Signal Samurai Scam – Money Ripping Bot Exposed!

Signal Samurai Scam – Money Ripping Bot Exposed!

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Are you looking for desperate measures to uplift your trading career and had little success so far? If yes, then it is time to bring a change. The change is only possible if you can decipher the scam trading systems. We at Valforex are always watchful against the scammers. Just recently, we could unleash yet another scam. This was none other than Signal Samurai that claims to be a system offering binary options signals. We carried out an investigation regarding this system by Kinjo Oda and we have some revelations for you. Read on to know the truth.

Signal Samurai truth exposed!

We will like to start our Signal Samurai Review with the fact that this system not free. The real game starts when you eagerly give your name and email to this system. Usually these scam systems have associations with scam brokers as well. This means that it will be a risky move to give in your credentials because as soon as you end up in the member’s area you might have to make a deposit to the unregulated associated broker.

Signal Samurai states that it can increase your profits in no time. However, we could not find any third party proofs on the website so we do not really support this claim. To top it all we were eager to see a video on the website of Signal Samurai but we could not find any and this was yet another disappointing aspect for us. This made up more sceptical about this system.

The video usually gives a complete walkthrough of the system, but in case of Signal Samurai you are deprived of this facility. This trading system claims that it makes use of an advanced algorithm that can trace the market movements. Again we could not find any evidence on the website of Signal Samurai that endorses this fact.

We want to bring to your notice that Signal Samurai makes use of many scam tricks.  Just look at the picture below. This picture is of the Signal Samurai interface. However, you will not notice the fact that the picture is not clear. You can hardly see the widgets in the picture and that is what creates the doubt in our mind. This picture is just a convincing technique to make you feel that the system is offering you a clue about the system.

SignalSamurai scam

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Signal Samurai tries to play the game by stating that it offers two exclusive strategies for the Apprentice VIP account. Now what we feel is that this is just a marketing tactic to lure you to opt for the account. The purpose is to just make you pay a huge amount of money.

Moreover the website of Signal Samurai has loads of fluff information. For example, look at the picture below and you will realize that you are not really getting any technical understanding from the picture given below.

SignalSamurai scam review

Signal Samurai has more loopholes that we wish to reveal right here. We noticed the fact that this system only offers an email system. Now this was yet another unpleasant surprise for us. Now we are quite aware of the fact that scammers do not bother to answer the traders. To make matters worse, Signal Samurai does not offer live chat support as well. This assured us that this system would never take the pain to address your queries.

We also felt that the demo for Signal Samurai is not available and this also made us sceptical about this system. We felt that we cannot just trust this system blindly. Now the absence of a demo indicates that the makers are not giving you a fair chance to evaluate this system and this is what makes this system a bad choice.

By doing our bit of research we found out that apparently Signal Samurai makes use of the Ankyo Strategy and Koudo Strategy. The Koudo strategy is basically utilized by Apprentice VIP account. It revolves around the concept of Fibonacci. Another strategy that is applicable to the Apprentice VIP account is the Ankyo Strategy. This strategy apparently discovers the market trends.

However, we could not get any idea about the application of these strategies from the website. This is why we became apprehensive about this system and we feel that it is a pathetic choice. We also noticed that Signal Samurai does not have online presence. Apparently it seems that there is no Facebook or Twitter account for this system.

Scam Personalities behind Signal Samurai

Well, the mastermind is Kinjo Oda who apparently seems to be the creator of Signal Samurai. We somehow did not feel like trusting this person so we decided to do the research on our part. We could not find any information about this person that proves the point that he is more of a fictitious character.

We believe that when the maker of a trading system is not reliable then you just cannot trust the system at all. Moreover we could not find any testimonials on the website of Signal Samurai and this endorsed our doubts. The reason that the testimonials are not there is simply because no credible traders have used this system. In simple words the makers of Signal Samurai have no proof to present on their website.

We believe that if you decide to opt for this trading system, it will be just waste of time and money. We strongly recommend that you should invest your time in learning the tricks and tips of binary option trading to benefit in the real sense of the word.

Verdict: Signal Samurai is Scam!
Scam Site: https://www.Signal

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  1. The lack of chat support made me feel like this was a scam immediately. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in feeling this

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