Satominer Review: Scam Bitcoin Mining Service

Satominer Review: Scam Bitcoin Mining Service

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Satominer is a mining platform that promises you massive investment returns as profits. The company further states that you earn through the cloud all through the mining equipment that they offer.

However, no mining equipment is known by the investor, and how they operate also is not transparent. The platform is a definite scam that will rob all your hard-earned money if you believe and fall for their catch. method of operation is murky, and the kind of figures the company claims to generate is also unrealistic. Only trust legit crypto mining companies that offer you a reasonable and achievable amount.

In the past, it was easy for investors to benefit and earn massive returns in the crypto world, but this is not the case nowadays due to the rapid increase in competition in the market. For you to gain profitable pleasing returns, you need to apply patience and general knowledge of crypto mining. Review

The platform founders are unknown, and this is a red flag this company portrays.  Legit platforms always let you know who is operating money for you to earn their trust and as proof of transparency.

Ponzi schemes always use fake investors as examples of happy clients who brag of benefits from the investment firm in a short span. has a table of alleged previous transactions that the company has undertaken to try and hide their murkiness.

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Scammers rarely provide the address, and when they give, this information is made up to hide their identity. is a definite example as no bio information, or the whereabouts of their owners are known to you.

Satominer Review,Satominer Platform

The company claims incorporation in Cyprus according to the about us section. The establishment is just made up to hide the platform’s shadiness. Pyramid schemes always provide fake incorporation data to investors.

Investors with experience in the mining world will immediately realize multiple red flags, and they will not waste a single coin in the investment. claims the minimum benefit is 5.35% daily.

Investors are also promised a 160 percent as monthly profit, and this figure is not achievable even in established platforms. The investment firm claims to mine and generate up to 10% for volunteers in the platform, but how they plan to do the mining is not well elaborated to you.

The platform is an HYIP that claims to generate profit without any support of this claim. The platform portrays itself as an MLM investment.

 How this investment firm plans to mine and generate profit for you is not well known. The platform uses fake incorporation addresses, which is very easily attainable in the UK for meager prices.

Scam platforms will always provide massive return estimation without any prove a pay. The kind of equipment used and the cost of equipment consumes in electricity is also not known. Legit trading platforms always inform you of the type of expert and the level of experience the company claims to have.

Investment plan

Scam platforms always use substantial investment plans to try to get you into depositing money with them. Satominer uses the same scam characteristics and offers you four different investment plans you can choose to invest in and overestimate your returns.

This platform promise investors daily satoshi returns up to 8000. The platform’s investment plans are Basic, Standard, and Professional; the fourth plan is the regular return. The platform promises investors in the professional program 8500 satoshis and up to 333000 for individuals.

The company also claims that investors can benefit from the commission of 14% that they give investors for every new member they invite. However, not be so quick to believe award this platform offers you as no evidence is available as proof of payment to investors.

The only beneficiaries of this investment firm are the company owners. You will not benefit a single dime from this investment, and you will only lose your money on the platform expecting returns.

Fund safety

We cannot guarantee that the platform will offer you the security of your funds because who is operating your money in the platform is not known, how this company works to generate profitable returns for you if not well mention, and you risk losing money.

This platform has fake past transactions of withdrawals and deposits to try and tempt you into believing the company is legit. However, no valid link between the company and the investors who claim to have benefited from it has been provided.

The company also has not provided you with any banking location or any bank account that you can see to believe the platform is legit. Legit trading platforms always offer you co-owners to prove legitimacy, and Satominer is a dangerous scam.

Regulation and Customer Support

no regulatory data has been provided by this investment firm, but they only provide you with the fake incorporation certificate to try and hide their murkiness. Unregulated platforms are not bound by any law, and they smoothly go against the set guidelines in various countries.

This platform provides a fake incorporation certificate claiming that they are a legit business. Under the FCA, which is the official regulatory body in the UK, the company is not featured anywhere.

The founders risk facing criminal prosecution when caught by law enforcers. Regulatory data is essential for any platform to be allowed to generate money from the public. contact support system is not guaranteed because no telephone contact or even email address is available in the company. Legit trading companies will always provide you with a working support system to earn your trust with your deposit.

Domain Insights

According to, the platform was registered in 2019 November on the registration expires in 2020. The domain name for the investment firm is

Final verdict

This platform is unregulated and only proves it, and dangerous come that will rob all your money if you fall for their catch. The method this company plans to operate to generate profits for you is shady and only proves that you will lose money.

It is a common trait among scam companies, and you risk losing money and personal info to criminals. owners are not mentioned, and you are not aware of who is handling your deposit.

No banking data is available, and your funds’ safety is not guaranteed. This alleged investment firm uses fake testimonies and fake deposit and drawing figures to try and prove legitimacy while they’re not legit.

Ponzi schemes always providing false information about the company whereabouts, and usually, they provide you with massive and unachievable profit return margin.  No evidence of any substantial gain is offered to prove this alleged scam company pays investors.

It would be best if you only venture with trusted legit companies that offer you reasonable profits in their investment plans. Once you deposit money in this company, the company will block your details, even delete your account, and you will be unable to track the company.

The mining world is fast-growing and different countries have set different guidelines to protect the public from scammers.  However, this scams platform still exists and the need to observe legit and fake regulatory data before investing in a company.

Ponzi scheme will provide you with registration data claiming its regulatory certificate. uses fake incorporation with address in UK, yet under the FCA, they are not listed anywhere, proving a lie in this statement.

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19 Replies to “Satominer Review: Scam Bitcoin Mining Service”

  1. I have invested and i have earned! Satominer is not scam. My downlines and i, we got our ROI so we are earning profits now. Those live pay outs are real! I pity those people who keep saying Satominer is a scam even without having been an investor to the site. I advised you people to sign up in every site that you are posting here before giving remarks such as SCAM! You dont know how it feels when receiving paynents from Satominer.

    1. I have invest the basic plan in Satominer,and website claimed I withdraw 200,000 Satoshi(2 days ago);but there’s no bitcoin come into my accout!unless they give me the 200000 Satoshi,or that’s a scam!!

    2. Hey Jollibee, the date is now 4/5/19. Where is your precious Satominer and all your money now bahaha?! Glad Im not stupid and tried only the free version, while it lasted lolol…

  2. esta persona que publico es que satominer es un dolido de seguro el si es un estafador que quiere gana*** el publico, deja de dar falsas informaciones i****a, que yo estoy cobrando en satominer sin problemas

  3. my account 85000. per day now i dont know what happend suddenly account rmeoved and my account start from zero my all refer removed its a big scam so becareful

  4. Benar ini scam, ada beberapa tingkatan dalam upgrade dan saya pribadi telah melakukan upgrade sampai keplatinum 1(jika anda pengguna satominer pasti tau) tapi apa yg saya dapat, sebelum saya upgrade keplatinum1 memang semuanya lancar Satoshi terus mengalir dan terbukti masuk ke walet saya tapi semua berubah setelah saya sampai keplatinum1 keesokan harinya saya tidak bisa lagi masuk ke akun saya sampai sekarang. Jika kalian pengguna satominer saran saya upgrade maksimal cuma sampai profesional, karena di titik itu masih terbukti membayar(tapi tidak tau sampai kapan) jangan sampai lebih tinggi dari titik itu jika kalian tidak ingin seperti saya

  5. They either reset your account to the free plan or block your pa**w*** after withdrawal, if very luck they will payout some but you can be sure not to get back what you initially invested. SCAM, use with care

  6. Truffa truffa truffa ho investito x piano professionale e mi ritrovo bloccata senza possibilità di accedere più ….b******i figli di puttana spero lì mangiate di veleno i soldi truffati

  7. its a big scam, i and mys cant log in our own account, it’s stated that i enter a wrong pa**w***, but i input my pa**owrd correctly. now the money we invested are all gone, such a trash satominer.

  8. Hey Jollibee, the date now is 4/5/19. What happened to your precious Satominer and all your money?….They seem to have disappeared bahaha! Glad I only tried the free version, while it lasted lolol.

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