Signals24 Review: A Total Joke And A SPAM Signal Provider

Signals24 Review: A Total Joke And A SPAM Signal Provider

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It’s quite unfortunate that many Forex signal providers have been engaging in cat and mouse games with their clients. They make promises which they cannot fulfill.

And when their clients fail to get value for money, no one takes responsibility for their losses, thanks to their silly terms and conditions which always work in their favor.

We’ve just encountered a Forex signal provider called Signals24. We’ve also established that this signal provider is after playing dirty games with their clients, and they make money in the process while their clients lose.

Signals24 has received a lot of criticism everywhere on the web. There is not a single user review that says positive things about this provider.

Previous users are actually saying that Signals24 is a scam. We are also of the view that Signals24 is not serious about this business, hence no one should spend money on their signals if that is the case.

In the meantime, we will be addressing these allegations to clear the air once and for all.

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Signals24: Who They Are and What you Stand to Achieve from Them

You already know that they are a ”signal provider” targeting investors who want to trade Forex.

Their win rate is supposedly 95%. These are delivered within the first 6 hours of signing up with them for free.

By the way, the site claims that people can sign up for free to use their signals for 2 weeks, after which they’ll be forced to pay a subscription fee to continue using this service.

It’s not clear how much users will be paying after this ”trial” period is over. Pricing is not listed on the site, and thus you have to send them an email or ”chat” with them on the site to inquire further.

This kind of arrangement also makes us think that this signal provider is offering signals based on quotation.

If, at all, they are offering signals, then it’s very likely that each clients will be asked to pay a different subscription fee based on their demand and other things like their level of desperation to use this service.

These are just speculations which could turn into reality in situations where pricing is not listed publicly for everyone to see. It’s the weirdest thing we’ve ever encountered on a signal provider’s website.

Signals24: A Total Joke, and Here’s Why

Like every other false signal service out there, this one too has previous users expressing their disappointments for using their signals.

The success rate for Signals24 looks great on the official website. However, this success rate cannot be simulated on a live account.

Also, because it’s free for the first 2 weeks, many people have since tested their service and reported the same story.

All of them seem to gravitate towards one conclusion: that Signals24 is a joke, and sending bogus signals is what they do best.

We were not left behind either, so we tried their service as well. And after the 2 weeks were complete, we were left disappointed and astonished.

We never got a share of the monthly pips which they claimed to have achieved that month. During the 2 week period of our subscription, we also came to learn that signals24 is a very lousy service.

Yes, we got signals. We cannot deny this. However, at no point did they tell us to Buy or Sell. They just said ”Open Trade” without naming the direction in which the trade was supposed to take.

Once the trade had taken whichever direction it went, these guys got back to us with claims that they netted a specific number of pips in that particular trade, and that we should now see how their signals are always ”successful”.

We think this is the joke of a century, and we suspect foul play in the manner in which they conduct their business operations.

And obviously you’d expect this type of Forex signal provider to come back to you while boasting how the market went in their favor. But this is not the case since they always take whichever direction the market will have taken.

Remember, there is no announcing Buy or Sell. It’s up to you to figure out whether you want to Buy or Sell.

And at this point, we don’t even see the need for signals24 to send us their bogus alerts. They are not helping their users in any way. Finally, we scouted other user reviews online and discovered same story.

Therefore, we strongly believe that this signal service deserves a one star rating because they are literally offering nothing. The person running this website is not committed to this service at all.

This makes it very risky to conduct any form of financial transactions with them. You are strongly encouraged against doing this kind of thing.

Signals24 has the worst customer service ever

When you sign up to the signals24 platform, you will obviously receive a welcome email.

Try to reply to that email and what you receive is a failed delivery notice. No such recipient exists.

We moved to their ”contact us” page on the signals24 website instead. This too didn’t work.

So we tried engaging them in a chat. Thankfully, they offer this feature on their website.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer live chat, and this forces you to leave a message behind. There is no guarantee that they will give a response either.

What is more, their welcome email is not informative enough to compel users to take their signal service seriously.

It doesn’t have any information with regards to their signals or trade copier — if at all they offer one.

It appears that signals24 website was primary setup to collect user contact details. The website looks very dormant.

Facebook fan page

We checked out their Facebook fan page and discovered that this too was a joke. Well, that page has some 9,000 follower.

User activity is okay. The problem is that all these users seem to be very irrelevant. They always discuss things that are out of the topic, i.e. not related to signals24.

Were these comments or followers purchased? Definitely it’s a sign that they were purchased.

Performance cannot be verified

There’s a graph showing how their signals have been performing in the past. They claim to have netted 700+ pips in May 2017. And then in June 2017, the number of pips achieved skyrocketed to over 4,000, which is not realistic. How could they have possibly achieved this dramatic improvement? scam
Results can’t be verified

In short, guys have complained of the fact that signals24 is a spam provider. Their signals are falsely represented on their site. They lose trades 95% of the time — which is why they’ve been labeled scam.

Registering your details on their site is only good for their agenda which is to collect your contact details so that they may lure you with future promotions.

Our Best Advice for You

Signals24 offers a bogus signal service. You should never spend a penny on this service as you will never get value for what you pay.

On the same note, we want to spare you the rat race by pointing you towards these Forex products instead. They are our top-rated Forex products which we are recommending to those who want to make money as retail traders. Good luck!!

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2 Replies to “Signals24 Review: A Total Joke And A SPAM Signal Provider”

  1. Thank you for this i thought i was crazy because the signals i was getting and the performance they claim on their site was so different. Although i was told if it was a buy or sell, the signals were very poor and i was very surprised when i saw +3000 pips in June which i believe is a lie because i traded the June signals. I’m just glad i used a demo account to trade their signals and i didn’t use their EA or else who knows what would have happened to my real account. I wouldn’t recommend signals24 to anyone and i believe this review is spot on.

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