Save Crypto Staking Review: Why Should You Avoid Staking Your Coins In This Company?

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Save Crypto Staking Review: Why Should You Avoid Staking Your Coins In This Company?

Save Crypto Staking is a crypto company that is presenting itself as a unique and reliable staking platform. According to the company’s website –, it is an international platform that works with various crypto-staking schemes to provide profits to users.

However, it is important to note that staking crypto coins is not something that is new in the crypto trading industry. In fact, many people love staking coins as it allows them to earn a significant amount of profits by simply holding the crypto coins over a long period.

It is important to analyze the various features and promises of Save Crypto Staking in detail to determine whether it is a trustworthy platform.

Overview of Save Crypto Staking states that the company was formed to put a special focus on the future and help people achieve financial freedom via crypto staking. Moreover, the website states many other feel-good marketing points to convince the users that this platform can change their lives for the better.

The company has plans to launch its own crypto token in the future. also mentions that the company will be launching NFT and Metaverse in the future. It shows that the main focus of the company is on promoting its future potential projects instead of providing complete details about what it actually does right now.

Nevertheless, the limited amount of information available about the current business model shows that the company is asking users to stake their own crypto holdings in exchange for a certain amount of profits over a specific time period.

Save Crypto Staking Logo

Domain Insights

Even though the content of is trying to make the company seem like a legitimate and experienced platform, the truth is it was recently founded in 2022. It shows that the company does not have any significant experience in the crypto industry.

Moreover, the website is not well-designed, so amateurs are likely running the company. Poor design and lack of information from Save Crypto Staking further confirm that the company is not being transparent about its working procedures. Instead, its only focus is on getting as much investment as possible before its collapse.

A comprehensive domain analysis of also shows that it is not getting any meaningful traffic. It means the company is failing to generate any kind of interest among its target audience. So, it can collapse at any time due to a lack of investment.

Owner of Save Crypto Staking

Just like many other Ponzi schemes, Save Crypto Staking does not provide any details about its owner or any of the team members. It is highly suspicious that is making very tall claims without even providing the name of its owner.

The business model of Save Crypto Staking indicates that it is not a sustainable platform. It can collapse at any time due to lack of investment. Therefore, you should avoid putting any money into it. Instead, you can explore and learn about reliable crypto trading bots to make money through genuine and efficient trading procedures.

Registration Fee of Save Crypto Staking

If you choose to stake your crypto coins with Save Crypto Staking, you will have to make an investment of at least 50 USD. encourages users to invest as much money as possible in the company to make profits.

However, it is important to reiterate that Save Crypto Staking is a highly suspicious platform. It is making a lot of false claims. There is no evidence to suggest that the company will actually give any profits to the investors.

Income Structure of Save Crypto Staking

There are two components of the income structure of Save Crypto Staking. The primary component is linked to the amount of money you invest in the company. On the other hand, the company is also promising certain returns when you recruit people on the basis of affiliate ranks.

Staking Returns

  • Package 1, for which you have to invest $50 to earn 0.4% per day.
  • Package 2, for which you have to invest $100 to earn 0.5% per day.
  • Package 3, for which you have to invest $300 to earn 0.6% per day.
  • Package 4, for which you have to invest $500 to earn 0.7% per day.
  • Package 5, for which you have to invest $1000 to earn 0.8% per day.
  • Package 6, for which you have to invest $2000 to earn 0.9% per day.
  • Package 7, for which you have to invest $1000 to earn 1% per day.
  • Package 8, for which you have to invest $3000 to earn 1.1% per day.
  • Package 9, for which you have to invest $7000 to earn 1.2% per day.
  • Package 10, for which you have to invest $10,000 to earn 1.3% per day.
  • Package 11, for which you have to invest $12,000 to earn 1.4% per day.
  • Package 12, for which you have to invest $15,000 to earn 1.5% per day.

While these returns might seem impressive at first glance, the company has strict terms and conditions that state that the returns will only be paid when they reach at least $300%. The company also expects users to reinvest the amount to keep earning.

Affiliate Ranks

The MLM side of Save Crypto Staking has eight different affiliate ranks. The purpose of these eight affiliate ranks is to convince users to recruit other people for the company. You can qualify for the bonuses on these ranks as per the following structure:

  • Sun Affiliate Rank, for which you have to register as an affiliate.
  • Mercury Affiliate Rank, which recruits others and makes them invest 500 USDT.
  • Venus Affiliate Rank, which recruits others and makes them invest 1000 USDT.
  • Earth Affiliate Rank, which recruits others and makes them invest 2000 USDT.
  • Mars Affiliate Rank, which recruits others and makes them invest 3000 USDT.
  • Jupiter Affiliate Rank, which recruits others and makes them invest 5000 USDT.
  • Saturn Affiliate Rank for which recruit others and make them invest 7000 USDT.
  • Uranus Affiliate Rank for which recruit others and make them invest 10,000 USDT.

Features of Save Crypto Staking

Save Crypto Staking tries its best to seem like a legitimate and reliable platform by promoting various features. Some of these key features are:


Security has always been an issue in the crypto trading and staking industry. claims to have state-of-the-art security protocols. Yet, it does not mention the details or even the name of such high-end protocols. There is a high chance that the company is making false claims of being a safe and secure platform only to get investment from users.

Quick Transactions

Another tall claim of is that it conducts quick and easy transactions. However, the income structure of the company is quite complicated. You cannot withdraw your own money without hitting a certain threshold.


Save Crypto Staking is promoting itself as the most reliable and efficient platform out there for crypto staking. However, there are many other reliable platforms and exchanges that are much more trustworthy than this company. In fact, all the metrics point to the fact that Save Crypto Staking is not a trustworthy and reliable platform.


Crypto staking can be a great way of making money in the long run. However, platforms like Save Crypto Staking do not actually offer staking features. Instead, the primary focus of is on convincing the users about its legitimacy and getting their investment before it collapses due to lack of investment. 

Overall, Save Crypto Staking is definitely not a reliable company to invest in. It can collapse at any time, and you will end up losing your investment. Instead, you should consider using crypto trading bots to make money via reliable crypto trading methods. 

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