SirFX Review: Is it an Indicator Scam?

SirFX Review: Is it an Indicator Scam?

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SirFX ( is arguably the retail indicator market that has numerous products on sale. One would think that they only sell specialized trading indicators, and this is why we had to review them. They claim that mathematicians and software engineers develop their indicators. Nowhere do they mention who these people are or whether they are seasoned traders. And this is why we have our reservations for such a product. They claim to be experts but have no proof of it.

SirFX Review

About SirFX

These developers claim to love forex trading, but they fail to give us their names. Anonymity is a dangerous character to associate within the online trading world. And this is why we must endeavor to know more on the platform. Is it possible that the platform is another online scam? It is highly likely as several clients are venting their anger on this platform. Get to know more in this eye-opening SirFX Review for more. We must ensure that all products in the industry are safe.

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After landing on Sir FX homepage, one cannot help but see a jargon of information. The site is full of information regarding their numerous products. And this is disadvantageous to newbie investors. There is no way of reviewing each of their products independently. It is why we must review the whole company as a package. And what we found out is beyond shocking as this is not a genuine indicator provider. There is a lot of missing information that makes us question their intent.

Assets covered by the indicators

As of publishing this post, the indicator is going for 30 percent off. With all the information plastered on their website, they fail to deliver on vital data. From what we gathered, these indicators only use major currency pairs. The currency pair we saw on one of the indicators is USD/GBP. They are selling over five indicators on one platform, which is a lot for one service provider. The indicators on offer include Exit Indicator, Future Volume, King Trendix, My Holy Grail, and Peak and Valley Indicator.

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Business owner

They ensure the names of the people or staff members remain unknown, which is a problem. Why would they sell indicators from so-called experts and fail to mention them? With actual names, one would quickly put a face to the product. It helps to foster credibility with the robot, which is vital. These indicators are far from being clear on who exactly is behind them. For all we know, they could be recycled indicators from scam artists. And this is why they fail the first test of credibility.

Comments from clients

The comments from clients have been discouraging, with most complaining of inefficiency. These indicators do not provide the results investors hoped for. It is not that the clients are to blame; it is the fact that the indicators don’t work. Some of the feedback includes slow execution, which is a huge problem. The indicators lag when it comes to sending prompt signals. And this makes the whole package useless to investors. An investor would want to have a product that works effectively.

Domain details

For clarity on whether a site is credible, we look at their IP data and history. A look at one of the leading domain tools checker reveals a shocking truth. The website went live on 31st December 2014. What is surprising is that the history of their IP address goes back 16 years from now. It means they have been selling other products with their IP. The change in the IP address indicates that this is an online syndicate. Their credibility is immediately thrown out of the window due to their IP history.

Features of SirFX

This forex indicator package is retailing from $79 to $337, depending on the product. They use a technical analysis strategy with multiple timeframes. Most of these indicators fail to disclose the pairs, which are a huge problem. And this is why we must strive to expose the rot within the website. Anyone who signs up with the platform will have a problem with results. They will be signing up with a concealed platform with no definite information. It is what these scam artists are after with their industry jargon.

License and Registration of SirFX

SirFX is not licensed or registered by any regulator in the world. They fail to disclose their headquarters, which is a huge problem. We checked with various regulators to check whether they have regulated the products. With their traffic coming from California, we checked with the CFTC and NFA. None of these had any product licensed under such a name. It is proof we are dealing with a forex product that has no proper license. Investors are engaging in risky online products with no insurance cover.

One of the main problems with these products is a money-back guarantee. They claim to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is not the case. The complaints we have seen from investors is regarding the insurance of the purchase. It seems that this feature is unavailable to customers. Once you purchase the product, it is the last you will see of them. And this is why no one should sign up with the platform. It is highly unpopular and should be ignored by all investors. An unregulated product is a risk to anyone, especially when dealing with online trading.

Limitations of SirFX

Account Packages

SirFX Packages

SirFX is furnishing users with a super bundle that has three subscriptions. The super bundles come under Future Volume, Rookie, and Pro. Future Volume holders must pay $179 to use this platform. The Rookie trader subscription is selling at $238 while the Pro trader goes for $337. They all come with lifetime software updates and support. What we can say is that they are using secure payment channels for anyone who buys them. It is not a good enough reason to sign up with the platform.

Contact and Support

They claim to have five-star rating support, which is not the case. Although they have a chat tool at the bottom right-hand side, it is not impressive. One must sign up with social media channels such as Messenger and Telegram to chat. Why would they not have a chat service on their main page? They are directing users to other social media channels for different reasons. The platform does not give users a direct line which is vital for one on one communication. It seems they want to control dissemination.

Results and Trading Strategy

The entire site does not provide users with any verified results, which are a problem. A good platform would post their results on FX Blue or myfxbook. It would make it easier to substantiate their claims of making a profit. Although they claim to use the technical analysis strategy, they fail to elaborate. How their system manages to come up with signals utilizing the strategy is unknown. We believe that the strategy is made-up since they don’t explain how it works with their products.

Safety of funds with SirFX

Another issue with this platform is the security of funds. The website may have secure payment channels, but their website is unsecured. It means hackers can hijack the payment process and steal vital information. The use of unstable sites to take credit card information is rife in the online trading world. It is clear to see that their website lacks DDoS protection and SSL encryption. Those who sign up will have opened themselves up to credit card fraud or worse, identity theft.

Scam or Legit SirFX

SirFX Available Indicators

SirFX is a scam since they fail to show credible results of their so-called successful products. Stay away from such indicators with no proven success record. Warn your loved ones on the dangers of using this platform.

Bottom Line

By adding this platform to our scam blacklist, we will be able to protect our readers from their products.

Stay safe and use credible forex trading robots for a transparent way of trading. These robots offer a realistic profit margin to anyone who signs up. It is your time to use valid tools that are backed by experts.

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