Shamayal Review: Is a Scam?

Shamayal Review: Is a Scam?

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Today we are looking at a robotic fund management company that promises to show us their 3 year old trading portfolio. Shamayal also claims that they are transparent and will generate returns of between 7% to 12% every month. According to this team, there are 5 steps processes that can help them generate these returns. This is definitely an interesting fund management website and so we will try very hard to discuss every specific element of the site, their trading results and anything that might of importance as far as this review is concerned.

The first thing we want to know is their location. The website claims that they are located at Millington Rd, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 4AZ, United Kingdom. There is a high chance that they are located in the UK but to be honest, we cannot believe that the specific address which they are showing here represents their actual location. The team has disappointed us in terms of introductions as they have not introduced any of the traders that work behind the curtains. In such a setup, we are always expecting proper introductions because, without it, an investor will most likely believe that this is a business that lacks transparency and professionalism. Considering at the base of this product, it is fund management, I would like to know more about the traders and managers, to understand what type of experience they’ve had in the Forex marketplace.

For that reason, we are highly recommending these Forex trading products as they have been proven to work as claimed on their respective sales pages. If you want to make money, the best thing you can do for yourself is to choose the most relevant product or service on that page.

Shamayal review

Shamayal refers to its fund management service as robotic fund management. This website also offers automated trading products in addition to Forex signals but the most advertised service is their fund management. These people should just be selling Forex robots and signals instead of focusing on a wide range of products. Most of the time a website that focuses on several products and services at the same time will not guarantee quality in all areas. They believe that the kind of service which they offer at Shamayal is designed for traders who want to expand their portfolio or those who do not have enough time to trade. It is also built for traders who are having a hard time mastering how to trade properly because of their emotions.

Shamayal claims that they have consistently managed to attain a win rate of 70% each month for the last decade. In this case, we would like to know whether it is true that this team has been in business for the last 10 years. It should be easy to find out because all we will be required to do is check the date in which the site was created. They claim that by managing accounts, and publishing market research and trade ideas that they can help shape a traders trading approach. I can’t seem to find any published market research trade ideas though. Maybe this is in some sort of a members area that I don’t have access to.

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This team works in tandem with a broker called Finprotrading. That means if you want to utilize their fund management service, you will have to open an account with that broker and choose “” as your fund manager, map their account, view live trading performance and expect 7-12% returns every month. We are hoping that these claims can be verified because if this is not the case, this can be such an unfortunate thing. We do not expect  Shamayal to advertise their services in this manner and yet they are not providing any evidence of performance to support their multiple claims.

Another thing you should know is that creating an account with just any other broker is always not a good idea. The truth is that not all brokers are trustworthy and even if they can be trusted, what about their reliability? You must seek to know the conducts of the broker in question and this can be done through research on the internet. Once you find out that the broker has a reputation, you can go ahead and open an account provided the money manager is able to prove their performance.

The thing you should know

Shamayal is not accepting deposits directly from investors. Instead, it is directing investors to deposit funds with their affiliated broker and this is never free as you deposit real funds and they eat commission. But as long as they can always keep their end of the bargain, it is fine. As long as they can generate the alleged returns on a consistent basis, you do not need to worry (assuming you have also done your research on the broker you are depositing money with). While there is nothing wrong with this method of doing business, it has been observed that directing users to deposit money with brokers on the internet so the money manager can generate their commission is a practice that is widely popular among binary options scams.

The second concern that we wished to discuss about this service is the lack of discussion concerning their trading strategy and methodology. If you are going to trust somebody with your money, you will need them to briefly describe their trading strategy and how they are going to invest your money with limited risk. You just don’t want to go in the blind trusting someone who claims to be a trader and yet they cannot get into the specifics of how they do it.

Our best advice for you

There is only one account which has not been traded since the year 2016. Shamayal stopped tracking results for this account in November 2016. So the conclusion is that their trading results section is lacking. They need to properly document their work and present it to investors. Having said this, we are still championing for these products. 

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