Simba Miner Pro Review: Filthy Scam

Simba Miner Pro Review: Filthy Scam

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Simba Miner Pro is a platform that allegedly deals with BTC mining. The platform claims that investors can use their laptop or computer CPU to mine.

Mining requires a lot of power and hardware. There is no logic in what the company offers its clients a laptop cannot handle mining activities. is a unique Ponzi scheme that does not offer members an affiliate program. We find that most of the pyramid scheme relies on their victims to drive more traffic on their platform.

The platform goes further and assures their clients at least a daily return of 0.5BTC through mining. The investment company urges all the investors’;newbies and experts to join the Firm and make a decent income.

Simba Miner Pro Review, Website

However, the problem is that this company is not legit. It is a pyramid scheme that offers absurd returns to its clients. Do not fall for their fraudulent narratives.

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The narrative does not add up all investors have to do is install the software, put some personal details, and from nowhere, you will start earning free BTC.

CPU mining is not as profitable as Simba Miner Pro has put it. A lot of people still don’t know how crypto investment works. There is a misconception that digital mining is a get rich quick scheme.

Mining needs a bit of intricate research, and a lot of effort is required. There is also expensive software that you need to purchase. asks clients to pay a particular fee after decryption. This platform is a scam that you should keep off.

They will ask you for personal information when registering, and they can use it against you.

The investment company offers Bitcoins miners a 100% return from their mining activities. The narrative that this platform has outlined is vivid, and many newbies may fall for it. Review

The platform claims to look for Blockchain blocks that are the leading in the market. software search for natural and leading blocks and decrypt the Blockchain.

The company has an amusing narrative that expert miners would detect the red flags and avoid the platform at all costs.

The platform uses an algorithm that has been concealed from other big miner pools due to the hefty losses that are associated with their servers.

The platform claims to decrypt blocks within 2 minutes that generate around 0.3 BTC. There is nothing exceptional about this investment company.

The company is unique than most of the other scams in that they have laid down a fake story of how they attain their vast returns.

The platform states that they have the best software in the market that help their investors to yield the profits. The maximum amount that clients can yield is around 0.5BTC in a day.

In the past, it was easy to attain high returns through mining. A lot of investors made a noteworthy amount. Currently, there are so many big fish in the market, and it is difficult for small investors to thrive in this market.

Simba Miner Pro allegations are worthless, and investors will only lose funds in this platform. The company assures clients that they will be able to mine numerous Bitcoins using a laptop or desktop PC. encrypt investors’ connections instantly. The platform claims to be a free bitcoin miner. They use a VPN to hide users’ IP addresses. The platform can only be accessed by window users.

How Does Simba Miner Pro Operate?

The company claims to offer investors a secure method that will assist them in earning Bitcoin like every other miner.

The company tools are allegedly developed by top-notch developers. Investors should update the latest version.

The investment Firm supposed office location is in the US. Their address is Los Angeles, 769 Aviation Way, CA 90071.

Most scammers are not based on the location they have indicated. You find that they will put up the random addresses to appear legit, but in the real sense, they are operating in an undisclosed location.

Simba Miner Pro have their secure wallet that users can store their funds. It is funny how the investment company claims to have the fastest and best servers in the market, but they do not disclose the location of the serves.

This platform claims they are secure, but they have numerous red flags. For the sake of your fund safety, stay away from this pyramid mining scheme, or else you will lose all your cash.

Everything on the Simba Miner Pro platform is bogus and fake. The site says they have a one month refund policy, but given their nature, once you deposit funds, that will be the last time you will hear from them.

Regulation and Customer support

Simba Miner Pro company is not regulated. Any investment company without licensing certificate abuse regulations and cannot be trusted.

The investment company founders remain unknown. Stay away from companies that are operating anonymously. Avoid this platform at all cost as the only thing you will get from them is unimaginable losses.

Invest with the reliable, legit platform, they are transparent and avail info regarding their founders or the team behind its operations.

You are entitled to know who is dealing with your funds. The security of investors’ money should be their top priority. Lack of critical information is a complete red flag. Avoid trusting ghost investment companies with your cash. Scam Review, Support

The platform claims to offer clients a 24 hr support system. They have put up an email address, [email protected], that investors can use to reach the support.

The platform, just like all other Ponzi scheme, has not listed a phone number that clients can use to reach them.

Once you deposit funds, they will cut all forms of communication. You will never hear from them. That when you will realize you have been conned. Returns and Fees

Simba Miner Pro is a platform that offers clients a return of 0.5 BTC daily. All you have to do is run the software on your computer.

This kind of profits can make an investor a millionaire within no time.  Sadly, this is not realistic or achievable, especially not when you are doing it on your laptop.

Mining requires enormous capital, and if you are a small retail miner, you won’t make the most out of it.

Many risks come along with the mining activity. That why it is so hard to achieve the returns that Simba Miner Pro is offering. Review, Returns

Simba Miner Pro, despite their tempting rewards they do not have a demo account. Investors cannot familiarize themselves with the software or the platform in use.

Furthermore, if this mining company offers the alleged returns, it would be prevalent in the cryptocurrency community.

However, this is not the case, and the platform is not even featured in the top 100 best crypto platforms.

The platform should have so much success rate, especially from those who have benefited from their operation. It is not the case, especially since the company is a Ponzi scheme.

Simba Miner Pro Domain Name

The mining company founder remains anonymous, and there is no information linked to the team behind the platform.

Nevertheless, we were able to gather essential data regarding the company from Whois and Alexa’s website.

The company registered domain name is The registration of the site took place in March 2019 and will expire in 2021 in the same month.

The current company audience remains unknown, and the company is not listed in Alexa Global Rank. Final Verdicts

Funds are not safe in Simba Miner Pro. The platform is not licensed, and it is operating illegally. You will find legit bitcoin mining platform in the market.

The platform has not disclosed critical info regarding their operations. We are not aware of the incurred charges that are involved in the mining activity.

The company has no banking information. There is a high probability that the suspicious platform will exit the market with investors’ money.

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