remind you that BitBubble Tech software is already a full blown scam, a shameless money-stealing opportunity which is run by suckers.

The presentation of the BitBubble Tech software suggests that this system trades Bitcoin with extreme precision, thanks to a program which is allegedly based on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology.

It is alleged that the BBT software trades based on hedging and arbitrage strategies. Hedging means that you buy and sell a position at the same time, which essentially means that you’re opening two trades simultaneously.

Hedging is a very risky trading strategy, and should only pursued by someone who truly knows what they are doing.

On the other hand, arbitrage strategy of trading involves buying from one price feed and selling into another. This is technically not possible in a бинарные опционы trading setup.

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This is because you are only working with one broker, and that broker is only relying on a single price feed as opposed to multiple data sources.

So, can you make money with BitBubble Tech software? Can we trust this project by first changing our stand and trying to see the bigger picture which is on the other side of the tunnel? Let’s find out.

bitbubble tech review

BitBubble Tech software Review

The first thing we see with this app is that it is being distributed for free. It makes $700 per day and it still costs nothing. We don’t know how this should work.

But according to the website where BitBubble Tech software is found (Bit-bubble.io) is found, we learn that this торговая система was programmed by some 500 system developers and 300 strategists who have close to 10 years of experience in the industry. These guys are literally claiming that they began working on this software and generating profits for their members when Bitcoin was first launched.

That’s quite ridiculous considering that these Bitcoin trading apps just popped out the other day. In 2013, you could not hear of any Cryptocurrency trading app. So where were these guys?

Can their alleged years of experience be verified? Do they have identities which can be used to check their professional profiles on sites like LinkeIn?

We’ve been wondering the same. Curiosity actually made us to dig further in a bid to learn about these trading professionals since they claim to have a solid reputation in the industry. It’s only fair that this experience should be proved.

Now, if you’re keen, you will notice that there is no corporation behind the alleged BitBubble Tech trading system.

We did not find their names or contact information. The point is, this software is being offered by people who are 100% anonymous.

BitBubble Tech is clearly an investment tool. But it’s also illegal for these crooks to offer such a product to the general public without proper authorization or documentation.

There is no licensing at all. This is very wrong. Investors are virtually entering a casino and gambling away their money thinking that they’ll make the alleged $700.

The guys who run this scam claim that they have dedicated their time to work hard with the goal of finding a working formula that brings consistent profits to investors. They claim that they’ve heavily invested in research to enable this become a reality. As a result, they ended up with a trading system which they labeled BitBubble Tech.

But the actual truth is that this is a fake trading system. Their risk disclaimer is contrary to what is being preached here. The guys are actually distancing themselves from any responsibility, just in case a victim starts using this software and ends up wiping their account.

BitBubble Tech review: why this is a re-branded software

It is very true that BitBubble Tech is a generic trading program which was re-branded to make it look new. There is nothing special about this trading program. This trading program is the same that was used in the Altcoin Trends и Биткойн Революция мошенников.

We are aware that this software is a money loser. The two aforementioned programs lost money and caused massive losses to those who used them. Now BitBubble Tech is promising to change lives based on the same design and algorithm that the losing software were created with.

BitBubble Tech is not a free robot

The word free can be costly in the long run. You might be wondering why these scammers are giving out such a good trading system for free.

The truth is that BitBubble Tech isn’t free at all. The reason why it is not free is because any investor who wishes to use this app will never be allowed to use it for free.

They must fund their account with a rogue broker, and then activate the money losing software to siphon the balance. The scammers who run the town here are affiliated with the brokers. That’s why you must first make a minimum deposit so as to activate this software. Otherwise, you can’t use it.

The word Free is therefore very misleading when used in this context. But scammers don’t care anyway. They want you to believe that it’s free when the truth is that it will cost you the entire trading balance.

BitBubble Tech performance

This is the first point that we should have tacked in this review.

If you scroll downwards, you will come across a section labeled BitBubble Tech performance. It’s actually a graphical representation of the alleged turn over, number of trades made, number of partners and investors involved in this project and many more.

bitbubble tech stats

The question is, can we verify the figures which we are seeing on this chart? Can this chart be used to legitimize BitBubble Tech system?

Of course the answer is No. Scammers have nothing to prove. So it is natural enough to try clinging to things that don’t make up for solid evidence.

This is a direct representation of a Биткойн-мошенничество where red flags are crystal clear. If you have eyes and a little bit of common sense, you should be able to spot these things on your own.

Наш лучший совет для вас

The anonymity of BitBubble Tech is disturbing. Lack of trading performance is another serious issue. When these things are put together, you come to the conclusion that this is yet another Cryptocurrency scam. It can never make you any money. The alleged $700 per day is just a pipe dream which can never be achieved with a small investment of $250.

At this point in time, just forget about this scam. There are very good Cryptocurrency robots which you can use here. Pick any one of them and enjoy your profits.

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