SMD VIP Review: How and Why Collapsed with Member Funds Intact

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SMD VIP Review: How and Why Collapsed with Member Funds Intact

SMD VIP is a Pakistan-targeted Click-A-Button Ponzi scheme created by Chinese scammers. Our review exposes the rot behind this app and the risks associated.

Downloading this app means giving Chinese scammers a chance to use backdoor access to your Crypto wallet. SMD VIP is a crypto MLM Ponzi scheme targeting Pakistan and Asian investors. There’s no doubt from the app’s coding it’s from China.

Why SMD VIP collapsed

Those who had early seats to the platform are now ruing the decision. The platform is no longer available with the creator running away with whatever remained on these accounts. SMD VIP is not the first click-a-button app of its kind.

We’ve exposed a ton of these apps which seems to suggest there’s a huge investment gap in the region. Some of the click-a-button Ponzi schemes include GoTik and Starline which was a favorite among Pakistani investors.

Our review goes deep to find out what makes this platform an enticing app for investors. And the first thing that glares out is the fast payout claims and high ROI margins. Yes, SMD VIP is promising daily guaranteed ROI.

With such claims and a small amount required to get started, the platform targets all classes of investors. And with a few bag of tricks to stem any suspicion, such apps allow partial withdrawals during the initial stages.

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Stay tuned and learn what we uncovered in our glaring SMDVIP Review.


As we publish this post, SMD VIP is no longer available on the Google store. Due to the rampant security lapses and complaints from victims, the Google store has to delete the app completely. And the owners dumped the project by shutting down the website.

That said, there were a handful of investors who had vested over 3000 PKR on the platform. Others had even used their life savings due to the prospect of earning over 80% ROI in under 12 days.

Aside from investment programs, members were promised of earning bonuses and commissions through referral programs. And this led members to help bring in more victims into the project, unknowingly.

To pull off such a stunt, the culprits behind this platform used social media influencers to deceive investors. These YouTubers would post withdrawal videos and claim the project was viable and overall success.

Most members were overly excited by the prospect of earning daily ROI, as the app suggested. With a minimum investment of 1,700PKR, investors would get a lifetime access of 207PKR. And this seems too good a deal to resist.

As the trap was set, investors would withdraw two to three times. The platform would then halt withdrawals citing large withdrawal requests or other excuses. Before long, early bird members wouldn’t gain access to the platform.

That’s when things started going awry with investors demanding answers. Those who pushed the app via Social media channels were forced to abandon their channels with some deleting any such videos.

As it stands, only a handful of videos are available showcasing withdrawals. Investors failed to realize the platform paid these influencers to withdraw funds. No other member would withdraw as much as the influencers.

To lure investors, every screenshot withdrawal would earn $10 bonus.

How SMD VIP managed to offer non-existing products and services

With investors failing to do due diligence, they were exploited thanks to the over-the-moon ROI claims. A smart investor will look to check the I’s and dot the T’s before committing funds. Furthermore, there has been an explosion of such apps in Pakistan and surrounding countries.

Investors jumped into the fray without considering the repercussions of investing with such a platform. And this is where Chinese scammers would take advantage. After downloading the app, the hackers would try and use backdoor access to your Crypto wallet.

Not long after some of the crypto enthusiasts downloaded the app, they would notice hacks. All of a sudden, their wallet balances would read zero. Not knowing what was wrong, they asked for help from wallet support.

It emerged that transactions were done on these devices which pointed to someone having backdoor and remote access. That’s when investors were urged to drop the app or risk losing digital assets.

What was SMD VIP after?

Apart from your hard-earned money, was after access to your crypto wallet. This coupled with other security flaws such as your banking information was what SMD VIP was after.

And sadly, these scammers now have a database of Pakistani and Indian nationalities. These include banking data, login credentials, physical address forms, tax returns, and many more. Downloading the app only brought misery to the platform.

Crypto and other digital assets were what these Chinese scammers were after. And this is why we have to expose the project’s dubious products and services in a way to defraud naïve investors. We’ll continue exposing such projects to protect investors.

Who is behind

Chinese scammers have been the culprits behind the upsurge of click-a-button Ponzi schemes. They’ve been targeting Asian countries including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Pakistan has rocketed with the Click a Button Ponzi scheme from 2022 with the most promising heaven. At the end of the day, these apps deliver hell to investors with almost everyone losing a large chunk of their investment.

Plans set out by

Who withdrawals from SMD VIP?

Only a handful of investors get to withdraw funds from the project. These include the social media influencers and a few members. To get the ball rolling, the platform even allows partial withdrawals from members.

After depositing 3000PKR, the platform will allow daily withdrawals for up to 4 continuous days. It convinces investors of a successful vesting period. On the fourth or fifth day, the platform sends an email.

The email congratulates members and claims to have bumped them to the next tier. To gain more from this plan, you’re to deposit funds related to this account. Those who don’t meet the end of their road with the platform blocking access and remaining with over 1,900PKR.

Investors who heed the call and continue to add funds get to the cycle again, until the platform decides to cut them off. In most cases, the platform dwindles out of deposits from new sign-ups which marks the end of the project.

Customer and User Complaints and Experience

We’ve seen plenty of such projects in the past before, and they rarely end up well for investors. Those who don’t have a clue sign up not knowing they’re giving away their funds to Chinese scammers.

The best way forward is to stay away from this and any other platform promising huge returns. We recommend doing due diligence and staying away from projects with ‘daily guaranteed Profit’ claims.

Is SMDVIP Legit or a Scam?

With the platform already out of business, it’s clear that we’re dealing with a ridiculous investment platform. The app is no longer available with members already losing a large chunk of their investment.

In the future, do due diligence and avoid committing funds to a platform with signs of anonymity. Transparency or lack of should be a clear pointer of what to expect in any investment venture.


After checking the risks that come with the project, we’ll give a verdict: SMD VIP is a scam.

The best way to invest in crypto is by choosing authentic and dependable bots for trading. They do offer realistic ROI margins.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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