Skill Dragon Review: An E-sports Crypto Company

Skill Dragon Review: An E-sports Crypto Company

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Skill Dragon started as a smartphone games company in 2016. In the last few years, it claims to be evolved into a crypto mining scheme. It is an MLM company and has very suspicious origins and overall business structure. The compensation plan clearly benefits only the founders of the company, while the affiliates do not get any real earning opportunity. Since it is a complex company that has numerous features, it is important to review it in detail to determine whether you should invest your money in it.

What is Skill Dragon?

Skill Dragon is an MLM company that claims to provide a variety of digital products. states that it has a team of highly professional and experienced programmers, software developers, and customer support staff. E-Sports digital games are the leading products of the company.  The company claims that you can earn a large amount of money through its Leveraged Residual Income scheme and establish a passive flow of income.

Company History

Overall, the company is not a very famous platform due to which it does not show any meaningful data in Alexa analysis. However, it is clear that the company was established in 2016. Even though does not give any information about the owner of the company, but I was able to find out that David Martin is running the company. Martin was previously involved in another MLM scam company called Smart Media Technologies. It collapsed in 2014 when it became clear that it was scamming people by taking their money and not giving anything in return.

Another analysis source indicates that attracts most of its traffic from South Africa (84%). The USA (15%) is also a major source of traffic to the company’s website. It shows that the company is mainly targeting South Africa because its crypto industry is booming, and people are continuously looking for new companies to invest in.

Owner of Skill Dragon

David Martin is the owner of both Smart Media Technology and Skill Dragon. Hence, comparisons between these two companies are quite valid. The business structure of is very similar to Smart Media Technology. The previous company was promoted as a Your Own Branded Social Media Network. However, in reality, it was like any other MLM scam.

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This new company is also following the same pattern of promoting itself as a digital game company. However, Skill Dragon does not have a single game to its credit. Moreover, the company is mainly promoting its compensation structure that can only be accessed by buying its affiliate membership.

It is obvious that the owner of Skill Dragon is a well-known individual who was associated with another MLM scam company. Therefore, you should not invest in any of his ventures because there is a high chance that they will turn out be scams as well. Instead, you can invest in the trustable crypto mining companies. Many of the companies offer personalized investment plans that allow you to invest money according to your own terms and conditions. You can earn good amount of money by mining your own crypto coins. 

How to Join Skill Dragon?

It is quite shocking to see that a company like Skill Dragon is asking for whooping $600 to become its member. Moreover, you have to keep paying $30 per month to remain a part of the commission structure. It started as an e-sports digital game company. However, now has become a full-fledged MLM crypto mining scheme.

Users can invest their money in the following levels of compensation:

  • $500 for Level 1
  • $1000 for Level 2
  • $2000 for Level 3
  • $2500 for Level 4
  • $5000 for Level 5
  • $10,000 for Level 6

Mining Pools of Skill Dragon

The company claims to have established two successful mining pools. These are:

  1. Bitcoin Mining Pool
  2. Ethereum Mining Pool

Affiliates who join level 4 to level 6 gain access to the Founder Pool. According to, the Founder Pool is composed of a certain % of the invested funds. These commissions are promised to the affiliates on level 4.5. and 6.

Residual Commissions

Like many other MLM companies, Skill Dragon uses a traditional binary compensation structure. An affiliate is at the top of the team while it has two other members. Splitting of the first level of the team results in a total of 4 positions on the second level. Further levels are created in a similar fashion.

Both direct and indirect recruitment is supported by Skill Dragon. It is evident that the company is trying to recruit as many people as possible. The commission is given on the basis of the investment volume (IV).

V is calculated on both sides of the team. The company promises only $50 commission upon matching $600 inside of the team to $300 to another side. It is a very insignificant amount, especially if you consider the huge amount of investment and a monthly fee that you have to pay to the company.

Daily ROIs also promises daily ROIs through Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining Pools. You should remember that the company is trying to present itself as some kind of trustable mining platform. However, it has no background in mining activities. In fact, it is highly possible that Skill Dragon is lying about having any sort of crypto mining equipment to get your $600 investment.

The company claims that you do not have to do anything except sit back and enjoy the daily ROI. It shows that the management team behind Skill Dragon is reluctant to disclose any information about its mining mechanism, which makes the entire company very suspicious. Hence, it is clear that the company is violating the security laws of the USA by hiding its mining system.

There is no official address given on However, its registration indicates that it is running from state Nevada, USA. All of the crypto mining companies in the USA have to be registered with the SEC. Yet, there is no official record of Skill Dragon in its database.


The overall business structure of Skill Dragon is highly unfair and suspicious. It is asking for a large amount of investment and giving very few ROIs. Even if you do not make any profits during the first months, you will have to pay $30 per month to continue being a member of the company. Otherwise, your initial $600 investment will be wasted.

Similarly, if you get some profits, they will be insignificant because the company does not offer many earning opportunities. Ultimately, the affiliates will have to suffer financial losses. All of the facts and data about points to the fact that it does not have any crypto mining mechanism and is completely relying upon affiliate membership. Any MLM company that does not have any external source of income eventually collapses due to a lack of recruitment.

The company claims to have mining pools for both Bitcoin and Etherium. Yet, it does mention its mining tools or procedure. Furthermore, Skill Dragon seems to be violating the SEC rules and regulations, which means it is probably operating illegally in the USA. Such companies cannot survive for long in the crypto industry.

Therefore, there is no point in investing in Skill Dragon. It is a traditional MLM company that is taking your investment and not giving any meaningful returns. If you are really want to earn good profits in the crypto industry, check out these reliable crypto mining companies. Such companies have maximum customer support and modern tools and technology that can ensure a steady source of cash flow.

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