Securza FX EA Review – Good Forex System or Scam?

Securza FX EA Review – Good Forex System or Scam?

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Securza FX robot is an Expert Advisor whose promotion is centered around the idea that you will be extremely successful and profitable in Forex trading as long as you invest in it.

The website of Securza FX robot announces that this expert advisor is currently the best in class. It even promises a 60% monthly return on investment.

This is too good to be true. Most fake developers run an aggressive marketing campaign where they tell their customers that their programs are the best and most profitable. But when put to task, these programs end up burning their customers’ accounts.

So for this reason, we will doubt the claims made by Securza FX robot website.

Instead, we will look at it objectively and only discuss facts as opposed to marketing declarations which in most cases are not backed by any fact.

Securza FX robot review: here’s what you need to know

First of all, Securza FX robot is a relatively new expert advisor designed to trade on the popular MT4 platform.

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The developer boasts that this expert advisor has been performing extremely well on live account testing. There are even a few graphs here and there to try justifying those claims.

In theory, we can see that indeed Securza FX robot has been performing well on the allegedly tested accounts.

However, in order to look at it objectively, there is need to evaluate the strategy that is being used here to achieve the alleged results.

Securza FX robot strategy

The first thing I noticed was that this developer was being economical with information concerning the strategy of this expert advisor. The strategy that this expert advisor uses is not mentioned anywhere on the website.

We actually have to figure it out on our own to come up with a conclusive and satisfactory explanation for purposes of writing this review.

As far as this is concerned, the developer claims on the website that Securza FX robot does not scalp the market or engage in what is called ”averaging”.

Actually, this is the first clue that we will be using to lead us into finding out the most likely strategy used in this EA.

The table below shows how this expert advisor has been performing on the EURUSD pair. Surprisingly, this table tells me a different story altogether.

Sekurza FX Recent OIrders

From what I can see on the table above, it’s easy to suspect that Securza FX robot uses some kind of grid/martingale strategy. Those results have been filtered down to a single trade instrument – EURUSD.

That trade history shows that the volume of trades was increasing in a manner that suggests a geometrical progression pattern.

Another important thing to note is that this expert advisor was probably ”flipping” positions. I mean, once it opens a long position and closes it, it follows the previously closed position with a short one.

It appears that Securza FX uses some sort of an interesting formula to figure out where the potential entry points or grid levels are so that it can take it from there in an interesting way.

Past performance: what can we deduce from those?

This expert advisor has been running for a relatively short period of time (since it was launched early this year). The live testing was done on a cent account at a brokerage firm called FXTM.

These results were tracked by FXBlue and not Myfxbook. But it is also important to note that the activities of Securza FX robot were, at one point, registered with myfxbook and not verified. It is not clear why.

Secondly, traders tend to put more trust on myfxbook platform than FXBlue platform — although the two platforms serve the same purpose.

There is also substantial evidence that the developer performed a huge withdrawal in both accounts compared to the amount they spent on deposits.

To be honest with you, this is a troubling sign. It does not give us an accurate picture of how Securza FX EA would perform on a live Forex account that is being used to trade huge lot sizes.

It also proves to be a major problem when it comes to gauging results of automated trading systems that use either of these platforms to showcase their results over time.

Let’s take a look at the cumulative profits that Securza FX EA has generated over time.

profit curve for Securza FX EA

The profit curve first dipped below the zero mark, which indicates that this system had incurred loses. However, it resumed the uptrend and the test proved that  Securza FX EA could make modest profit in the short run.

The second phase of the climb was marked by a major draw down as profits drastically dropped almost to the zero mark. From there, the profit curve resumed its upward run where the performance of Securza FX EA appeared to be relatively stable for a short while.

The total return on investment at the time of writing this review was nearing the 600% mark.

This calculation shows the lowest equity that was left in the account after the final withdrawal was made. These frequent withdrawals have definitely distorted calculations.

Even then, this graph does not show a system that has the capability of reaching and maintaining a 60% monthly return on investments. Therefore, all the profit claims that the website makes should be taken with a grain of salt.

Also, the average pip on a single trade value was -7.1. You can see the graphical representation of what is happening below.

Sekurza FX pips

This is a matter that is entirely based on position sizing. It’s the reason a system can record negative pips and at the same time make profits.

For instance, if a system loses 50 pips on a 1 lot position and then wins 50 pips in a 2 lot position, it will have made profits at the end of the day. However, when this information is put in terms of pips gained, you realize that zero pips were gained.

Pricing of the Securza FX EA

This expert advisor is fairly priced in the range of most expert advisors.

A single license costs $200 while a double license goes for $269. Users get free lifetime upgrades.

Again, the downside here is that this expert advisor can only handle 6 pairs (as claimed on the website). A money back guarantee does not appear to be in place.

Why we don’t recommend Securza FX EA

The website is full of hype. Most websites that use this approach of marketing end up delivering nothing other than a money-losing program.

Secondly, there is a lot of pressure sales tactics going on. Claims that there were only 32 copies left was obviously an indication that this developer was desperate to push his product to the masses out there. Why the harry if this product is so good?

If they are confident enough that Securza FX EA will perform well on every account, they should not appear desperate to get people buying the program.

Our best advice for you

Finally, this Forex program seems to be running a sophisticated grid-based system. This system increases lot sizing with the next trade that is opened. Besides that, it flips positions in anticipation that that particular trade will turn extremely profitable when the increased lot size is factored in.

All in all, these strategies of trading are very dangerous. It’s the reason why I don’t recommend Securza FX EA. But on the other hand, I strongly advice that traders should use these Forex products instead.

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