Обзор тенденций в области драгоценных металлов: мошенничество от 3 до 5 лет

Обзор тенденций в области драгоценных металлов: мошенничество от 3 до 5 лет

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Precious Metal Trends (Preciousmetaltrends.com) is another affiliate program with claims of making investors rich. PreciousMetalTrends is selling the idea that investors should start buying Silver as it is the next big thing. A look at the search for this website might not produce any results. The website is only viewed by people with a special code. And this is a reason to be wary. Scam artists will claim they don’t want anyone to share their recipe for achieving trading success.

Precious Metal Trends Review

About Precious Metal Trends

After viewing the website, it is clear that the developers don’t know how to design a website. The website has a promotional video and a registration link. Talk of how the website has any trading experience is nowhere to be found. And this means we are dealing with a rogue online trading platform. PRECIOUS METAL TRENDS is an online investment platform that is targeting investors. They want anyone looking to make extra income to sign up quickly. Before signing up with the platform, ensure you read this entire review.

Онлайн инвестиционные возможности are far and wide. The trick is to get one that is valid and produces real results. One way of knowing a scam platform is the claims and ROI it offers to members. Precious Metal Trends is one with an insane profit and ROI margin that is unachievable. These scam artists use this over the moon claims to entice newbie investors and traders. Ensure you don’t fall for their get rich quick schemes which will end up being a scam.

Assets the platform claims to offer

To be precise, this is an affiliate network that has been in the making for years. After tracing their whereabouts, we came to learn that this is an experienced scam artist. The owner of this platform has been found guilty of other ponzi schemes in the world. Gold, Silver, and other precious metals are what the owner claims to trade on. And these are valuable assets that can make investors get quick profits. The problem with Precious Metal Trends is that they take all the profits and the initial deposits from investors.

Бизнес Собственник

Precious Metal Trends is owned by a person by the name of T. LeMont Silver. This American has a way of swindling people and running away to different countries. He is the owner of an affiliate market company going by the name of 3 to 5 years. Any investor wishing to visit his scam websites without a referral link gains access through the affiliate login page. And this is why we immediately flagged this investment platform as a scam. No one will make money from it or of it. And this is why we plan to inform investors of the impending danger of signing up with the platform.

Отзывы и обзоры клиентов

Precious Metal Trends Homepage

None of the customers we managed to contact have had any luck with the platform. They claim that the platform is only asking for more money. Mr. Silver is a well-known online scam artist with a number of confirmed scams. And this is another reason why investors and members are in for a rude surprise. The feedback on all of his referral programs is negative, to say the least. He has been scamming online investors since 2013. The review is meant to ensure our esteemed readers don’t fall for his trap.

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IQ Майнинг

Domain Details of this Affiliate Program

The trusted domain checker whois.net reveals the truth regarding this platform. Records indicate that the website went live on 28th January 2013. And this is what makes trading with such a platform a huge problem. The referral link will disappear after complaints start going round the web. Silver will ensure the referral link program is back once the heat subsides. Over the years, he has made 10 changes on 10 unique addresses over 11 years. And this is proof of his disappearing act once the going gets murky.

History of the Scam Artist

Silver started gaining attention after being one of Zeek Reward’s top promoters. He promoted a scam product that went viral all over Europe and South America. The $800 million ponzi scheme was shut down and Silver fled to Bolivia while still defending the platform. JubiRev was another clone of his first scam Zeek Reward and it too went viral. Another notable scam of Silver is BitClub Network which is his last scam preceding precious metal trends.

License and Registration of Precious Metal Trends

By now, readers have an idea of who the ring reader of the platform is. It is hard to get any license from a person who has countless scams. Precious Metal Trends is NOT LICENSED OR REGULATED to offer any investment opportunities. The scam owners are targeting investors who have no prior knowledge of the scam artist. And this is why reading reviews before signing up to any online product is essential. These scam artists have been operating without a license putting funds at risk.

Most of the regulators in Europe and South America plan to issue an alert over the use of this platform. The FTC and NFA will also join other regulators in issuing a press statement over the scam. Silver is planning to make this his last online investment scam before he plans to retire. And this is why everyone should be aware of his plans. Ensure you warn your family and friends from using any of his other scam products.

Restrictions of Precious Metal Trends

Compensation Plans

Affiliate members of 3 to 5 years get access to a passive Forex trading investment opportunity. These members get a huge chunk of the profits made by the company. The only problem is these are mere claims and the company does not deliver on its promise. These members will be pushed to level two and get another hefty promise. They are to withdrawal all their balance after reaching the final level. Sadly, this never materializes as the website changes address.

Контакты и поддержка клиентов

What is synonymous with most of Silver’s scam is the lack of proper communication channels. He promises to communicate via emails which are not the case. The only email he puts out is promotional emails and trading strategies. No member will get a direct email from the owner or any of the staff members. Reaching out to the support team is futile as none of the members get any response. And this is the reason why we must ensure no one else falls for this trap. These are professional scam artists whose agenda is to sweep clean your bank account.

Торговые комиссии

5 to 10 percent of the commission is paid to personally recruited affiliates of level one. The second level holders get 1.05 to 2.1 percent of the income. Third and fourth level holders get a promise of 0.525 percent to 1.05 percent. Sadly, the trading commissions don’t reach affiliate members as Silver claims. And this is another reason to stay away from the platform.

Security of funds with Precious Metal Trends

The safety of funds is a huge question that no one asks before joining an affiliate program. And this should be one of the many problems that the platform offers. The website keeps on changing addresses which is a bit disheartening. None of the members have received any funds and most are losing money. It is a solid reason to stay away from any of Silver’s online products and services.

Scam or Legit Precious Metal Trends

After further scrutiny, we are sure Precious Metal Trends is a scam that must be exposed. Stay away and unsubscribe to any of their mail listings. Warn your loved ones on the dangers of using this investment platform.

Заключительная мысль

To protect our readers, we have to blacklist this and any other Silver-led product. Stay safe and use foremost tools that are recommended by experts.

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