Smart Profits Review: The Truth You Need To Know

Smart Profits Review: The Truth You Need To Know

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Quick Summary of Smart Profits

  • Rating: 1/5 and this should be enough to let you know the real standing of this software.
  • Pros:  The review will reveal that there are no incentives waiting for you.
  • Cons:  The software is a complete disappointment.
  • Our recommendation: Explore and look for better options. Don’t lose your money- instead use any of better recommendations here.

Full Review

Whether you are a new trader or a seasoned trader this review is a must read for you so that you can know the reality about Smart Profits. The person who has created this software is Kevin and if you want to know more just read the complete review.

Big scam alert

Now I am a trader, and I look at all the latest binary options trading software. You will be quite stunned to know what I am about to reveal. When I visited the website of Smart Profits and looked at their website, I was stunned to see that the Smart Profits introductory video is the same as that of Golden Goose. It appears that the same software is available with different names. This shows that the software terribly lacks credibility. Just have a look at the snapshot if you do not believe me. The second snapshot is from the introductory video of Smart Profits.

Smart Profits scam


Smart Profits alert

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The weird testimonial logic

You will find loads of testimonials on the Smart Profits website, but whether they are dependable or not it is for you to decide. Frankly speaking I was just put off by just viewing reviews by paid actors. It will just take a few dollars to get a sales video so what is the big deal in it.  Genuine software does not require these marketing gimmicks. It cannot be determined for sure whether these people are binary options traders or not. Only a genuine binary options trader can give you a real opinion.

Smart Profits scam review

$200 is a big investment

When you start trading the most important aspect is that you need to value the money you earn. Remember $200 is a big amount. It is very risky to make such a massive investment in a software that has no authenticity, and you can just end up wasting all your money. Usually, the new traders are the common victims, so it is essential that when you are about to opt for software for binary options trading then you have to do your bit of research. Usually, the brokers such software opt for are not regulated, and the result is that you will not be able to withdraw your money. The doubt is there because the broker has to be discussed in detail so that all the facts are transparent. Another question is that if in case the software is using a regulated broker then why are the facts being hidden.

 Can you excel without experience?

There is no way that you can be successful with binary options trading if you do not have the necessary experience. Skill is an essential aspect. A trader gathers the market knowledge by remaining updated with the happenings in the market, so if you are ignoring these aspects, then you are just keeping yourself in the dark. You can only earn if you are a well-versed trader, and no software can help you.

 Are these claims believable?

Now when I looked at the following claims, I was taken aback. See the snapshot below to know more. Well, I have some questions in mind. My first question is that how can a automated software perform the way a human mind kind can. I believe that a software can never mitigate risks like a human mind. There is nothing like insanely profitable in this world. You have to work hard to get the results you want. Thus, Smart Profits truly makes me skeptical and concerned about its working.

Smart Profits review

Hype and exaggeration at its worst

No, when I viewed the video the speaker said that he initially invested in about $200 and went out, and after he had come back the profits had multiplied. Now this seems to be the biggest story and a big scam for sure. Now this cannot happen in real even when you have the assistance of the best software. Frankly speaking this gimmick does not attract or entice me.

scam review of Smart Profits


Smart Profits

Forget the free access promise

It is essential that you should forget the free access word that you come across when you have a look at the website. You are just registering for free. Once you sign up and want to trade then you will have to make a deposit.

Drawbacks of opting for trading bots

Now let me disclose some drawbacks of opting for trading bots and software on the whole.

  • Going for a trading software will badly hamper your growth and success as a trader. When you are designing your trading strategies, you are refining your skills and eventually you will emerge to be a better trader. However, when you are dependent upon trading bots, then you will not develop the skill that it is required to excel in the world of trading.
  • There is a great possibility that you will end up losing your potential investment when you opt for a trading software. If winning trades was that easy using software then believe me that every other person will quit their profession and choose to trade using the software. The best approach is to avoid the use of software in the first place.

Conclusion of Smart Profits

I believe that you should save up for your time and avoid this software if you want to save yourself from frustration. Adopt the better approach towards success and work hard and do not depend on a software like Smart Profits. I judged the software quite critically and, frankly speaking, I do not find any reason to opt for it. My questions and concerns are unanswered. Now the biggest concern that is haunting my mind is that the same software is being put up online with different names, so this is also something quite alarming.

Some people still feel that they just cannot do without some additional help. If you are one of them, then I have a viable solution for you. If you are into binary trading, you should be aware of the best binary options signal services. Well, the signal services tell you when to trade and which the best assets to trade are. Now when you have a look at that page,  the best binary signal services and some good auto traders have been listed there. These services can assist you to trade in a better way. If you are a beginner, go with the automated signal services. Try them out. If you are reluctant to spend money, opt for a free signal service. If you want to know more details, the features of the signal services are also listed in detail on the page, so you should have a look at them.

Now that you have read the complete review I believe that you will say no to Smart Profits and look into the alternatives that I have suggested. Believe me that you will be happy with your decision and will learn a lot more through my suggestions.

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