Обзор Terra Finance: Terra-finance.co компания, которой не стоит доверять трейдерам

Обзор Terra Finance: Terra-finance.co компания, которой не стоит доверять трейдерам

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Terra Finance is a company that has built their website professionally and attractively. However, this does not change the fact that you should watch out for this suspicious entity. The platform brags that it has the best trading conditions, ‘

Additionally, the entity boasts of having a proficient team. They will guide their customers in making the best choice in the industry. The team will allegedly offer trading advice to you. Unfortunately, the entity is only speaking mainly about itself.

They have not published their qualification or showcased them to the public. The venture is shady in all manner, at it only raises questions. Terra Finance claims they have over 200 employees, 350 trading instruments, and 8301 traders.

The statics the company displays raises questions. This is because the platform is barely a month old. Attaining such a number is hard within such a short timeline unless the company existed using a different domain.

Инвестируйте в законное программное обеспечение для торговли на форекс that has a trading history. The bots are reputable and safe to venture with. Several investors are using the systems to trade. You will earn a decent income with them.

Terra-finance.co Review

Terra Finance is trading Forex, Indices, Stocks, and commodities. The company states that those who deal with them eventually achieve success. We are yet to see the positive feedback from their customer.

You only have to sign up by filling up the form. After you have confirmed you have given out the right information, you can start earning profit. The entity claims that it provides the best trading environment for its clients.

Terra Finance Review, Terra Finance  Platform

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The company is offering bonuses and gifts to investors. Terra Finance brags of providing detailed analytics and spread of 1.1 pips. The firm is offering a Web Trader and MT4 trading platform. They guarantee high security and speed to their clients.

The platform claim to have trading software that eases their activities. You might have come across adverts promoting this entity. Their promoters will say anything to win you over. However, the reality will hit you hard when you realize this is a scam.

The salesperson of this company will call you endlessly, convincing you to of a better deal. They will even assure you that your money will double, triple, or even quadruple. Unfortunately, this fantasy will never come to pass.

Terra Finance Trading Conditions

Terra Finance is an offshore venture that is not regulated. Investors are no pleased with how the platform is operating. The company does use anonymously. Their trading conditions are not known.

Before you invest with any company make, sure you know what other people think about the platform. The company states that it has an MT4 platform; it is a great tool that has excellent features. However, the platform MetaTrader4 is availed by an offshore scam broker.

Despite the platform being suspicious, they have a diverse portfolio. We do not know the corporate that oversees the trading activities of Terra Finance. The company does not disclose the leverage or spread that you should expect.

Their spread is also not lucrative; when we signed up, we found the entity is offering a range of 3 pips on EURUSD. Their leverage is also that of 1:100. The company will make money at your expense.

The company claims to be the best, yet they do not have trading results. Therefore, it is hard to gauge their performance, considering they are also not reputable. Watch out for this firm to avoid losing money.

Снятие и депозит

The platform is accepting funds via Wire Transfer, Piastrix, VISA, and MasterCard. The information is available on their footer. However, scammers use this trick by convincing you they accept any method.

However, you cannot issue a chargeback with scammers. They will provide methods that are hard to trace your money. We cannot verify if the information Terra Finance provides is legit. Additionally, we do not know if the platform is charging any hidden fees.

The platform is charging 20% commission, and they have requirements for their bonuses. Ensure you read the terms and conditions before depositing any funds. That is what scammer will use since they know the majority of the traders might miss the details.

We are yet to see successful investors who have cashed out from this entity. The platform is a Ponzi scheme that claims withdrawal requests are handled instantly. However, we can only see complaints from their clients.

Terra Finance Customer Support

Terra Finance states that their customer support is ready to help. Their office address is at 3 Allee Scheffer2520, Luxembourg. You can contact the entity via email or telephone. There are reports that the company is not responsive.

The contact that they have indicated is only for the showoff. Once you heed to their demands, they will cut all communication. Trading with such a venture is very dangerous. Watch out, and do not give them funds.

A legit company will have professional customer support. Terra Finance appears to be a mastermind of an individual. There is no team involved. The support they brag about does not exist. Take it from those who had ventured with the entity before that the platform is not trustworthy.

Регулирование и регистрация

Terra Finance is a company that does not fall under any financial regulatory body. You should not deal with an entity that does not have a license. It usually does not end well as the majority of them exit the market.

You will not have any protection engaging with this company. Additionally, the platform has received a warning from CNMV. It is the regulatory body of Spain. It is a huge red flag that should not be taken lightly.

Terra Finance is an entity that will not give you back your funds. Additionally, the authority will not come to your aid. Ensure you deal with only the best-licensed platform in the industry. Before you invest your hard-earned money, you should know the trading conditions involved.

Terra Finance Clients Feedback

Terra Finance has terrible reviews coming from its clients. The venture will promise to pay their customers funds but end up not stealing. The company is giving multiple excuses once you request for cash out.

The platform is operating in a very shady manner. Their support is only helpful when they need more funds from traders. However, it will turn into a cat and mouse chance once you agree to their demands.

Former clients are urging traders to stay away for the sake of their money. Stay away from any venture that promises you ridiculous returns. All of them are scammers try to eat from where they did not sow.

The platform has not been in the industry for an extended period. However, they are already infamous for all the wrong reasons. You are dealing with a Ponzi scheme. In case anyone tries to convince you that this is a legit venture, do not buy the lie.

Окончательный вердикт

Terra Finance is not licensed by any financial watchdog. They have also been blacklisted, which is a clear indicator of their fraudulent activities. The company has multiple red flags and loopholes.

Trade with legit forex trading companies in the market that are reputable. You will earn a decent amount of funds. Additionally, your security will be put first.

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