Safeneo Review: Full-Blown Scam Steals Coins!

Safeneo Review: Full-Blown Scam Steals Coins!

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Safeneo is a phony operation whose mission is to steal Bitcoin from their clients. Safeneo has a digital ”smart wallet” called Bitcoin cash. They claim that Bitcoin Cash is the world’s most popular digital wallet because it’s safe, easy to use and also convenient for those who don’t prefer mainstream banking.

Safeneo also claims that they are using the latest technology to build a radically better financial system. On top of that, they proclaim that this software has empowered over 20 million transactions in some 140 countries where clients transacted with Safeneo at various points in time

And finally, the website claims that they have tools that can help users analyze the burgeoning digital economy for convenience.

When did Safeneo come into the picture? Well, according to this website, Safeneo started its operation in 2013. But according to, this website is registered under the name of someone called Dmitriy Grigorevich Petrov, a resident of Kiev.

The registration date for this website is 2017-11-09 as opposed to 2013. Therefore, already we can see that this website is publishing statements that are not true. Alarms should go off by this time.

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Safeneo Review

What they are calling Bitcoin cash is just nothing but a big hoax. It’s a scam. You see, the moment you put your coins here, the website will automatically change ownership of those coins to the scammer, and that will be the end of you getting access to your money.

Nevertheless, the homepage refutes these allegations by publishing a statement saying that does not hold your keys for you. They also claim that they cannot access your account or change your keys, reset passwords or reverse transactions.

Is this statement true? Is it a re-assurance that your coins will be safe once they find their way into Safeneo’s bank account?

No way, there is no guarantee. In fact, these scammers do have full access to your keys. They can indeed reverse transactions or manipulate them the way they see fit. It’s their website after all, and these operations are carried out by them.

Now that we caught them lying pants down, we are absolutely sure that everything else that is found on this website is either misleading or is a lie.

Let’s start with the owner of this site. First off, nowhere on this site have they been introduced. Instead, the website uses fake introductory statements like ”We are a team of competent professionals with a vision to empower you financially.”

To re-assure their audience that their software is secure, they claim that all assets of their clients are stored in an offline vault where it will be safe from malicious attacks.

They also claim that clients can secure their wallets by adding security codes and using their email or phone numbers to authenticate transactions.

Of course these things are meant to instill some form of confidence towards Safeneo. But it doesn’t meant that this is what will happen if you give them your money.

As you can see, this is a very new website with no history or reputation at all. And already they lied of their registration date by saying that they came online in 2013 when the website was registered just the other day.

safeneo stats

The fake stats on this website are unbelievable. How can a website that is only a couple of days old acquire so many users? It’s suspicious.

In fact, we don’t know where they are getting the above numbers from. Even the alleged estimated number of transactions per day does not make any sense. It only gives a false impression that Safeneo is a busy website when that is very far from the truth.

To confirm those numbers, we’d be forced to check if other investors are talking about this website on the internet. We need to know what they are saying and afterwards, we can get a clue on the average number of people who are possibly using their services. We will be getting to this shortly.

Who’s in charge of Safeneo?

This is possibly a one man army operation where people are invited to deposit their digital coins so that they can be scammed.

The owner remains anonymous on the website. Until you conduct due diligence in trying to find out about them elsewhere, chances are that you will transfer your money without even knowing whom that money is going to.

At the very least, we know that the person running this site is called Dmitriy Grigorevich Petrov. Does this mean that we can recover our money if the deals turns sour (because this is a guarantee)? Nope. It only means that once you transfer your coins to this scammer (who is an anonymous person by the way), that will be the end of it all.

Similarly, the so-called employees of this company have never been introduced to anyone. The new scam just relies on generic information to try convincing investors that they are authentic when that’s far from the truth.

They tell us that when we deal with them, back up is not required because coins are stored in a secure cloud facility.

safeneo does not chage any fees or commission

They also claim that the company does not charge any fees or commission. Our question is this: if Safeneo does not charge any fees, is there any logical way to sustain this business? Definitely this does not make sense, and it’s one of the things we are looking for as red flags.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is an important part of any business’ marketing operation. A website that claims fame like Safeneo is definitely expected to attract so much attention on the web especially if we consider the allegations that they have handled 13,581,791 happy clients in the past. This is a very big number of people to have as clients.

On the same note, we are expecting these people to write their testimonials and reviews concerning their experience with Safeneo. We don’t expect ghost clients who are announced by the numbers but are largely absent when it comes to matters related to discussing Safeneo.

Don’t you find it strange that despite this number, none of these people have ever come out from the closet to say that they did business with Safeneo. In fact, not a single customer testimonial can be found anywhere on the internet, not even on the website of Safeneo.

This is definitely a good indication that the website is only lying about customer numbers. It’s a very new business. They have not been around for a long time to attract those numbers. Scams will go an extra mile to mislead prospective clients because they want to steal from them. When you look at this site for instance, you might get convinced that it was registered on 2013. But them, something sinister is happening about it. You can’t just get yourself to believe them since there is nothing that can compel you to do so.


Our best advice for you

Safeneo was designed to attract depositors so that the owner can convert ownership of Bitcoin to himself. It has been blacklisted because there is no evidence that their operation is legitimate. Right from the owner to the website, everything looks suspicious. Your Bitcoin is definitely at risk if you trust them. Stay away.

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