Обзор Oakminers: Oakminers.com A Monster Mining Scam

Обзор Oakminers: Oakminers.com A Monster Mining Scam

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Oakminers claim that investors can attain the impossible by joining this company. The company is allegedly mining BTC. They are accepting members from all over the world. The platform states that they are using the latest technology to earn investors huge profits.

The main platform aims to make BTC mining easier and accessible to every trader in the market. The entity also states that they want to provide financial freedom for investors. They want to make the life of traders successful.

Oakminers brags that they have a dedicated team of professionals. The entity claims that it conduct risk-free investment for investors. The platform also states that it was build based on extensive market knowledge and years of experience.

However, we find this hard to believe because the platform has not been in the market for a long time. The company is faking its history to win over clients. We do not recommend this entity to traders as they have shown characteristics of a scam.

Вы можете invest with reliable and trustworthy crypto mining companies. They are transparent and legit, and their existing customers can attest to this information. Do not jump to every opportunity that presents itself in the market. Various Con artists plague the industry.

Oakminers.com Review

Oakminers is allegedly involved in digital currency investment, BTC mining, and Forex trading. The entity views itself as a diverse investment entity. They are also offering education services. Unfortunately, we do not know the quality of knowledge that you will get from this entity.

The entity is also involved in network marketing. The platform is ideal for anyone who wants to purchase or sell BTC. Sadly, this company is not a secure firm. The scam is operating illegally, and by joining them, you risk losing your money.

Oakminers Review, Oakminers Platform

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Oakminers claims that once you join them, you will earn stable profits. It is important to note that the assets that this company is dealing with are highly volatile. Therefore, it is hard to determine the amount of funds that you can generate.

Ironically, this platform is talking about scammers, yet they are the industry’s biggest con artist. You will not attain a financial breakthrough if you buy the narrative of this Ponzi scheme. They are playing with the psychology of traders by acting righteously.

Oakminers is not a transparent investment company. The platform is lurking in many aspects. It is an offshore investment firm that does not want to miss out on any niche. The entity lacks specialization as they are catering to all traders in different niche. They need to draw a line.

Founder of Oakminers

The platform is allegedly established by a group of investors who hunger for more returns. The founders met in an exchange. The story is similar to other Ponzi schemes in the industry. They also claim to have the best team of experts in various sectors. Oakminers has professional marketers, project managers, financial marketers, and professional support.

Unfortunately, they do not present them to the public. It would be best if the entity credited the team by displaying their qualification alongside their pictures. Until then, we presume that this company is bluffing.

The people behind this platform are running the show behind closed doors. We do not have much faith in an anonymous investment venture surrounded by multiple loopholes. The entity is promising investors’ quick riches. It is never that easy.

How Does Oakminers Works?

The entity is allegedly using software to generate high rewards. Additionally, the scam claims that it is working as a BTC wallet account. They manage the funds of their clients. Nonetheless, we are warning investors against trusting this scam with their hard-earned money.

Oakminers states that one does not require having any background knowledge. You can dive in and start generating huge returns. The trading bots of this company navigate the market on your behalf, making big wins.

Furthermore, they also claim it is only 5% of investors who trade successfully. The venture is bluffing as multiple expert investors do not rely on machines to make profits. Moreover, they also state that they have over 15 years of experience.

Unfortunately, you cannot trust a platform that fakes their history. If they have been in existence for this long, why don’t they have a great audience? Oakminers features statics on their website that bias.

Absurd Returns

Oakminers has four investment plans that they offer to their clients. It is important to note that this entity does not have verified trading results. The minimum amount that you can deposit is very high.

They are accepting an amount of $3,000. The profits are in percentage form, and the standard account offers a ROI of 40%. The highest tier is the most expensive, with lucrative rewards of 80%.

The red flag of offering such high profits is typical with a Ponzi scheme in the market. You should not purchase any of their packages. Additionally, the amount is also beyond the market standard. The methods of payment that the entity accepts ensure that you cannot issue a chargeback.


The platform claims that BTC investment is not a legal venture that is governed by the government. Probably this is the reason that they do not see the need to acquire a license. Oakminers is an investment entity that is collecting funds from members of the public.

The law requires that investment ventures must have a license before starting their business. However, Oakminers.com thinks otherwise. The entity is accepting investors’ from all over the globe. Sadly, they do not have what it takes to operate legally.

The company lacks transparency, and trading or mining with them is a reckless decision. Invest with regulated investment ventures that you have an assurance they will be in the market tomorrow.

Oakminers Contact Details

The location of Oakminers is allegedly at Ave Balboa, Ramon H Jurado St, 9th floor, Punta Paitilla, Panama. They also feature a registration document from a company house in the UK. The certificate does not verify its trading activities.

The material can be acquired cheaply and easily. Additionally, the document lies about history as it indicates the venture was established in January 2019. To contact this entity, you need to fill up the contact form.

We find it weird that a company that promises investors quick riches cannot afford professional support. The entity should have a telephone number, email address, and social media presence to interact with their clients.

Понимание предметной области

Oakminers.com was registered in April 2020. The platform has domain will expire in the same month, the year 2021. The registration of the company is private. Therefore, it is hard knowing the owner of this firm. According to Alexa, they have a very weak global traffic of 5,632,441.

Окончательный вердикт

Oakminers is a Ponzi scheme that will steal from you mercilessly. The venture is a scam that has multiple negative reviews. There is also no evidence of investment activities taking place. The entity is again using false information to win over clients.

Инвестируйте с законными компаниями по добыче криптовалют that are dedicated to helping investors. The platform realistic and does not make absurd promises. Moreover, they have an excellent reputation in the industry.

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