Crypto VIRTNEXT Review: бесстыдное мошенничество переработано

Crypto VIRTNEXT Review: бесстыдное мошенничество переработано

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Crypto VIRTNEXT is a completely ridiculous software. It’s only fair that we warn you of the fact that this software first appeared as a Бинарные опционы scam. Today, it has added a unique twist to its vibe to include Cryptocurrency trading.

The main thing here is that Crypto VIRTNEXT will lose you money. It does not matter what the presentation says. We have proved several times that making $2500 per day is an impossible dream especially if you’re just starting with a modest capital of $250 only.

Crypto VIRTNEXT website wants to make you believe that you as soon as you sign up and link your account with their so-called master account, you will make $18,000 per day because their so-called members are allegedly making these profits on a weekly basis.

So if you’re just wondering how a scam Cryptocurrency trading software looks and feels like, don’t go far. Crypto VIRTNEXT is the perfect example of a trading robot that has been recycled and re-branded many times before. Rogues can’t give up on this. They continue to re-brand it so that they can make it even more difficult for people to identify the scam.

But now that you’re reading this обзор, you should rest assured that what you’re staring at on this domain Cryptovirtnext.com is nothing but an attempt to rip you off in broad daylight.

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Crypto VIRTNEXT review

запомнить Virtnext software back in 2016? Well, Crypto VIRTNEXT is the latest reincarnation of the vice. They just added the word ”Crypto” to its name because it can allegedly trade pairs like BTCUSD.

cryptovirtnext review

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Scammers are just catching up with the times. But that does not change the fact that this software loses money rather than making it.

However, these crooks are not about to reveal their real intentions. Instead, they are working hard to make sure that their explanations can sound as convincing as possible.

That is why they are saying that Crypto VIRTNEXT uses existing infrastructure and extremely fast super computers to buy and sell in the market.

Because it works on autopilot and can win nearly all trades, it will make a lot of money for you. In fact, it is supposed to make you an overnight millionaire even if you have no experience.

And now it is being offered for free. The only condition that must be fulfilled is that you should sign up with their recommended broker to get started. So this robot is essentially an incentive for agreeing to use their broker.

The software can only be activated once your account has been funded.

Can you make $2500 per day because of the reasons stated above?

It is very unlikely because for one, no trader has been able to make $2500 per day on a consistent manner. And secondly, the explanations that Crypto VIRTNEXT website is giving us concerning the trading strategy is quite vague.

Все мошенничество claim that they use super fast computers to buy and sell in the market. Is that a trading strategy? No way.

The other nonsensical explanation which was used to attempt describing how this app works is that it combines several trading app in the market with ”Section508.gov”, thus making it accessible to all users.

Can someone explain what exactly is the meaning of the above statement? We are just quoting the vague statements and we somehow feel lost in that explanation because it really has no meaning in the world.

The scammers also claim that this software uses news and фундаментальный анализ to establish market activities in real time. This is allegedly the most efficient Cryptocurrency trading robot in the market.

We do not know if there is any trading methodology in place. Nothing is explained in relation to trading methodology.

It appears that whoever put together the site didn’t have any idea about what he was talking about. In fact, the entire website has no clue on what trading really is.

Заявления о прибыли

There is a lot of conflicting information on this site which makes it very suspicious. In one instance, they claimed that Crypto VIRTNEXT was guaranteeing a daily profit of $2500. In other part, they claimed that this software was making $1,986 on average.

Where exactly are these numbers coming from? We wondered.

The first thing you can see here is that these figures haven’t been backed by any bank or trading statement. The brokers should be able to release the statement for purposes of verifying the accuracy of these earning claims.

With a broker statement, we would have a good chance of verifying whether this software has an average of $2500 daily profit.

Unfortunately, Crypto VIRTNEXT does not have any data on its earning potential. It’s the reason the scammers won’t give you an answer if you approach them with this question.

The point is, these earnings have not been verified. Secondly, verifying these earnings is not possible.

False buzz

There are some allegations that Crypto VIRTNEXT software is popular on social media. How true is this?

To assess the truthfulness of this statement, we decided to analyze the alleged social media accounts where conversations about this robot was going on.

We discovered that these social media accounts didn’t exist. No one is talking about this software at all. The screenshots which you’re seeing on this website are definitely fake.

They’ve used a special widget which enables them to showcase fake social media buzz with the aim of misleading and convincing.

You can be sure that these testimonials are fake. Suckers don’t want you to realize that they are indeed fake. So they will do whatever is within their means to conceal this truth.

Fake endorsement

That’s where fake endorsement is coming in. To reinforce the alleged user testimonials,these scammers have decided to include fake endorsement badges on the footer of the site.

cryptovirtnext fake badges

One of the badges claims that Crypto VIRTNEXT software was recognized by the Financial Times magazine in 2017. We don’t remember this happening in 2017. We have even tried looking for evidence, just in case we have completely forgotten. But our efforts did not yield any fruits.

The rest of the badges are also fake because they give false endorsement which did not originate anywhere.

You’ve got to be more careful with this recycled scam because the aim is to fleece you.

Как это работает?

The crooks behind Crypto VIRTNEXT must work with unregulated brokers to steal money from you. If this broker is not regulated, it gives them enough leeway to steal client funds. You can’t do anything if your money lands in the hands of such brokers.

The brokers have colluded with the owner of this software to steal from you. That is why you will lose nearly all trades. It’s not a secret anymore.

Кому принадлежит это программное обеспечение?

You can be sure that they are hiding for a very good reason. To hide their identity is something that will be beneficial to them in the long run. So they definitely have to ensure that their identity is not disclosed.

Any reference to the name of the creator of this software should not be trusted. They are 100% anonymous.

Наш лучший совет для вас

Мы рекомендуем Вам utilize these trading applications instead of signing up for the Crypto VIRTNEXT. You’ll be glad that you read this review.

Если вы хотите получать уведомления, когда этот сайт обновляется, подпишитесь ниже ...

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