RunnaRiz Review: 8 Reasons Why is a High Risk Investment Platform

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RunnaRiz Review: 8 Reasons Why is a High Risk Investment Platform

RunnaRiz is a Crypto MLM product and service project mostly targeting South African investors. Our review exposes why this platform is a high-risk no no-reward project.

Those who are behind RunnaRiz may have some affiliation with the Ant Ranch scam. It’s not a coincidence that it’s targeting investors from South Africa. Members get a promise of making over 70% ROI in just under 30 days.

What makes RunnaRiz different from Ant Farm is the products on offer. Runna Riz is using Crypto as the main investment option even offering staking options for USDT. Returns are usually within a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 6 months.

Why are we warning investors of this platform especially since it appears legit in the eyes of investors? Lack of accountability and transparency is the main reason why we have to tread carefully with such projects.

RunnaRiz is a High risk no reward crypto MLM project targeting South African investors.

You will notice the platform fails to give the names of the people behind it. This gives those behind a chance to steer clear of any mishaps once the platform decides to go offline. And we believe it will be within the first 6 months of operation.

Long-term investing is the main selling point with investors having no clue who handles funds in this project. We suspect this is another South African-led Crypto MLM product from an unknown South African native.

Here’s our candid Runna Riz Review.

About RunnaRiz

What makes RunnaRiz a high risk no reward platform is the re-investing feature immediately after the first vesting period lapses. You won’t get to withdraw funds unless you deposit funds for the next tier plan.

Investors are lured into this project thanks to the huge bonus and commission claims listed. Members earn a maximum of 15 percent commission to a minimum of 5 percent depending on the affiliate level.

The minimum acceptable deposit is R500 or USDT in equivalent with the platform preferring crypto payment. RunnaRiz fails to inform investors of any third party source of revenue to help build the so-called ROI.

If this was a staking platform, investors would get the information needed in a staking project. These includes nodes used and number of total staked assets. So far, the platform hopes investors will blindly sign up without asking questions.

Once sign up numbers drop, signs of cracks will start to emerge on the platform. And this is why you need to steer clear as this will lead to massive losses for investors. Does the platform allow withdrawal?

Partial withdrawal is available which is a trap set. More investors get carried away by partial withdrawals believing the platform is actually making the projected ROI. Little do they know it’s a tactic to ensure they lure in more investors without using expensive marketing tactics.

We have seen such antics before and Ant Ranch should be a reminder to all South African investors of how Crypto MLM projects can be risky. RunnaRiz is no different and is likely going to cause another havoc in South Africa.

Without transparency, the best way to move forward is to avoid such antics. If the platform were that successful, the people behind it would want recognition.

How RunnaRiz scam works

Here’s how RunnaRiz came to the scene and is currently taking in new sign ups. It all starts with the claim of offering ROI from Crypto investments which they fail to mention. As an investment firm, you have to ask whether there’s any oversight.

And the answer is no, there’s no oversight when it comes to investing with an unregulated platform. It puts all funds at risks as there’s no insurance cover to mitigate losses in case of bankruptcy or insolvency.

After pulling in investors, the platform will look spread the deposits among users whose vesting period is closer. That means the platform diverts funds from one user to another to create the allure of a successful vesting period.

That’s not just it, the platform allows partial withdrawals to help cement the plot. You even get incentivized to bring in close family and friends with huge bonuses and commissions. At the end of the day, the platform ends up having all the deposits hurdled in a personal wallet.

With claims of earning 70% monthly returns, even banking institutions would have a go. That’s not the case as the platform rarely manages to achieve the set targets. We have a well-crafted Ponzi scheme targeting South African investors.

With anonymity a clear picture painted on RunnaRiz, it means chances of losing funds are high. We suspect the platform will also turn up again with the same product but, under a different name.

Authorities are still after the perpetrators of Ant Ranch and we believe they will find clues to who is running these Crypto MLM projects in South Africa. Don’t fall for what is offering.

Scammed by

RunnaRiz will allow partial withdrawals which is a make-believe the platform earns ROI. What investors fail to understand is that the partial withdrawals are either their initial deposit or from the deposited pool from other investors.

After withdrawing for two or three times, the platform will then send an email claiming you have successfully qualified to join the second tier plan. And this offers investors a chance to even earn more daily guaranteed ROI.

To join the next tier, you have to add an additional deposit value that matches the requirement. The platform promises to compound all your balances on this second plan. However, that won’t happen.

At this point, RunnaRiz is already aware whether you’re all in or all out with the project. And this leads to the platform pulling the plug on some of the accounts. Investors who fail to add funds and demand a full reimbursement get the kick.

That’s how investors end up losing funds with

Customer and User Complaints RunnaRiz

A customer by the name Anushka is wary of the fact that he invested in Ant Ranch and has put some more funds with Runna Riz. He was one of the first members to sign up with and failed to deposit for the third tier.

Tired of not accessing all his funds and wanting out, he requested a full withdrawal of R7, 000. It came as a surprise as the platform responded with a warning claiming he was breaching withdrawal terms and conditions.

Funny enough, the platform doesn’t have a withdrawal or any other terms and conditions. It’s clear the owners know he wants out and won’t allow access to his funds. And the trend will continue as long as the platform signs up new players.

Beware of such investment projects in the future and do due diligence.

Is RunnaRiz Legit or Scam?

RunnaRiz is definitely a high risk no reward platform failing to offer investors a chance to grow. This is the platform that doesn’t offer investors a chance to engage with proper crypto investment ventures that offer realistic profit margins.

From failing to offer authenticity to lack of oversight, the platform is full of anonymity which is a red flag.


From what we have seen, it’s best to stay away from Crypto MLM products targeting South African investors. RunnaRiz is not a worthy crypto investment project.

You can best move forward by investing in realistic staking projects tested by experts and the crypto community.

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