FXAutoPips Обзор: Fxautopips.com Abysmal Forex Robot

FXAutoPips Обзор: Fxautopips.com Abysmal Forex Robot

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FXAutoPips (Fxautopips.com) is selling itself as a forex advisor and is supposedly compatible with all brokers. They also claim to use the principles of scalping without being associated with scalping. What they mean by this is that they want fast trades but not having to take small profits. They claim to use two to four pips per opportunity, which is a high accuracy level. The approach they use is known as the intraday approach. What we know is that this robot does not live up to its expectation.

FXAutoPips Deposit

About FXAutoPips

There is not much to say when it comes to robots that don’t have a proven concept. These scams are all over the web and have no backing from traders. FX Auto Pips is one of them, and investors and traders alike should be careful with the robot. The reason for FXAutoPips Review is because we have received touching emails from victims. There are a lot of traders who fall victim to this hullaballoo. And this is the reason why we must reveal the traps set by these developers.

For a safe trading experience, it is best to use approved and trusted forex robots. Go for robots that have been given the green light by professionals. These robots safeguard your investments at all times. Why not sign up with them today and start having a passive and steady income?

After landing on their homepage, we noticed the similarity with other products. It seems that this robot is another product from Forex Store. Forex Store has been associated with other scam robots such as XFX EA and FX Helix. They don’t have a strong reputation when it comes to online trading. And this is the reason why we must reveal the traps set by this robot. They have simply re-created other scams and given this a different name. It is why we must stay away from this automated program.

Активы, покрываемые роботом

They mainly claim to have only one currency pair on their arsenal. The robot deals with USD/CAD, which mean they are most likely targeting investors from this region. They fail to give members the full details of their currency pairs. No one knows the pips available or the advantage of holding such a pair. It is why investors must understand what they are signing up for before purchasing the robot. Without this valuable information, users are signing up blindly with the robot.

Владелец бизнеса

The developer of this product appears to be the owner of the Forex Store. One of the biggest challenges we have encountered is finding out the people behind it. It seems that the developer is keen on keeping his identity secret. And this poses a huge problem for investors. It appears that investors are buying a product from an unknown person. Anonymity is a dangerous partner to associate with. And this means traders are purchasing a product from an unknown vendor, which is a huge problem.

Комментарии и обратная связь

There are a lot of victims who are unhappy with the way this robot turned out to be. These developers have created a cloned copy of a scam robot that does not work. The robot is lacking in skills as it does not live to its expected outcome. And this is a problem for users who sign up or buy it. Most of the comments are from clients who lost while relying on this robot. They were misled into signing up with a platform that has no credibility. These are the characteristics of scam-led developers.

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Статистика домена

FXAutoPips Terms and Conditions

On their homepage, they claim that the robot has earned $21.6 million since 2013. These numbers would indicate the reputation of the robot and trading history. The domain checker gives us a shocking account of when precisely the site went live. Fxautopips.com is a website that went live on 24th February 2020. It means that their $21.6 million earning is nothing but a lie. These scam artists have nothing else to do than give false information to investors. And this is why we must expose every lie used.

Features of FXAutoPips

They fail to give information on the timeframe used by the robot. The currency pair is USD/CAD and uses the intraday strategy. Users get lifetime access and a user manual. They claim to have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is not the case. None of the victims ever got the chance to recover their funds. Even after not using the robot, Kennedy insisted on getting his funds back. It has been over four months with no way of contacting the support team. The scenario is that these developers blocked his account.

License and Registration FXAutoPips

FXAutoPips is NOT LICENSED or registered to offer its trading services to investors. They don’t have the right qualifications to provide their product to users. And this means anyone who signs up is in for shocking trading experience. There is no account of where the robot developers are located. It means trying to get their license details remains a mystery. Their IP address shows that traffic is from Georgia, United States. From our experience, they could have hired a virtual office provider.

Their terms and conditions page does not give full details on regulatory status. Investors are signing up blindly, not knowing whether the terms favor them. It is why investors should go through the terms and conditions page to understand the robot fully. This could be a robot that is termed as a demo account. In the real sense, the developer cannot be sued since they already stated that this is a demo robot. It is why investors must go through the full terms and conditions.

Limitations of FXAutoPips

Аккаунт Пакет

FXAutoPips is selling their robot at $255. The robot is one of the many expensive products that offer no trading results. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is not effective. The robot also lacks bright and specific trading features. And this is the main reason why we must stay away from the robot. It is an apparent scam that is, without a doubt stealing from investors. Stay away from this robot or else face the consequences of using a copied scam.

Контакт и поддержка

FXAutoPips Contact

Another problem with their platform is the lack of a clear communication structure. After clicking their support page, we noticed that there is no contact information. Users are to leave their message. Note that the contact page does not have their contact information. It also does not have a phone number where users can communicate directly with the signal provider. Most of the victims have been shut out from communicating since the developer does not reply to messages sent.

Результаты и торговая стратегия

When it comes to results, they have provided a backtest and one result on myfxbook. On myfxbook, the robot shows a whopping 331 percent in gains. If this were true, we would all be using this robot. Sadly, these results have been created to fool investors. They have also lost 300 percent due to the global Corona epidemic.

All in all, these results don’t show what the robot is all about. They fail to show any valid results that can be verified using FX Blue. A single result does not mean it is the norm with the robot.

Safety of funds with FXAutoPips

The safety of funds is not guaranteed by a robot that fails to offer any meaningful results. With the robot unable to fully communicate with traders, it becomes a letdown. The money-back-guarantee is not available as no one has benefited from it. The robot also fails to have security software to protect users from third parties. On their purchase platform, hackers can easily hijack the process. And this means a trader’s credit card information is at risk of being stolen by third parties.

Scam or Legit FXAutoPips

FXAutoPips is a scam that should be investigated by regulatory bodies. Ensure you stay away from the robot and resist any attempt to sign up with their affiliate programs.

Финал мысль

By adding the robot to our scam blacklist, we will be protecting our investors from this scam.

Оставайся в безопасности и use the best forex trading robots backed by experts and the trading community. They protect investments and offer a realistic way of earning a passive income. Try them out today.

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