Sii Global Review: Digital Services Crypto Scam

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Sii Global Review: Digital Services Crypto Scam

Sii Global claims to be an all-in-one platform for digital services. According to its website,, the company has offices at more than 88 locations. Moreover, it also claims to be founded in the late 1970s. However, there is no indication that it was established three decades ago. In fact, its domain was only registered in 2017. It has ventured into the crypto industry by providing crypto mining and trading services. In this article, you will get to know about various aspects of its company, especially the compensation structure that is based on affiliate memberships.

What is Sii Group? states that it is a group of digital services that covers every major modern service. However, the company is clearly targeting the crypto industry by claiming that its crypto-mining system is the leading mechanism in the industry. Furthermore, the company is also claiming to be a combination of technology consulting and digital service.

Without giving any proof, Sii Group states that it is supporting a large number of economic sectors and industries by providing its modern crypto trading services. However, it is very evident the company is only trying to attract people by making such tall claims. keeps mentioning itself as some sort of state-of-the-art organization. In truth, it has a very traditional compensation structure like any other crypto MLM company.

History of Sii Group

The origins of Sii Group are quite unclear. gives an address in Paris. The site also supports English and French, which indicates that the company is running from France. However, its registration shows that the company is based in Mexico.

Miguel Angel Arroyo is the CEO of Sii Group. According to Arroyo’s social media profiles, he is an industrial engineer. He also claims to have years of experience in creating extensive networks for numerous MLM companies. However, none of his previous ventures were associated with the crypto industry. This seems to be the first time that Arroyo is trying to enter the crypto trading and mining industry. is full of mix and contradictory marketing messages. The company keeps switching between crypto mining and trading services. In fact, it never makes it clear that which services are predominately used to compensate the affiliates.

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How to Join Sii Global?

Sii Global does not offer any retail products or services. Affiliate memberships are the only way of participating in the compensation structure of the company. One other important thing about the joining plan is that is marketing its membership plan as free. However, there is no use of free affiliate membership. To earn profits from the company, you must buy one of the following packages:

  • $125 for Start Pack
  • $250 for Exec Pack
  • $500 for Master Pack
  • $1000 for Elite Pack

It is clear that Sii Global is a suspicious company because it is asking for a significant amount of investment without giving any solid details about its working procedures. You should not invest in because it has very shady working procedures. Even if it is involved in crypto mining, it is evident that the company is hiding all of its essential business information. In contrast, you can invest in crypto mining companies that provide reliable and efficient services. These companies are well-established in the crypto industry and offer maximum support to make the mining process profitable and successful.

Compensation Structure of Sii Global

The major difference between different packages of Sii Global is the earning opportunity. gives the following breakdown of the income structure:

  • Members of the Start Pack can earn 50 cents to $1 per day for 125 days.
  • Members of the Exec Pack can earn $1 to $3 per day for 150 days.
  • Affiliates of the Master Pack can earn $3 to $6 per day for 200 days.
  • Affiliates of the Elite Pack can earn $6 $16 per day for 300 days.

The company claims that this money is generated from crypto mining activities. However, it does not mention the mining process. Moreover, there is no indication that Sii Global is actually mining any sort of crypto coins. It is highly possible that the company is using money from the new members to pay the old affiliates.

How to Earn Commissions from Sii Global?

If you want to earn profits and bonuses from, you have to keep building your binary team by recruiting new members. The first level of a binary team has two positions. On the second level, there are four positions, and so on. The company supports both direct and indirect recruitment to get as many affiliates as it can. promises the following crypto points:

  • Members of the Start Pack can get 100 points by recruiting affiliates.
  • Members of the Exec Pack can get 200 points by recruiting affiliates.
  • Affiliates of the Master Pack can get 400 points by recruiting affiliates.
  • Affiliates of the Elite Pack can get 900 points by recruiting affiliates.

Daily Bonuses

Sii Global promises daily bonuses upon building a large team and fulfilling the affiliate’s criteria. However, there is no proof that the company actually pays such bonuses. $250, $500, $1000, and $10,000 bonuses are promised to the affiliates of Start, Exec, Master, and Elite Pack, respectively.

Achievement Ranks

Achievement bonuses are the final part of Sii Global’s compensation structure. The company has the following bonus ranks:

  • Sapphire Rank at which you have to recruit at least two affiliates to get an iPad
  • Ruby Rank at which you have to recruit at least four affiliates to get a smartphone
  • Emerald Rank at which you have to recruit at least six affiliates to get a laptop
  • Diamond Rank at which you have to recruit at least eight affiliates to get a ticket to a VIP location
  • Double Diamond Rank at which you have to recruit at least ten affiliates to get a Rolex watch
  • Triple Diamond Rank at which you have to recruit at least twelve affiliates to get a car
  • Ambassador Rank at which you have to recruit at least twenty affiliates to get a deed to a beachfront property
  • Double Ambassador Rank at which you have to recruit at least twenty-four affiliates to get a custom-built beachfront property

Remember that recruiting new affiliates is not the only criterion for earning achievement bonuses. You will also have to generate some specific binary volumes at various levels. However, the company never discloses its crypto mining method, so it is unclear how you will be able to generate a considerable amount of money.

Final Verdict About Sii Global

There are numerous suspicious things about Sii Global that indicates that you should not invest in this company. First of all, it promises you up to 38% of profits from both crypto mining and trading services. The company does not have a clear marketing message. Sometimes, it describes itself as a leading crypto mining company, and other times it claims to be a crypto trading platform.

Moreover, its claims of mining top crypto coins since 2016 are simply not true. All of the crypto mining companies successfully operating have sort of official data or registration with the regulatory authorities. However, Sii Global does not have any official registration data. Therefore, it would be much better if you avoid investing in this company and check out the trustable crypto mining companies. These companies have all the modern equipment required for successful crypto mining that can help you in earning good amount of money. 

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