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Bitcoin Halving – The once in a lifetime opportunity

A halving event for BTC is an event that reduces the block reward and by definition the remaining amount of potential supply of BTC. Once a halving occurs, the reward given to miners is divided by two, this means the miners with all their masses of expensive equipment and huge energy costs will only receive half of what they used to for mining the same amount of new blocks.

As halving evnets are so rare and few in number, plus the fact that over 90% for BTC specifically has already been mined, it is a pretty simple math equation to understand that right after such a halving event prices are expected to soar to the heavens. There is ample potential for the pirce of one single bitcoin to rise to a total USD value of $100,000 within just a single annual period – this is the opportunity of a lifetime for anyone who owns, trades with or interacts with Cryptocurrency in general.

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Why does a halving event have to happen?

The halving events are one of BTC’skey selling points, but Satoshi Nakamoto never explained his particular reasoning or need for capping the total supply of BTC at twenty-one million units. Some speculate that it’s merely a product of organic needs asa block subsidy of 50 BTC can get halved every 210,000 blocks making the math at least very neat and tidy.

Supply and Demand games – Time to earn

Having a known and set finite supply means that BTC and all other Cryptocurrencies are not prone to debasement (losing their value) in the long run. It stands in absolute opposite contrast to classic FIAT money, which loses its purchasing power over time as new cash is printed by the world banks and governments.

Coin creation in Crypto is limited. Both in time and rewards. Over time it becomes increasingly more difficult to mine coins, to create mor coins. Therefore organically you have a natural rise in value and price. This escalates until all coins are mined, which also means right now even you as a potential nebie into Crypto, could become one of the richest Crypto holders in the world buy having as little as 0.5BTC. Think about that, to be one of the 1% for FIAT money you would need a Jeff Bezos size bank account. To buy 0.5BTC as of today you would need just $5000 – quite a contrast! In addition there is a high potential for Bitcoin to rise to a total value of $100,000 or more per coin – so potentially spend $5k today on 0.5 and sell that 0.5 tomorrow for $50,000, the price jumps can be that drastic!

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How long do I have before I miss out?

The next halving event is due this May, 2020. Global countdown timers will confirm once the reward is finally halved, and at that time those positioned with the right connected services are aligned to crate many new millions and billions of USD value.


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